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Youtubers/Podcasters & Forum Content

Discussion in 'General' started by xTeKt0n1c, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. xTeKt0n1c

    xTeKt0n1c The Art of Lazy Admin! Staff Member Administrator Moderator VIP GL Player

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    Hi Everybody,

    To help this awesome community grow two of the biggest things which I am focusing on right now is:

    1. Forum Content

    We have had some great people already contribute to the forum by writing some awesome informative posts and guides. I would like to give a big thank-you to those people for everything which they have done and are doing to help this forum grow! I encourage anybody who has time, to join in, as it helps make our community larger and more awesome! If anybody is interested in writing guides (unit reviews/boss reviews/level reviews /unit ratings/game mechanics etc.) for the longer term in line with game updates, please get in touch as I can help you out plus you will be rewarded with an official role on this forum! Also @DanT one of our amazing mods is able to create artwork for your guides!

    2. A Youtuber/Podcaster Section

    My second aim is to reach out to youtubers/ podcasters who make vidoes/streams etc. for DFFOO to see if they wish to link up with our forum. If you are a you-tuber / podcaster etc. wanting to advertise your channel through this forum, if you are a person who knows such people in your network who might be interested in advertising here, or even if you are somebody wanting to start your own stream please send me an inbox or leave a message below!


    - TeK
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