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Your Aranea (another guessing game)

Discussion in 'General' started by Leprechaun, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. Leprechaun

    Leprechaun Worst RNG king GL Player Worst RNG King

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    Hi everyone!
    Farming Brothers is boring, so I decided to open a new game: write your Aranea abilities!
    How do you see her?


    Weapon: ;spear
    Crystal: ;blackt5

    Abilities (full weapon/clv passives):

    S1: High combat (8 uses) - Aranea get Highborne framed buff for 3 turns, heal own brv by 150% of user attack, doesn't increase turn. Decrease summon/friend turn.
    Highborne: 100% evade, change abilities, attacks on next turn with Drop (3ST Brv+HP hit, 200% potency)

    S1+: High Drop - With Highborne, 5ST brv +Hp, 400% Potency, Overflow 150% (doesn't renew airborne)

    S2: Tornado Spear (the one we see in anticipation, 6 uses) - 4 AoE brv + Hp (500%), Inflict "Dead target" framed debuff (2 stack, max 3) to every enemy for 8 turns, Grants "Magiteck Dragoon" framed buff for 8 turns. Overflow 150%

    Dead Target: "Halves CU necessary for Chase, Def, ibrv, maxbrv -10% for each stack"
    Magiteck Dragoon: "party Atk/Mbrv +30%, Self Atk/Mbrv +20% more"

    S2+: Tornado Spead Drop - With Highborne, 4Aoe brv +Hp (500%) followed by 2 AE brv+Hp Hit (250%). Oveflow 180%.

    Brv+: 3 Brv hit (250% potency) Overflow 120%
    Hp+: 2brv +Hp Hit (200% potency) . Overflow 120%

    AA: 2 uses Grant Highborne for 3 turn, self Atk +20%

    EX: Shocking Spear (Normal): 6 thunder ST brv+Hp (450% potency), Initiate a chase, grants "thunder spear" framed buff to self for 5 turns (party enchant thunder, party CU+3 on every ability)

    0/3: Overflow 180%, Increases Potency (600%)
    1/3: Deal 1 Stack of Dead target. Grants Magiteck Dragoon for 8 turns, All enemies Dead Target (I stack) for 5 turns from start of fight.
    2/3: Party Atk/Mbrv +40%
    3/3: Max stack of Dead target become 5, add effect "Thunder resistance down". Add effect to Highborne: "When a chase begin, if a own turn comes after enemy's, add a turn at end of chase"
    Change hp/brv/hp+/brv+ to brv ++ and hp ++

    brv++: (same as brv+ but doesn't require highborne) Increased potency during chase (300%) Overflow 120%
    hp++: (same as hp+ but doesn't require highborne)During chase becomes 3brv+hp (250%), If it's the last attack of a chase and Highborne is active, becomes "ground Assault": 3brv+hp (250%) followed by 2brv+Hp hits (100%) Overflow 120%
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  2. Callos

    Callos That guy that did that thing GL Player

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    Upstate NY
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    Aranea is ;bluet5, its on the in-game calendar

    S1: Bahamut Spear (6 uses, 8 with clv 55)
    6 Hit ST + ST HP Attack, 120%(150%) overflow, 400% potency, 50%(100%) splash to non targets
    Grants 6(8) turns "Miss Mercenary" buff 60% Atk, 40% MBrv to self

    15 CP passive:
    While "Miss Mercenary" is active: Brv Atk replaced by "Dragon Bite"
    Moves turn to immediately after target, then performs a 4 hit ST attack. If "Dragon Bite" breaks target or target is broken, immediate turn count, does not increase turn count, grants 1 turn "Commander of the Skies", does reduce friend/summon count.

    S2: Dragoon Dive(6 uses, 9 w/ 35 cp and clv 60)
    3 Hit AoE + ST HP Attack, 150% Overflow, 1.6x dmg on ST

    35 CP passive:
    While "Commander of the Skies" is active and following a party member action
    Dragoon Dive+
    3 Hit ST + ST HP Atk by the preceding party member, followed by 3 Hit AoE + ST HP Attack by Aranea, both recover 50% HP damage as Brv

    EX: Highwind (Normal speed)
    5 Hit AoE + AoE HP Attack(100% damage), 2x dmg vs Single Enemy, 180% Overflow
    Grants 5 turns "Commander of the Skies" (Party 40% Atk, 40% MBrv)
    Grants 2 turns "Dragoon's Fury" while active, 3 Hit ST + ST HP attack after an enemy action, recovers 50% HP damage as brv

    LB1: 20% permanent HP/Def buff
    LB2: slightly increase recast speed
    LB3: 10% increase to "Commander of the Skies"

    LB: 7 hit, 200% Overflow
    LB1: 25% IBrv, 30% MBrv increase while "Stoss Spear" or "Highwind" is equipped
    LB2: EX gauge full at start
    LB3: recovers 1 use of "Bahamut Spear" and "Dragoon Dive" to initial value
    "Highwind" becomes 5 Hit AoE + AoE HP + 7 Hit AoE + AoE HP attack (200% overflow)

    1(+1 with Bloom) use
    1 Hit ST + ST HP attack
    (C70) adds 1 turn Delay on target
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  3. Leprechaun

    Leprechaun Worst RNG king GL Player Worst RNG King

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    I wrote before logging in and reading notice unfortunately :(
    Why no ;blackt5? :(
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