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Ye Gods! EX discussion board for Taking the Stage of the Gods.

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by EikOhMyGoodness, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. EikOhMyGoodness

    EikOhMyGoodness I'm Captain Basch! 523729967 ID Number GL Player

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    So. Pretty much I havent touched this yet personally. Was wanting to know where people were at in it and what strategies they have used thus far.
  2. Cloud Strife 616

    Cloud Strife 616 Retired Avenger GL Player

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    I used Cloud, Sahz, Vaan. CloVa both Maxed. Sahz full 5 armor and 13mlb 35cp. Summon Ifrit. Support Vaan.

    Save Clouds charges till last fight. Save 2 of WW and RS of Vaan till last. Sahz buff and hp attack+. Summon on final boss and bring in friend Vaan when Cloud or Vaan run out of Juice. Cloud can parahax.

    Honestly u could replace Cloud, i judt used him cuz hes a fave.

    My score was 43328.

    Edit: not hard as 90 LCs. So dont fret it.
  3. Thief666

    Thief666 Member

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    I used sazh vaan kain, papa friend.

    I found it tougher than LCs, but still got 40k score/64 turns. Save most abilities for mother, summon before the adds get a turn in. If you're lucky you can blind with vaan and spare yourself a crapton of debuffs. Only my sazh got debuffed at the end, and i was out of atk boosts, so he was pretty useless but thankfully i still have ability uses on kain and papa friend was still there so i managed to wrap it up.
  4. randante

    randante New Member

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    Manage EX 32k with Kuja, Vaan, Yuna and friend Kuja. Save Kuja's stuff till the end and let Vaan ready for all of his skills towards the end.
    • EX Ft. Yuna
      • Kuja (50/50) - CP 35 (1 LB)
      • Vaan (50/50) - CP 35 (MLB)
      • Yuna (50/50) - CP 35 (0 LB)

    • EX Ft. Sazh (Tried a 2nd round after MLB Kuja and replace Yuna with Sazh)
      • Kuja (50/50) - CP 35 (MLB)
      • Vaan (50/50) - CP 35 (MLB)
      • Sazh (50/50) - CP 35 (MLB)

    • Co-op Solo
      • Kuja Lv (37/48) (CP 35/1LB)
      • Yuna Lv (50/50) (CP 35/0LB)
      • Setzer Lv (50/50) (CP 35/0LB)

    In my opinion, Bringing your best DPS like Kuja/Vaan/Prishe/Cloud plus Yuna/Eiko/Sazh should be fine.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
  5. Aarolei

    Aarolei Well-Known Member

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    I did it with the following:

    Papa: Full MLB
    Yuna: 15CP Passive with 1LB 35CP
    Sazh: 0LB 35CP with 4* MLB Armor

    Alexander for my summon. Took a slightly more slow and defensive approach but still finished with almost 28k

    You can probably use a similar team above and bring Ramza instead of Sazh if you lack him. I actually almost completed with this team idea... However, if you do this, you'll definitely want his 15CP passive and of course his 35CP (lb's here on this will matter less). The main problem I ran into was not being able to keep the framed shout buff up to be able to continue brave shaves. :-p

    Also one of the BIGGEST things here is killing one of Mama's babies that she spawns. She stops using buffs and also won't resummons the one that gets killed. Granted you'll still haveta deal with the other one but you can mainly use it as a brave break battery. Try to not let it get too much brave since it does indeed love to use Impale, an hp attack, to your units.
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  6. Meruem

    Meruem Active Member GL Player

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    I just did it with vaan, sazh and cloud and a papa friend with ifrit as a summon. Poor boss never got a turn
  7. Orlandeau

    Orlandeau Level 99 VIP

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    Las Vegas, NV
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    I got wrecked. I’ll try different combinations.
  8. EikOhMyGoodness

    EikOhMyGoodness I'm Captain Basch! 523729967 ID Number GL Player

    Likes Received:
    Kuja 1lb 35cp. Sazh max MLB both and Papa max MLB both. Cloud friend. Mine sucks. For me. A paralyze is key to preventing adds and burning boss before any hp attacks. And preventing the debuffs that will fack your sheet.

    Used no skills on the enemies before boss. Ultima ix is great. Eiko would probably be a beast battery.
  9. Creign

    Creign Member

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    Milky Way, Earth, Philippines
    Friend Code:
    Global:476770256 Japan:913597392
    I did it using
    Yuna (15MLB/35 1LB)
    Support: Squall
    Summon: Ifrit

    buff eiko using attack boost on first wave, have yuna attack the wight, just keep using normal attacks and rebuff eiko with attack boost
    until you get to the boss, kill one of the weedlets, and use your remaining attack boost wisely,
    u have esuna and also eiko's hp regen to move some debuffs, once you get the boss hp down to 50~60%,*make sure eiko have an attacks boost*
    use your support to change for yuna then summon ifrit, then buff squall with attack boost spam renzo and smite, once the summon's done,
    your on your own, just kill the remaining weedlet for last. this is the hardest boss fight ive ever had i barely made it, but i completed all the mission and score.
    got 27,865 and i dont want to do it again :Crying Laughing:
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  10. robaisolken

    robaisolken FF Gaming Legend VIP

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    Don’t mind me, just showing off scores with true potential team PaSaVaan

    Use Cloud support along with Ifrit summon to supress Marlboro add summon

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  11. Dragoni24

    Dragoni24 Active Member GL + JP Player

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    Friend Code:
    GL582455957 JP377935023
    Sazh Yuna Papa Sumon Ifirit friend Kuja :D 40k highscore

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