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Why should I pull? - June

Discussion in 'General' started by Leprechaun, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Leprechaun

    Leprechaun Worst RNG king GL Player Worst RNG King

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    June is a month many people waited for... nut not everyone is watching at jp, so for new players or players who don't look at jp gameplay I try to explain what this month chars have to offer (summer chars are excluded as they're not out yet

    (for every char listed below, husbando/waifu is best reason to pull)


    Role: debuffer
    Can work as: dps


    1- With his abilities he can debuff enemies with lot of stuff: Blind and Hp attack silence (2T), Atk/Def/Spd down 30% (5t), Framed Atk/Def/Spd -20% + Sap (6t). All abilities have overflow and high turn rate.
    2- can self buff his atk by 90% (10% from clv50, 40% from light of judgement active, 40% from clv58 passive) and Mbrv by 100% (all passive: 10% from clv50, 10% from clv15, 40% from clv58 and 50% from EX weapon). Can get 15% more atk/mbrv with 3x clv50** artifacts and has 10% more atk the turn after he used trine (clv5)
    3- Meteor has good damage for shaving
    4- His Sap effect is included in framed debuff and is based on enemy's Mbrv. It would stack with lilisette's sap and poison status.
    5- EX face


    1- Too many debuffs on his own, limit team composition
    2- Meteor is good but he has not an hp+ and it lasts only one turn. If he uses another ability he loses that use of meteor (not an issue in easy coop. Can be an issue in longer fights. Shaving without hp damage is not good for score)
    3- High turn rate can work against you if kefka gets too many turns going from 0 brv.

    Why Should I pull for him?

    You should only if you need a good debuffer. While his 6 debuffs work as a dispel (remember, there are only 6 slots on enemy and chars) they don't work against framed buffs and they are pushed/push away your allies debuffs as well.
    This may limit team composition as you heal Quistis turn rate, Thancred poison and Golbez imperil, i.e.

    Who should I play him with?

    Kefka has a good atk 40% buff but nothing else. A supporter like Eiko or Cait sith help him getting more mbrv and a brv battery.
    Kefka damage is good, but him alone won't take you far as main dps, a pure dps like Golbez is a good friend for him.

    Kefka as I said doesn't work well with debuffers like Thancred or Quistis as they struggle for debuffs, but he can work with people whom debuffs overlap like Vanille (atk/Def).
    This is quite sad as Quistis would help him getting a longer duration for his debuffs, while sap would stack with Lilisette's or Thancred's sap/poison.
    Don't take kefka against bosses immune to debuffs or he'll be a dead weight.


    Role: pure dps
    Can work as: ...pure dps...

    1- High multipliers on abilities. Hit like a truck both ST and AoE.
    2- All his abilities are dark, his EX with imperil dark let his abilities deal even higher damage.
    3- Very good self buffs both on active and passive side: atk get a 130 - 145% increase (10% from clv40, 10-25% from clv50, 40% from clv58, 40% from glare hand, 30% from shadow dragon III) while Mbrv has a 120-135% increase (40% from clv54, 10-25% from clv50, 40% from Rising Wave, 30% from shadow dragon III)
    4- Shadow dragon attacks are after main hit (like Vaan, extra damage after Brv cap)

    1- No party utility except imperil dark... that is not even a framed debuff
    2- Glare hand has no overflow
    3- without EX he can't keep his shadow dragon buff on himself and he takes quite a lot of time to get his max stack.
    4- No hp+ for longer fights.
    5- His damage is mixed source (Magic/Melee/Dark), if an enemy resist one of those his damage will be hindered (and it will take lot of time to get the imperil upgrade in gl)
    6- Not many chars can work with his dark imperil (both dark cecil and shantotto are not great chars to take these days)

    Why Should I pull for him?

    He's a heavy dps who can work with many chars, unfortunately this throne will soon be usurped.
    He'll still be able to deal a good amount of damage and, in the very long future, he will take this place from usurper, leaving her in the dust.

    Who should I play him with?

    His self buffs actually allow many team compositions, you don't need a dedicated supporter so you can have fun.
    For the future a good battery will help for turns you want to save his abilties.


    Role: Supporter- Battery, Regen hp/battery
    Can work as: "just a poke" dps

    1- Huge Regen (20% hp regen and 100%ibrv regen from 2 framed buffs)
    2- Good brv battery based on her ibrv
    3- Can buff everyone's ibrv for higher brv regen (and squall +) and has party aura while buffed (atk/mbrv +40%)
    4- can self buff atk and Mbrv to poke enemies (active buffs atk +40% and mbrv +60%)
    5- can debuff enemies ibrv to avoid mistimed ohko
    6- 100% debuff immunity! Don't be shy and hp attack those ahrimans! Malboros bosses? You can laugh in their face! Fang Sahagins? They still hurt, but they won't debuff you! Keep your buffs safe!

    1- it takes her time to master abilities for their stronger effects
    2- Batteries are based on ibrv not mbrv. While she can buff her ibrv to get good values, those won't be increased during summons like Mrbv/damage based batteries.
    3- no hp+ to save ability uses.
    4- without EX she loses on battery and regen abilities.
    5- No overflow on abilities except EX. Her barrage get hp damage only after mastery.
    6- No burst heal. If you got hurt badly you will have to wait regen ticks.

    Why Should you pull for her?

    Lenna is a good supporter, her regen will help your chars damage and will keep the alive, don't think she will help you killing enemies, her damage wil be pretty low without overflow.
    She can work with almost everyone as all roster (minus pre rework Squall) benefit from brv battery and a 40% atk/mrbv aura.

    Who can I play her with?

    She's friend with almost everyone for regen BUT her ibrv debuff will lower poison ticks damage as they are based on that stat. That doesn't negate the debuff and Thancred will still deal higher damage.
    You can pair her with Quistis for invisible 80%atk/mbrv to whole party!
    Insert Rosa pray and you will have a waifu trio with incredible buff to atk/mbrv/ibrv.

    Lenna's regen come from 2 framed buffs so you can team her with Ramza for another regen tick or Beatrix for more hp regen. When you choose her partners be careful, her mrbv active buff is 60%, higher or same than most supporter values.


    Role: dps. Murano glass cannon.
    Can work as: mini supporter


    1- Extremely High damage with splash under Angel Wing (bhavacackra-like status that gives her mbrv +60%, atk+80% and def-80%) with overflow!
    2- Can change change job with Angelo getting a little battery
    3- Very High damage EX
    4- Can self buff atk/mbrv (+30 or 60% for 8t) and has little aura for allies (atk/mbrv+20%)
    5- Changing in Angelo stance gives her hp/brv regen framed buff
    6- Ex renew Angel Wing, you can save some uses of her ability.

    1- "With great damage comes great self damage" this is what uncle Decil used to say our little witch and she learned well. Everytime you use her hp+ under angel wing she sacrify 20% of her max hp. Remember, angel wing gives her a juicy -80%def as well. Take care of your girl.
    2- She can change into Angelo to recover or just save some uses... but her damage will be lower (no huge buffs from wing as it's a different stance like lightning)
    3- Her Ex charges slow and spamming hp+ doesn't help it recharging faster, unfortunately.
    4- Angelo hp+ and EX have not overflow. Max damage from Rinoa EX will be her max brv x 3
    5- Angelo brv+ is an atk based battery (very low)

    Why Should I pull for her?

    She has insane damage output but must be checked before she kills herself before the enemy.
    In jp she's the char who powercrept Kuja and Golbez as her damage comes from hp+ spam (can be renwed by EX cast) and not ability uses.

    Who can I team her with?
    Rinoa, just like golbez, can self buff for higher damage output so you can pair her with whoever you want.
    To avoid death you should take a healer with you as staying too much in Angelo will lower her damage.
    Lenna (synergy in her event) has a 20% hp regen to give her back exactly what she spent, so she is the best friend for her.

    A team Lenna Quistis Rinoa has 100% passive Atk/mbrv aura and, while Lenna's regen help for hp and brv, Quistis delay help delaying bosses turns.

    If any jp players think I missed something from their experience, please write :D
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  2. Afnan

    Afnan Member

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    Thanks @Leprechaun !! This is certainly helpful!

    Does not Lenna also have Debuff Immunity? Broadway Saiyan said that Lenna has more longevity than Rinoa because people still use her in Japan past the COSMOS era.
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  3. Leprechaun

    Leprechaun Worst RNG king GL Player Worst RNG King

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    @Afnan Yes, Lenna has 100% debuff immunity. Forgot to add that :) thanks :)

    For Cosmos global may get curveballs (like time travel ex/rework, gl first characters) that can change longevity of characters.
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  4. GeeMy

    GeeMy New Member GL Player

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    Amazing guide Lepre !
    Also that Murano reference lol.
  5. Meruem

    Meruem Active Member GL Player

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    “With great damage comes great self damage” uncle decil

    What a great quote. You can tell that uncle decil is a very wise man
  6. Selsixtynine

    Selsixtynine New Member GL Player

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    thanks for that !
    I got kefka ex on first pull
    Golbez took me 100 tix and 30k so its ok.
    since i didnt get quistis ex i hope this lenna rinoa quistis combo might work for me. Of course if i get their ex weapons ^^
  7. Fearless

    Fearless New Member GL Player

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    ish... waiting patiently for Lenna now ;rc44
  8. Soebandrijo

    Soebandrijo Dewanata GL Player

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    Got no resource for lenna, still gonna pull as hard as I can

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