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Which of my 35cp to focus on?

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by Lewis, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

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    Hi, first time poster so thanks for any help that's given.

    Wanting people's advice on who to focus on first.

    Currently have 35cps for

    Seymour Also 15cp
    Vanilla also 15 cp
    Tidus also 15 cp
    Ashe, also 15 cp

    Already have maxed ramza and vaan
  2. Evil Crusader

    Evil Crusader Member

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    Edgar/Serah for the Heretics.

    Ashe, Tidus, Vanille, for general content.
  3. Aarolei

    Aarolei Well-Known Member

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    Tidus and Aerith and Vanille will give you the most bang for your buck for the immediate moment. All three are very good for storymode and LC content, but you may not need to MLB them to get the most out of them. Tidus can use the MLB more than Vanille though. Aerith is fine as long as you got CP for her 15CP passive (if you have it).

    Aerith, Edgar, Serah, Tidus if you're needing some bonuses for besting Heretics right now.
  4. Reda

    Reda New Member

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    Baden-Württemberg, Germany
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    I would focus on Tidus first. He is good in most situations and you already got his 15 CP.
    Serah would be also a great choice because her skills are awesome and you don't got a MLB ranged attacker yet.
  5. Akina86

    Akina86 New Member

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    On future updates, they will be adding 15cp and 35cp weapon tokens. You will be able to get the weapons you didn't get from the banners from past characters. I recommend saving your gems for your favorite character weapons. Typically a Support and 2 attackers. From there add other characters you think you like. This way, your gem usage on banners will be minimized, and you have enough to save for future characters. Save your tickets for returning banners(for some reason it has higher chance of dropping 35cps than the initial banner came out). You do not need 35 cps to finish the story or even to complete their hard mode. The only thing that you will need to farm, is their respective artifacts. You will be using most of your potions and gems on farming artifacts. So yeah save your gems. Plan ahead. Look at the JP version events.

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