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Weekly Update - Y1:M1:W4 End

Discussion in 'General' started by xTeKt0n1c, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. xTeKt0n1c

    xTeKt0n1c The Art of Lazy Admin! Staff Member Administrator Moderator VIP GL Player

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    Hi Everyone!

    Whew we are finaly at the back end of CLOUD-OMNIA (FFRK guys will get this) so above is a giphy thing to celebrate!!! We have also seemingly made it a whole month without any salt!!! Woohoo!!! Congratulations to everybody! The forum is shaping up nicely we have had a good week and are gradually getting into the swing of things and we are all getting better at adding content! heres the weekly update:

    Forum Event Participation Lottery

    @Crisis has been a TOTAL LEGEND and is going to run a forum giveaway event WITH GIFTCARD PRIZES!!! Honestly what a guy and a MASSIVE thankyou to @Crisis for hosting this event!!! We are very lucky! Here is the link for this EPIC EVENT: https://operaomniaforum.com/threads/forum-event-participation-lottery.258/

    Before the event officially goes live on March 1st, the rules might change slightly. We are considering to add in a minimum user post count eligibility requirement in the interest of fairness to our more active forum members. So get making some threads and posting some comments :)

    Unit Guides & Banner Reviews
    There are lots of cool stuff popping up so a big thanks to everybody who has made content, guides etc. It is massively appreciated by everyone who reads them! @Berserkologist has started creating a mad load of unit reviews so be sure to check those out! @SummonerBWM made a unit ranking guide which is really neat so check that one out too! @hanspanette, @krion and @Toru have also made some really cool stuff so a big thankyou to those guys too! @Mugicha is also making some sketch art which is really neat. Also be sure to check out the banner reviews written by @Aerith Gainsborough. I encourage everybody to show your appreciation and give all these cool people some likes, comments and feedback!

    In-game Events

    As always it has been an active in-game week for DFFOO. The Vanille event has just gone away, so hopefully you picked up her armour as it was an easy grab! I also hope everybody managed to get their cool one million points from the bone dragon! Also there is NO NEW BANNER!!! There is a new multiplayer event for L55 and L60 quests so lets roll and each get another cool one million points!!! We are starting to reach the backend of the Ifrit event now so get farming Ifrit to AT LEAST LEVEL 11 for optimum usage! Also hail Setzer, his freeze is cool!!!

    Custom User Titles
    I am thinking of opening up custom titles (not banners) for users to set themselves so I will throw up a poll to see if you want this feature. I have a few thoughts how I can accommodate this for people in special user groups too!

    Weekly Forum MP Event
    We are beginning to see the results were were aiming for with this event! You are collaborating with each other at all times of the day, weeklong which was the key aim of this event! We are going to continue to run the Saturday 5pm EST / 2pm PST timeslot as a standard time-slot for anybody interested who is still up for a stricter schedule. As always you can MP with anybody here at anytime, just shoot a request in the chatbox and you will find people jump on the opportunity to use your bells! Furthermore if you are interested in hosting a particular time-slot for this event please inbox me and I will release a forum announcement with the details!

    Staff Members
    We added a new staff member this week @Aerith Gainsborough. She is a great addition to the team ans we are excited to have her aboard! I am considering 1 more staff member in the future so we might see one addition somewhen so keep up the good work!!! The staff presently is:

    @Aerith Gainsborough

    If you have ANY PROBLEMS we are here to serve you and ensure everything is running smoothly for you all!

    Dark Theme Hopefully Coming Soon
    It looks like we now have the power to create a dark theme template so @DanT and myself will work hard to make this reality (Assuming the admin panel lets us publish it!)

    I will continue to tinker around with the generic forum layout so if you have any ideas / requests let me know and I will do my best. At present it seems stuff in the sub forums are not showing up in the latest threads box so I will try to locate the source of this error and see if I can fix it for us all! As requested by many members I have moved the forum chat-box to the TOP. I prefer it here so for now it will stay here!

    Forum Banner, Username Colours
    I can set banner and username colours for particular usergroups! YAY!!!!!! Yes I have spelled coloUrs with a U because I am British! If you don't like the colours let me know and I will think about changing them. If you have any colour themes or ideas etc feel free to inbox me.

    Supporter Campaign
    If you haven't already joined yet, please do so!!! There are 3 alignments, Good Alignment, Evil Alignment and Neutral Alignment. The theme colour schemes will be changed periodically! Now that we have reached 1 month I will put up a poll for the next theme soon. The current theme is Command & Conquer, an absolute classic game from when I grew up! Locked and Loaded!

    NB: If you don't participate in this event you don't get any nice forum colours and can instead love to hate a super boring boring font size 11 nametag in times new boring roman!

    Forum Recruitment & Media
    We are very active for our size and doing an AMAZING job and we are always looking to grow our community further as this increases our experience so feel free to get involved and help to get our name out there! @DanT has even made a forum signature banner for us to use on other sites that is hilarious. If you wanna use it, send an inbox and we will send it to you. Also if you are interested yourself or know anybody interested in making vidoes/ streams/ podcasts etc. get in touch or just go ahead, make one and post one! @Cloudedstrife a long time FFRK forum mod bro and active legend here knows a lot about this sort of stuff so feel free to speak to him about such stuff too if you need advice or feel free to shoot me an inbox.

    Forum Posting
    A few active chat members STILL have a zero post count which is rubbish haha so I encourage you all to make a few posts! A dfew of you took the plunge and made a post so great work keep it up!!! Even if its just a hello post in the welcome thread, 1 post and 1 like will make your account more secure and open up options! You could also make a post on the supporter thread to get some forum colours added to your name! Also setting a profile picture is a cool thing to do and is nicer to look at than an empty question mark! If you need help with any of this, send me an Inbox! Also if your username needs changing, send me an inbox as I can help with that or anything else you might need help with!

    Kites World Discord
    Im good friends with @Kite who hosts his cool discord channel on Kite World . Its another fun place to chill with a group of cool people who play many different games including DFFOO. If you wanna join them heres the link to their discord: https://discord.gg/agwtv3V. If you have any problems with the link let me know and I will sort you out.

    As always if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or requests get in touch with myself or the staff here!



    NB: If you have any ideas how I can improve this post let me know!
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