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Twilight Manace : Dusk and Dawn EX

Discussion in 'General' started by Slide, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Slide

    Slide New Member GL Player

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    We finally got 6 buff/debuff slots, started using it with Hope, Lightning and Terra.

    Terra has 4 buffs herself, Hope gives 3 but they both have speed up so it doesn't push any of Terra's buffs.

    I got all Hope's weapons, but probably not gonna use him oftem because selphie comes in a few days.

    Before this awakening batch I heard that lightning was weak after awaken but I don't really think so. You can't compare every character to Squall and say they are bad because they do less damage per turn.

    About EX weapons :

    Cecil got a really strong EX skill that overflows 200% makes him very good but he still lose health so it can mess some quest's goal.

    Tidus EX does 100% aoe damage and its really fast, its good if you are using him but not as good to share as friend unit because his MBRV starts really low. And of course his HP+ attack from his EX weapon makes him good for long fights aswell. That hit does 120% damage while Slash Combo does 160%.
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  2. Orlandeau

    Orlandeau Level 99 VIP

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    Las Vegas, NV
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    Nice Hope. Holy crow makes me wanna MLB him.

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