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Tidus- To Upgrade or Not? Depends

Discussion in 'Unit Discussions' started by Redwing85, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. Redwing85

    Redwing85 In my airship, on my way to steal your crystal

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    For those of you that wonder whether it is worth it to sell some other 5*s you have laying around to max out your tidus (brotherhood and the Astral sword), let me tell you emphatically: YES!

    I run 3 accounts so I can run my own Co-Op team when my normal forum friends aren't available. My main account runs a maxed Terra, my 3rd account a maxed cloud with Buster NT. However my 2nd account was really lacking a direct damage doer kind of toon. Then first day of the Tidus launch I was lucky enough to use tickets to pull Brotherhood on the first ticket, then Astral Sword a few pulls later.

    I have yet to see a toon that is so gear dependent, but Tidus went from one of those "maybe level them up for the SP refill" to the captain of my team. The ability to slow a mob for several turns with his slash combo is epic, the buff from quick hit is amazing too. Now, if you didn't get the chance to get brotherhood, I wouldn't blow your gem load on trying to get it (wasn't lucky on either other account). There will be more toons down the road coming that should also be worth spending some Gems on.

    However, if you did get a brotherhood, go balls out and max out Brotherhood, Astral Sword, and spend your armor tokens on maxing Tidus armor. Look at the end result =-) I went from doing 25-30k runs on Eiko, to doing 55-63k runs (that and Chocobo at lv 11).


    If you want to try him out follow my 2nd account RedwingColonel!

    Notice how much of a defense boost those last 5-6 levels of the 5* armor give. Seriously, it is insane how much more defense you get from a LV 35 5* armor than a lv 25 one.



    I cannot wait to see who they will give us next!
  2. Dmotron32

    Dmotron32 Active Member

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    Ive already sold Astral Sword, Rune blade, Y'stola and Tiger fist to up it one and I hope to get at least one more Brotherhood before I sell either Fangs Dragon fist or Firions wing sword but I want to keep both of thered but may opt to keep firions just because I can now max his armor too and have him fully decked out
  3. DanT

    DanT Coffeeologist Supreme! VIP

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    Tidus isn't a unit I plan to too much in the long run, so I certainly ain't spending too many resources on him.
  4. Orlandeau

    Orlandeau Level 99 VIP

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    Las Vegas, NV
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    Tidus has been good for me. I usually try and max out my characters with BRV + HP attacks and he is fast and strong. Helped me get the rewards for Shiva EX so I’m happy.
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  5. Vediad

    Vediad Seed

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    same for me.. since I was lacking of BRV+HP char (except Vaan and Yda - both no MLB) I was having difficult in achieve 22k. But with the add of Tidus I've done it.

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