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Thieves of the Sky LC - Team Compositions?

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by BeerManStan, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. BeerManStan

    BeerManStan New Member

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    Not sure why, but I'm struggling a little with this event. Does anyone have any team compositions / strategies that have worked out?
  2. Arabesque

    Arabesque Member

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  3. Zalits

    Zalits Well-Known Member

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  4. EikOhMyGoodness

    EikOhMyGoodness I'm Captain Basch! 523729967 ID Number GL Player

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    Remember that you can use a Setzer Buddy to open up about 5 to 6 turns. Igrit is a great summon for this battle. If played right. Setzer helps to really beat down that first mech. I suggest attempting to kill the first much using Setzer to block off most damage. And then having the summon available for the last much so that you can save a few abilities. This supposed you have a friend Setzer for 5 turns.

    Pretty much turn 1 Setzer pal. Summon when you feel major threats of hp damage from two sources. Then use freeze joker.

    If you have a brv battery. Use them to get Setzer to near max brv for a hp attack on his second turn.

    Turn 3. Use Setzers red card. Shave brv if enemies are gaining it again.

    Turn 4. Based on the situation. Use either hp attack or red card to shave brave.

    Turn 5. I suggest another Freeze Joker. To allow you more turns of asskickery.

    I think Penelo or Eiko is grand for this kind of setup. It allowed me to really set my Setzer. I enjoyed trying different setups than my Litiko. Layle. Even Laguna or Faris are nice for this. They can help debuff and unbuff the enemies at crucial points.

    Most of all. Hope this helps. And good luck.
  5. FloppyDisk

    FloppyDisk Active Member

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    If you could post what you have in your arsenal so that we may could devise up a team and strat for you.

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