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The bullet magnet - Zack

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Leprechaun, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Leprechaun

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    Zack is back with a shining new awakening.

    Let's see our Hero-wannabe
    (not snow, the other one. Kinda odd we had no cutscene with Zack and Snow spamming "I'm a hero" "I want to be a hero").

    Who is Zack?
    I didn't play Crisis Core. Stupid rng never exping my materia
    Zack is a soldier (a real one, Cloud) wielding the giant sword he got from his mentor (not so huge not so from mentor if EX equipped).
    He gets an adventure that ends with him being killed protecting Cloud. While dying he gives him his
    He gets killed, Angeal is dead, Cloud gets yada yada kupo kupo head... Maybe that sword is an unlucky charm

    What's his role?

    Zack is a dps/tank hybrid. He tries to protect his friends while punching enemies. Guess what? He punch harder when enemies target him.

    Abilities (Everything equipped):

    - Chain Slash: 4 ST NE melee hits + HP attack 120% overflow, heals user brv by 10% of hp damage dealt. (240% multiplier - 600% when target by enemy)
    Grants to user Reduced Action Delay buff for 6 turns and grants resistance to physical damage (both ranged and melee) for 4 turns. Provoke targets for 4 turns.
    Change Brv to Brv+ for 6 turns (same duration as action delay buff).
    Brv+: 2 NE melee hits (160% multiplier). Provoke target for 2 turns.
    Max uses: 8

    - Rush Assault: 3 NE melee ST hits + HP followed by 2 NE melee ST hits + HP followed by 3 ST NE melee hits +HP (total potency 240% - if target by enemy720%).
    Grants to self Mbrv+100% and hp regen 8% for 7 turns. Heals self brv by 10% hp damage dealt. Low action delay. Change Hp attack to Hp+ for 7 turns (same duration as hp regen and mbrv buffs)
    Hp+: Heal brv by 20%Mbrv then deal an hp attack. Heal self brv by 10& of hp damage dealt.
    Max uses: 6

    - Apocalypse (EX): 6 Magic AoE hits + evenly damage hp attack (total potency 240% - 720% when target by enemy) 150% overflow. Normal Recharge.
    Provoke targets for 4 turns. Grants brv shield for 4 turns.
    Brv shield is different than wol's shield: shield potency is 150%user ibrv. When an enemy attack deals less brv damage than shield potency, damage becomes 0. If enemy's attack deal more damage, reduce brv damage amount by shield's potency.
    If Zack gets broken, shield is dispelled.
    LB1: Increase Apocalypse damage by 10%
    LB2:Decrease recast time by 20%
    LB3: increase Zack ibrv by 20% and atk by 40%

    (Not a meteor :eek:)

    Passive Abilities

    A character can self buff with many passive skills unlocked with crystal levels.
    Clv35 and 45 give +1 use to chain slash and rush assault
    Clv 5 and 25 increase by 10% damage from chain slash and rush assault

    10- Increase spd (S) when debuffed enemy is present
    15- +10% atk for 3 turns from start of battle
    30- Increase spd (s) when brv<ibrv
    40- Increase attack when debuffed enemy is present
    50- Atk +10% and Mbrv +30% when hp max when last wave begins
    54- Mbrv+20% and Spd (S) when buffed
    58- Party Atk/Mbrv +40% while buffed (aura)

    (+10% for 3 turns from start of battle)[+15% if three soldier's pride** artifact passives equipped] - MAX 75%
    Mbrv: 90%
    [+45% if three soldier's pride** artifact passives equipped] - MAX +135%
    : s+s+s

    Conditional are quite easy to check (debuffed enemy, buffed, max hp before last wave begin, a timed one and every time you make an hp attack)

    Best Artifacts:
    Soldier's Pride** x3 (higher mbrv and atk are always good. This time is not +5% but +5%atk/15%Mbrv for each one!)
    Atk+108 (Zack is a dps as well, you want to deal higher damage you can)
    Mbrv+330 (Zack is a dps, higher mbrv means higher hp damage)

    Unlike WoL I don't recommend increasing Zack's ibrv for his shield because he gets only that benefit (Warrior of Light post rework get shield and battery based on ibrv)

    Thoughts on Character:

    Zack's meant to provoke targets and get his shield to get no brv damage.
    Unfortunately he doesn't protects allies from AOE brv attacks and doesn't resist magic damage (higher damage from those).
    On the dps side, however, he get high multiplier on both skill and high rate and spd from buff and passive for more damage. Just be careful this means faster burning of self buffs and turn count (you may not want to use lot abilities from supporter to renew buffs nor losing shield before Ex is ready. Possible if you use brv+/hp+ to save uses) Sometimes you may unequip spd passives, remember you have "only" 4 turns of shield. You don't want to take 4 turns and eat an enemy attack without shield.

    Who to team him with?

    Lenna is a good supporter for him as she increase Zack's ibrv for higher shield potency while regen allies hp and brv. She doesn't give him a visible atk buff but has aura to increase his atk.
    Vayne and Quistis are good allies if you want to use Zack as a dps, because their multiple delay will cause Zack to take many turns among him and enemy (if you can study it you can use it at your advantaget tho. You can get an ex right before enemy's turn... if it has any)
    Jecht is a good option as well. With Zack covering his back, he can keep spamming his hp attacks without having to worry about getting broken (and begin a turn with less than 30%mbrv)

    Serah is a good option as well as she decrease enemy's attack (less damage dealt = higher chance to 0) and gives Zack an attack buff he is missing, while Zack's aura increase serah's low mbrv.
    If you pair him with Serah you can have an old acquitance join: Sephiroth. He enjoy serah's atk buff and can dish out hp damage with zack provoking enemies.
    You should farm Serah's artifacts to further increase both allies' attack.

    Zack doesn't work well with other tanks like Warrior of Light or Galuf as his damage increase while being target and both of them want to be target instead.

    How Should I use Zack?

    Expecially in co-op, but for your single player quests, remember to always begin by provoking one boss (or all of them with ex) to increase his next skills damage and protect allies (and activate zack and, if any, party's conditional passives on "debuffed enemy is present").
    Then you should just help dps while keeping an eye on provoke debuff duration and your shield and buffs.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  2. Soulfire

    Soulfire Razza GL Player

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    First time being introduced to Zack he’s pretty awesome!! Thanks for the write up Lepre!! Good stuff

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