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See you later!

Discussion in 'General' started by Wolvie, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. Wolvie

    Wolvie Just a royal weirdo VIP GL Player

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    With this being my final post for who knows how long FOR REAL, it's been an interesting time with my return to the forums. If there's anything I discovered about myself with this game, it's to NEVER assume anything in every aspect of the game. I don't assume that those who are Day One Global players will still be playing today. In addition, the interest I've had for DFFOO at Day One has since dwindled, and I now have thoughts on leaving the game for good as opposed to just taking a break like I've been thinking to take.

    The fact that there are some on Facebook and YouTube (I have a FB but it's under a fake name) who have suggested that I pull on varying banners (Zack, Rinoa and Krile being examples) or give me a guilt trip about my plans (Rydia, Fran, Sherlotta and Deuce [the latter being the most recent]), it's giving me more inspiration to actually leave the game for good (where a part of me feels that I won't be missed if and/or when that happens if I had to be honest on the topic). I mean, the type of work I do for living can be VERY demanding both literally and mentally, with the holidays giving me more hours (more money) but less time to play the game.

    See you lot later, and the BEST of luck with your pulls!
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