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Rinoa EX stage clears with different comps

Discussion in 'Guides' started by amateracu, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. amateracu

    amateracu Member

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    Pretty easy stage....again. I'm gonna clear this with other comps too just for the fun of it I guess ?

    " Initial Clear" - No Synergy
    Cloud, Quistis, Golbez, Ifrit, Quistis, 449k
    - Video Commentary

    " 3 Knights Are Back" - No Synergy
    Ramza, Beatrix, Agrias, Bahamut, Cloud, 332k
    - Voice Commentary

    " Launch Team 2.0 " - No Synergy
    Quistis, Cait Sith, Layle, Pandemonium, Golbez, 331k
    - Voice Commentary

    " Magic Team 2.0 " - No Synergy
    Kefka, Deuce, Vaan, Ifrit, Quistis, 304k
    - Video Commentary

    " FFV Team" - ExLess Lenna
    Lenna, Galuf, Bartz, Ifrit, Quistis, 304k
    - Video Commentary

    " Sephiroth Returns " - No Synergy
    Sephiroth, Bartz, Quistis, Bahamut, Quistis, 297k
    https://youtu.be/-cu_ND-WD6c - Video Commentary

    " Full Synergy Team" - Budget Rinoa
    Rinoa, Lenna, Irvine, Ifrit, Quistis, 294k
    https://youtu.be/finffcwRoPk - Voice Commentary
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