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Returning Player Needing some Guidance

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by Purist, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Purist

    Purist New Member GL Player

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    Hey all, returning player here. I quit playing when Ashe banner came out and then started playing for a little when Noctis EX got released but quit again after that. Ive started playing again when Cait Sith got released and i need some guidance on what to do.

    My weapon :
    MLB Weapon
    Noctis 15(not MLB)/35/EX
    Vaan 15/35/EX
    Ashe 15/35 CP
    Fang 15/35 CP
    Deuce 15(not MLB)/35 CP
    Cait Sith 15/35 CP

    Non-MLB Weapon
    Shanttoto 15/35 CP
    Layle 35 CP
    Ace 35 CP
    Rem 15/35 CP
    Vanille 35 CP
    Carter 15 CP
    WoL 15/35 CP
    Kain EX weapon
    Leon 15 CP
    Kryle 15 CP
    Relm 15 CP
    Terra 15 CP
    Cloud Organyx/Rune Blade
    Aerith 15/35 CP
    Tifa 15 CP
    Zell 35 CP
    Irvine 35 CP
    Squall 15 CP
    Beatrix 15 CP
    Eiko 15 CP
    Tidus 15 CP
    Yuna 15 CP
    Balthier 15/35 CP
    Lightning 15 CP
    Sazh 35 CP
    Hope 15 CP
    Seven 15 CP

    I need some help with which Weapon should i invest in and also which future weapon to save for. Currently im planning on pulling on agrias's banner but i dont really know who to save for after that.

    Thanks in Advance :)
  2. Ithual

    Ithual Member GL Player

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    GL - 922496641
    Save for Rinoa, she's a game breaker and will be valuable for upcoming content. It's good that you have a maxed Cait Sith. Try to prioritise maxing Layle. You should also try and max Vanille or Faris. I think Faris is the more useful but either will be a massive boon in future content.
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  3. Strayfe

    Strayfe Member GL Player

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    You have Cait with both passives at least, so you'll be able to carry teams without an EX ( of course not for the EX hardest stages ) just be patient and wait for Kuja ( if you like him, otherwise you can skip the banner as he'll be dominant only for a short period ) Quistis and Rinoa, you'll really want to have all your gems for those banners. ( May is going to be big )

    Agrias is a very good unit but you don't need her now, you can wait for her lost chapter to pull... you can't waste gems on Agrias now 'cause what's coming right after is waaaay better.
  4. Hollis

    Hollis Skipl0rd GL Player

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