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Returning Player Needing Advice on Priorities & Combination

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by Roche, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Roche

    Roche Member GL Player

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    I need some advice regarding on how I should prioritize on investing time and currency for power_stones and armor tokens for key characters which can help clear content much easier. I am even mulling the idea of selling my legacy 15CP MLB weapons for power_stones.

    In recent weeks, I had only truly progressed into event content with Aerith event (reached a few milestones with Armor Token rewards), but had decided against pushing for completion/mastery of later events for Lion and Auron. Latest Garnet event netted me all top prizes on-banner, but now I'm lacking the materials to max it out in order to contribute to event Co-Op proper.

    Furthermore, my power orbs and guard orbs stock are also at an all-time low. So I do recognize the opportunity cost of spending materials on a single character's gear in the short term, then slowly moving onto spending same materials on another character and so forth, in the long term. Fortunately, with my current stash of 30k gems and 60+ cycle keys, I certainly would look forward to pulling on upcoming banners, but it does add-on to my current situation of too many underdeveloped characters.

    TL;DR Please Advise on how I should proceed. Thank you.

    List of gear is as follows.
    Bolded Red highlights 35CP weapons.
    Bolded Blue highlights character with more than 1 Weapon and Character Armor (CA)
    Standard Blue notes character with only 1 Weapon and CA

    Bartz 15CP MLB L35/35
    Yuffie 15CP MLB L35/35
    Yang 15CP MLB L35/35
    Terra 35CP MLB L35/35(Previous 15CP MLB fed into this)
    Seymour 15CP MLB L18/35

    Shantoto 15CP LB3/4 L22/30
    Garnet 15CP LB3/4LB4/4 L22/30
    Steiner 15CP LB3/4 L22/30

    Vaan 15CP LB2/4 L24/25
    Yuna 15CP LB2/4 L24/25
    Edge 15CP LB2/4 L23/25
    WoL 15CP LB2/4 L22/25
    Ramza 35CP LB2/4 L20/25
    Firion 15CP LB2/4 L14/25
    Zell 15CP LB2/4 L06/25

    Aerith 35CP LB1/4 L35/20
    Cloud(Organix) 15CP LB1/4 L19/20
    Cloud(Crimson Edge) 15CP LB1/4 L15/20
    Cloud 35CP LB1/4 L01/20
    Squall(Twin Lance) 15CP LB1/4 L19/20
    Setzer 15CP LB1/4 L19/20
    Ramza 15CP LB1/4 L16/20
    Penelo 15CP LB1/4 L14/20
    Wakka 15CP LB1/4 L01/20
    Garnet 35CP LB1/4 L01/20
    4* Shadow Shuriken MLB L30/30

    Character Armor MLB L35/35
    Squall CA LB2/4 L25/25
    Setzer CA LB3/4 L25/25
    Aerith CA LB3/4 L25/25
    Terra CA LB3/4 L24/25 (Currently holding 3/5 tokens and planning to purchase another)
    Balthier CA LB3/4 L24/25
    Vanille CA LB3/4 L24/25
    Tidus CA LB3/4 L11/25
    Eiko CA LB3/4 L11/25
    Lion CA LB3/4 L06/25
    Ramza CA LB3/4 L20/20
    Garnet CA LB3/4 L18/20
    Seymour CA LB3/4 L01/20
    Auron CA LB3/4 L01/20
    4* Cloud Shinra Beta MLB L30/30
    4* Terra Jeweled Ring MLB L30/30

    EDIT: After initial advice from @Cloud 616 , I had sold my old three 15CP MLBs, and spent 4 on Garnet 15CP to quickly master it and move onto her 35CP. List above revised to reflect this change.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2018
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  2. Cloud 616

    Cloud 616 Member

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    So first off, if a 15cp is maxed fully out, sell it for powerstones. no need to keep it.

    I would personally prioritize Aerith (healer/brave battery), Terra (powerhouse), Cloud (jack of all-trades), and Ramza (buffer). Garnet can be magic dps, but Terra fills similar role.

    Try to have one maxed of each:
    Physical DPS, Magical DPS, and Healer/Brave Battery. Buffers are a nice boost for support and debuffers are cool too. But you need DPS and Healer/Brave Battery to clear high level content.

    Aerith will be a great unit to focus on since you don't seem to have Eiko prepped. Terra once her buffs come will be a monster. You really need a hard-hitting physical DPS. Cloud can temp fill role, but you should be on the lookout for future physical DPS. Cloud is best as a launcher/paralyzer.

    Possible units to look out for:

    If you want a physical fighter fast, Kain is solid. Gives himself some potent buffs (60% buff to Attack and Max Brave. Not sure if hes future proof tho.

    Layle is a great Launcher with his 35, but if you beef Cloud you dont need him.

    Honestly im not too sure on future stuff.

    But physical DPS that you can aim for is Lightning and Squall. Both are very strong. Lightning currently is insanely strong and fast. And while she falls off at a point, her EX is pretty good.

    But the main thing to do is sell fully maxed 15cps. beef up the units you have 35cps for. And be on lookout for a good physical DPS.

    If i think of anything else I'll let you know.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. Roche

    Roche Member GL Player

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  4. Zalits

    Zalits Well-Known Member

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    I agree with Cloud on the selling of the 15cps especially if you are f2p you kinda have to take this route. I don't own any weapons for characters I don't use. Reason? It's pointless their weapons will be available again once they make a return so keeping them now especially if they need 2 more orbs or more is pointless and if it's mlb forget about it just sell it lol. I'll be blunt and say that pretty much every character available right now without 35cp is pretty useless. So keeping the 15cp especially mlb is again pointless you're better off using it for other characters with more potential going forward. Think about it like this if you have something that'll help you clear content that you can't do now but would be able to if you sold those 15cps why wouldn't you? they're just taking up space in you inventory lol ask yourself how often you actually use Yuffie or Yang dude lmao focus on getting a select few as beefy as possible and you will 100% be more successful in your journey. I mean that's what I did and I'd say I'm in a pretty good spot going forward.

    I agree with Cloud again on his choices for who to build up. Work on Aerith first and foremost she will be the one who will carry you in solo ventures more so than any of your other units. After her and this is me personally I'd go Garnet because Cloud is a much bigger investment to make efficient than she is truthfully. And after Garnet I'd begin on the perilous journey with Cloud. (I'm serious getting his stuff to fit is very difficult and having an improper build will just make him suck) After Cloud I mean you could build up Ramza since his LC should be releasing soon and that can help a bit.

    As for units to look out for I mean I'm just saving for Kuja and after him I don't intend to pull for the rest of the year pretty much except maybe on chapter 10 but idk none of the other cast interest me at all and most of them fall through the floor hard because they are released at bad times. Maybe Lilisette would be a good one if you like debuffers? or Sephiroth even since he apparently is strong af at least that's what I've been hearing from jp veterans. And even then I say some of these names loosely because they just don't interest me and I know that their life span isn't very long after their initial release.

    As for weapons to look for as Cloud mentioned Layle's 35cp will be good and so will Laguna's. Also Sazh's is pretty busted as well so those a few others to look at.
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  5. Bard

    Bard OCTOMAMMOTH Spoony Bard VIP

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    GL416891699 JP412565794
    If you're ok to ravage your inventory for sake of immediate stone resource letting go of Wakka Penelo Zell Edge Setzer WoL Steiner Firion not going to hurt you. I leave out Potato because elements (and I'm biased with Tarutaru love) and Yuna because malboros. Far far future Setzer and Wakka git gud, no worries, you only single copy each and at that point of the future what's a single 15cp? it's peanuts. Safe to sell Bartz Yuffie Yang unless that's the ménage à trois of yer dreams.

    Good focus at the moment obviously going to be finish your Aerith/Garnet. Ramzer only 2lb from completion.. that's not a bad idea. If that 35cp Cloud is Rune Blade then you have good reason to mlb Ogrenix, if it is NT you can very easily back burner him until you're swimming in stones/orbs..

    Big issue as you said is lack of orbs.. You can bite it and spend some pots+book in any orb springs 3.. if you haven't already completed all your story hard chapters hunt about those nodes and complete for orb rewards.. and lastly token shops are being introduced soon including this summer fest where orb purchases are unlimited so there is the book+coop option as well.

    Barring long long time JP players nobody can really give you accurate insight of efficiency for upcoming units in GL 50 era. The best advice anyone can give you is don't pull current GL banners unless favorite characters or tickers give you a damn gud headstart or full kit. If you can clear story and you have thumbs to pres buttonz in coop you're already winning. Might struggle in LC but LC still be there in the future and heretics rewards not worth to chase down banners with all your resource. Save your gems for ex banners.
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  6. Aarolei

    Aarolei Well-Known Member

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    I don't recommend selling 15CP's till at least MLB. Even then I'm cautious about this because I like to keep one of each weapon type around as stat sticks to level up other characters who I lack weapons for...

    I'm also cautious about selling 15CP's for chars I still pull out from time to time. Some of these are a bit niche, useful, or just fun to use and I plan 35CP's for. For example, let's take Yuna. For me, even without her 35CP release, is one of the BEST characters in Ch. 9. She's a true mvp for her brave battery and status clear capabilities to clear the contend of that chapter.

    Most of Chapter 9 hard mode I used Aerith(15CP MLB)/Yuna (15CP MLB)/Steiner (15CP Passive with 2LB 35CP) for clears on stages. This team was able to constantly have brave so breaks never occurred so I could get the requirements met with ease. Turn counts were within reason to also meet score and turn reqs.

    With that out of the way, you can now get 1 Powerstone a week through the Dissidia Points shop. That's 1LB a month alone. Orbs can be easily obtained as per Bard's advice, the harder thing to replace are weapons.
    Saw you have a Shadow 4* MLB Weapon, use that to enhance one of your gears to provide it with tons of experience.

    Teams I'd try with what you've got potentially are Aerith/Garnet/Cloud or Ramza/Aerith/Terra. Try these out and level up their weapons as your first priorities.

    If you absolutely cannot wait to LB your gears and need Powerstones right now you can sell the recommended weapons for Bard. Only do this if you aren't planning to pick up any of their 35CP's in the future though.

    Once your char weapons you want to use are leveled, take them cycle keys you have stashed and try to get them crystals you need to max, or near max their clvls while we still have the x2 rewards. If you pop a treasure book also you'll get x4 crystals atm, make it very easy to max character clvls out!

    Hopefully covered most of what wasn't said by others, but if you have any other questions for me I'll be happy to respond best of my abilities.
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  7. Roche

    Roche Member GL Player

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    Made my free pull today:
    2/11 Squall 15CP dupe x2

    After 30 tickets, Squall 35CP

    Squall(Twin Lance) 15CP LB3/4 L21/30
    Squall 35CP
    Yuna 15CP LB3/4 L25/3

    Seriously I need more power orbs, now power stones too!

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