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Power and Magic's Chasm Rising Lvl 100 and lvl 110 clears.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by amateracu, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. amateracu

    amateracu Member

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    One lvl 100 clear and the rest will be for the EX stage ( lvl 110 ). This heretic reminds me of the last one we had but cranked up to 11 !! Not very hard but just a long, long marathon!!I will update this with other clears as soon as I upload them to youtube :)

    This is without Eiko or Thancred which are considered op for this EX and no launcher in party. I wanted to use a thancred but couldn't find one in the friend list so i ended up using Layle :/
    Beatrix, Galuf, Deuce, Bahamut, 147k score, Amateracu1991

    I wanted to see how the good ol' launch team faired in this stage before trying anything else. No synergy here btw.
    Layle, Beatrix, Cait Sith, Pandemonium, Layle, 159k score, Amateracu1991

    My usual Faris run. Here Faris can be considered a Vanille substitute as she's also a dispeller although not as strong since Vanille is also synergy here:)
    Faris, Eiko, Galuf, Brothers, Layle, 164k score, Amateracu1991

    2nd EX run without launches this time around. Leveled up my Galuf to lvl 60 and tried him out, he has really bad artifacts and just 4* armor with no 15cp passive.
    Galuf, Eiko, Beatrix, Brothers, Thancred, 178k score, Amateracu1991

    This isn't for the EX but it could still help some people clear the 180k score requirement for the lvl 100 stage :)

    Deuce, Eiko, Layle, Brothers, Layle, 193k score, Amateracu1991

    Strategy in the video's description
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  2. Mugicha

    Mugicha ใ‚€ใŽใกใ‚ƒ GL Player

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