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Please help me. I am new to Opera Omnia. Can someone please help me? Thank you.

Discussion in 'General' started by Ryan, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan New Member

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    I can't find a lot of help anywhere. And, I think Square Enix's live support is terrible.

    I am new to Opera Omnia. I can't find anywhere, how to completely max out a character, and EX them. So that you see it says, EX, under the characters picture. Can someone, please, explain, step by step, exactly how to do this? Thank you so, so much!!

    So far, I know that you have to have all three weapons, including the EX weapon. Then, limit break them, and level them up to the max. Earn the CP for doing that. Then, equip the passives, then, do the same for the next level weapon. Then, the EX weapon also. And you gain the EX attack. I know that you have to level the character up to level 60. And level their Crystal levels, to level 60 also. And equip any passives.

    I know that you have to limit break, and level to the max, their 5 star Armor. And gain the CP, and equip any passives.

    And, I know that you have to limit break, and level up 5, 5 star artifacts, to gain 5 different passives also. And gain that CP, and equip any passives from them.

    But, I still do not know how to completly EX them. Where, it says EX under their picture. And, where their attacks are green, instead of Blue.

    So, honestly, if anyone is willing to help me. It is greatly appreciated.

    If you can, please explain this for me, step by step. Otherwise, I don't think I may understand where I am confused in this process. Or, where I went wrong. Or, don't fully understand.

    Thank you!
  2. Cait

    Cait Toysaurus GL + JP Player

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    GL846090441 JP119513659
    Welcome to the forum, Ryan! EX weapons are kind of new in Global (GL) right now...only a few characters have them.
    None of the EX weapons out now are needed to complete any content for now in GL.
    Around Kuja's Lost Chapter will EX weapons be needed.

    You can obtain an EX weapon by pulling on banners by using single blue tickets, single 500 gems (not recommended),
    5000 gems for a multi-pull (a guaranteed at least one 5*/gold weapon), or exchanging 300 G tokens on one banner with
    an EX weapon on it. one multi-pull = 20 G tokens, 100 G tokens = 1 power stone.
    Each banner with an EX weapon on it has a separate G token shop.
    An EX weapon has only a 5% chance of drop, very low chance to get it. It's always best to research which characters
    are bad, decent, or good and for how long, etc. before pulling on any banners. Good luck on your pulls!

    When you equip an armor or weapon, the passive for it is automatically equipped (don't equip it, you waste your CP.)
    When your friends' or followers' Support characters have an EX weapon equipped, you will see EX in their profile.
    You can change, equip, and update your support character via User Data (go to Home page, choose gear icon/Options,
    then User Data. Tap the profile picture to equip weapon, armor, and passives for your support. It is not automatically
    updated, so when you receive a new artifact passive, you have to manually equip it/them.) If your Support character
    has an EX weapon, your friends/followers will see "EX" on near characters picture. The EX skill takes time to charge.
    If you fully max level up the EX weapon (it changes to a blue background), the EX skill charges faster and is stronger.
    Bartz's EX charges the fastest so far. You can watch on youtube the character's EX skills and any strategies for the
    levels you are having trouble with. For example, search: Fang EX Opera Omnia or Fang Lv 100 Opera Omnia, etc.

    In co-op with other players, you are blue and the green is the other player(s).

    Hope this clears things up. Happy gaming!
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  3. Ryan

    Ryan New Member

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    Thank you so much!
  4. ZeroDaHeroh

    ZeroDaHeroh Introvert

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    North Pole

    I came to see if I could help but I'm glad someone else already reached out. If you need help with any co-op missions later I'll be glad to help you out! :)

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