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Our New Discord Channel

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & Events' started by xTeKt0n1c, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. xTeKt0n1c

    xTeKt0n1c The Art of Lazy Admin! Staff Member Administrator Moderator VIP GL Player

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    New York City, US
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    Hi Everyone,

    We have a new discord server so come join in the fun!!! We made a deal with Kites World to setup 2 discord chat rooms on their server! @Kite and I go way back to the beta days of FFBE so this is a great result for both our communities! If you decide to join in please remember to be polite and respectful of others. Please follow the in-house rules. If we catch anybody misbehaving we will boot them from both here and there so please report inappropriate behavior to a staff member! We will ensure that all reports are anonymous. If you wish to discuss the game with others, chat about tactics or have a laugh etc. the come join us on the Discord channel over there at:

    DFFOO Chat: https://discord.gg/eSc4N8X

    DFFOO News Channel: https://discord.gg/kV8E8qf

    We will also be implementing a chatbox soon directly on this forum's homepage and please remember to still post lots on our actual forum pages!


    - TeK

    P.S. If you wanna join in the rest of Kites World (Its a really cool place), this link should also work: https://discord.gg/agwtv3V
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