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My Dimension’s End Entropy team comps

Discussion in 'General' started by Meruem, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Meruem

    Meruem Active Member GL Player

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    I finally did it! All ex+ units are 3/3 except for two who will mentioned. Here are my teams:

    Tier 1: agrias, lilisette, noel

    Tier 2: rem, ace, sherlotta

    Tier 3: WoL & serah(ex+ 0/3), ultimecia

    Tier 4: y’sh, cloud & aphmau (35 cp legend!)

    Tier 5: balthier, sephiroth, selphie

    Tier 6: lenna, aranea, yuri (ft. Chelinka)

    Tier 7: zack, rosa, setzer

    I used shiva for all tiers I believe except for 7 where I used the brothers. Let me know what teams you used. If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them
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  2. Leprechaun

    Leprechaun Worst RNG king GL Player Worst RNG King

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    My team:

    T1- ;agrias (2/3) ;tidus (2/3) ;lilisette (1/3) ;ramuh

    T2- ;kuja (mlb) ;sherlotta (ex) ;vanille (1/3) ;shiva

    T3- ;ultimecia (mlb) ;wol (0/3) ;serah (2/3) ;shiva

    T4- ;tifa (mlb) ;yshtola (mlb) ;ace (2/3) ;shiva

    T5- ;squall (mlb) ;faris (mlb) ;caitsith (2/3) ;shiva

    T6- ;lenna (ex) ;emperor (mlb) ;rosa (mlb) ;broth

    T7- ;zack (mlb) ;golbez (mlb) ;ignis (2/3) ;ifrit

    T8- ;lulu (2/3) ;aranea (mlb) ;penelo (mlb) ;ifrit
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2020
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  3. Mizu Izumi

    Mizu Izumi New Member GL Player

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    at the moment I currently using Lann/Reynn, Penelo, Kain, with Ifirit

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