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Lep's Pot of Cents - Zack LC Banner

Discussion in 'General' started by Leprechaun, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Leprechaun

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    Hello, everyone.
    I see no one keep writing about banners so I'll try to give you my 2 cents.
    I assume characters are with full kit.
    Abyss β is not here yet. I think it will be an easier FEoD to let us see what's going to come (like EX before time).
    We know nothing about it. I assume (and I will possibly be wrong) it's going to be 7 quests with no synergy:
    - 2 hard quest
    - 3 Ex quests
    - 2 cosmos quests

    Each quest locking the three chars you used.
    This is what I use to think about banner character, so I may probably be harsh on them, sorry if they're husbando/waifu.

    I originally thought about 10 quests (4 - 4 - 2) but it would have been too long and hard.

    Zack Banner rate up:

    EX: Zack
    35cp: Zack, Laguna, Layle
    15cp: Zack, Laguna, Layle

    Green: Awesome! Meta changer, cheeser or powerhouse! Pull!
    Yellow: Good. PUll after you read about drawbacks.
    Red: Pull not recommended. His niche may be too small or someone may do the same job but better.

    - Zack: Zack is an awesome tank/dps hybrid. He's able to attract enemies' attacks and recuing incoming brv damage to self even to 0, while at same time buffing allies and dealing good damage. Unfortunately he gives no cover to allies from AoE attacks.

    In his event: increased stats allow him to tank whatever is listed as ST while dealing huge damage and saving allies from getting targetted.

    Outside his event:
    can tank with his shield and phy damage reduction (be careful about magic attacks) while dealing good damage and buffing allies with aura.

    Heretics: Good dps and tanking abilities, no element to check BUT be careful that his skills are melee while his EX is magic. Has aura to further buff allies.

    Rating: While Zack is an awesome character, you're using him as a tank most of your time. Unfortunately this means he will lose some utility when warrior of light gets rework and lv70 (probably next month).

    - Laguna: Our journalist has head filled with fairies and lost his one niche, being a buffer/debuffer.

    In his event: Laguna should be the one debuffing enemies to get less damage while buffing allies. Unfortunately Serah is better at that now... or you can just nuke bosses before they kill you. This is not cosmos. This is bad as his higher Mbrv thanks to synergy would have allowed him to battery more his party.

    Outside his event: Laguna is still beaten by Serah in his niche, and you can find many better buffers and debuffers. His bad clv54 passive doesn't help him either.

    Heretics: You can use him in easier stages as debuffer/buffer probably to save your better characters for harder stages. All his moves are ranged.

    Rating: Laguna didn't age well. People barely remember he is in the game. His rework and lv70 should come together with warrior of light, if he gets delayed he will be dead.
    Should have been reworked with this event to make the banner more appealing.

    - Layle: I'm sorry, but his Chase meta is gone. Enemies have high hp and his low uses don't help for cosmos; even if brv+ may help his longevity, he lacks the damage to be a good third member (you're usually taking a healer/support and 2 dps for a fast run).

    In his event: we're glad there is no cosmos hard difficulty, so you can use him to chase robots for higher damage. He does not only make chase easier, but his energy gain battery the party as well to help allies deal higher damage in chase. You may still kill them faster with other dps like sephitoth or jecht tho.

    Outside his event: unfortunately I don't recommend Layle for cosmos run because of his low uses/damage ratio. If you need a chase take Cloud who can paralyze and deal higher damage.

    Heretics: All his moves are magic. You can use him as a battery/chaser for easier heretics and save better character for harder modes.

    Rating: Chase are still good, but Cloud is better at that now. Unfortunately you can't rely only on those and layle doesn't get good longevity for long fights.

    Banner Rating: Zack is awesome, but I think pulling now when Vayne is coming in a few days may not be the best move. If Zack is husbando or you would really like to pull for him I suggest to pull for vayne then try with leftovers ;t/;g .

    If you wait he will return with Ignis in Act2 ch7 banner.
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