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Lep's Pot of Cents - Vayne Event Batch

Discussion in 'General' started by Leprechaun, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Leprechaun

    Leprechaun Worst RNG king GL Player Worst RNG King

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    Hello, everyone.
    Vayne is coming, let's see his batch while waiting.
    I assume characters are with full kit from this banner.

    Abyss β is not here yet. I think it will be an easier FEoD to let us see what's going to come (like EX before time).
    We know nothing about it. I assume (and I will possibly be wrong) it's going to be 7 quests with no synergy:
    - 2 hard quest
    - 3 Ex quests
    - 2 cosmos quests

    Each quest locking the three chars you used.
    This is what I use to think about banner character, so I may probably be harsh on them, sorry if they're husbando/waifu.

    I originally thought about 10 quests (4 - 4 - 2) but it would have been too long and hard.

    Vayne Banner rate up:

    EX: Vayne
    35cp: Vayne, Paladin Cecil, Cyan
    15cp: Vayne, Paladin Cecil, Cyan

    Green: Awesome! Meta changer, cheeser or powerhouse! Pull!
    Yellow: Good. PUll after you read about drawbacks.
    Red: Pull not recommended. His niche may be too small or someone may do the same job but better.

    Vayne: Vayne is a politician, he manipulates and kill others to get what he wants. This game managed to take all of this!
    Vayne is a melee/magic dps turn (no politicians here) manipulator, while he may not reach numbers like Rinoa or Jecht, his ability to manipulate turn count and recover uses while delaying enemy's turn will be very useful for your score missions.
    Downside: it will take you a bit of trials to understand his kit.

    In his event: Increased stats mean he'll deal more damage to enemies. His cosmos has only one boss to show his delay power.

    Outside his event:
    Less strenght means less damage, but he can recover uses with EX so he can self sustain for long battles. Throw in a supporter who can increase his attack and he will hurt again. His buffs and debuff are tied in a framed buff so he can easily work with many characters as he won't compete for them.

    Heretics: Just like other events he's awesome here, just be careful because his abilities are melee, while his EX is magic. He has no element so you don't have to worry about that.

    Vayne is the beast everyone is waiting for, pull for him to get an easy way to increase your score. With his kit he can self buff while buffing your allies and debuff your enemies. You won't be disappointed, but you need his EX.

    Paladin Cecil (Pecil):
    Our ff4 looked in the mirror and said "You know what? White suits me better". No more chases and self damage, he is now a paladin smashing enemies with divine light and watching at his comrades... without actually covering him like in original game because... reason.

    In his event:
    Pecil is actually good in his event. He can self buff, last long with hp/brv+ commands and heal allies hp and brv (even with regen thanks to his framed buff) and buffing their defense while Vayne decrease enemies' attack. Just Great.
    yeah, you can add Serah to further reduce atk. Go on, don't you feel evil enough?

    Outside his event:
    Pecil has self buff and a party regen self framed buff while being able to last long. He is good but you may build party with Vayne who don't require Pecil. Enemies who resist holy are his bane tho, stay away from those.

    HIs kit is mixed Melee and Ranged, all abilities using Holy elements. Our ex-town destroyer has 3 resistances to watch out for. Be very careful.

    Paladin Cecil is born under a bad star. His banner has been skipped by many (me as well) because people was saving for Kuja, Quistis, Golbez, Rinoa, Lenna, Serah, Vayne (one or more of them) so didn't have enough to pull for him as well. Or simply didn't like him.
    He is a nice character jack-of-all-trades who can take your third slot if you already have an atk boosting support who can last long.
    If you managed to pulled in his banner and got his EX weapon, rating changes: he can extend duration of his framed buffs (this means his brv/hp+ abilities as well) and imperil holy (set holy affinity of an enemy to weak or one step closer to weak).
    In this event with only one boss this ability is incredible as it boost all of his attacks, when there is more than one boss he has to focus on one at time.

    well... uh... he is a samurai... who can... damage enemies... I guess.
    Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, he tried to reach them in afterlife while jumping on a ghost train but got saved by Sabin and Shadow.

    In his event:
    Unfortunately, Cyan can't shine even in his own event. Not enough longevity (seriously, you must use one of the two concentration abilities to unlock his damage abilities losing then one or two turns, then you must spam the very same commands to damage enemies. No brv/hp+ commands.) and being able to self heal is not so wonderful when you have Pecil who can heal the whole party.
    To fake his utility one mid boss is a worm (wow, enemy with high defense because Cyan ignores it!). Just nuke it down with someone else, remember to heal somehow.

    Outside his event:
    He can't shine in a event that should be tailor made for him! How can he be useful somewhere else?

    I guess you can use him in the easiest round. If enemy don't resist melee.

    Do you remember Laguna? I said he would be dead if his rework gets delayed? Well, he is already dead.
    Cyan is probably one the worst characters so far. He deserves a tier on its own as in jp has yet to get a rework or an EX. With great characters must come a really bad character to compensate the balance laws I suppose.

    Banner Rating:
    Unless you hate Vayne like I hate Noctis you must pull here. Paladin Cecil is a good character despite what you may hear and Cyan... well... In the future, when he will get an EX you will already have his other weapons?
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  2. OnionxKnight

    OnionxKnight Member GL Player

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    I gotta say, it's been a long while since someone made characters and events threads. Hope you can keep this up, it breathes new life to the forum! :)
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  3. Strayfe

    Strayfe Member GL Player

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    Well done, nice report !
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