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Lep's Pot of Cents - September

Discussion in 'General' started by Leprechaun, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Leprechaun

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    So... I'll try to cover all September banners :D

    1- Awakening 1 - ;wol ;shantotto ;yda

    Warrior of Light: Awesome! He can lock enemies and shield all your party, has battery on every ability and an aura framed buff and can give allies regen with clv70.
    If you manage to get his EX he can heal as well!
    He can carry your party even outside synergy, great help for Abyss and event cosmos, a good character to take in co-op for fun, you won't die with one of them.

    If you didn't pull his EX you can buy it in EX shop at end of this month/early Oct.

    Shantotto: Good. She can imperil many elements to pump your party damage expecially during summon. She works better in a party who can enchant element she weaken, her abilities hit quite hard, unfortunately dps fall soon and terra getting her rework in the same month doesn't help.

    Yda: Bad. No EX, no rework, she will hinder your party damage, she can't pull her own weight even in her event. In cosmos co-op she is a liability. I'm sorry if she's waifu, but atm she's quite bad.

    Banner rating: Awesome! Warrior of Light is a must pull, he can help you through content for months and a 2 EX banner is not something to sleep on easily, expecially as Shantotto is still nice to play with, you just have to learn about rage mechanic.

    2- Awakening 2 - ;laguna ;sazh ;cater

    Laguna: Average. The only ex in this banner, the character didn't get the power up he needed, while he can debuff and battery there won't be many fights you will feel the need to take him with you.

    Sazh: Average. He can still buff your party but our Savior ruled for a bit then gone sleeping. Serah is a better support right now if you maxed her passives and next batch will have Ramza so outside Abyss you won't take him out of bench.

    Cater: Cater tier. A new cursed character, wonderful. I hope you all remember Serah. If you do then... I'm sorry she doesn't get good even with perfacts.
    If you don't know about cursed characters: there are 6 chars who get 2 new must have passives in artifacts. She sill sucks. Even in jp. Not future proof.

    Banner rating: Skip. Nothing in this banner will be useful to you. And cater is a mocking prize. Don't use even ;t in this banner. This banner does not exist.

    3- Alisaie - ;alisaie ;terra ;papalymo

    Alisaie: Good. A quite difficult to use character, you must learn her rotations and elements. Her abilities are all element based so you may hit some resistances and get a lower damage against some bosses while running your rotations.
    Despite this her damage outside turn count is quite good helping high scores just like Vayne but with his same weakness: too many turns means fast buff burn. be careful with her.

    Terra: Bad. yeah, sorry. I feel bad at saying but she hit low damage now, will leak brv with most of her abilities and will get so many self buffs you have to be careful who you party her with.

    Papalymo: bad. No ex and his damage is not suited for longer cosmos fight without synergy. His element abilities may not be suited for every boss (as sometimes bosses who are weak to ice is resistant to fire and viceversa)

    Banner Rating: Average. Alisaie is really good. Her companions are not. If you pull Terra weapons you may try to pull for her ex in her awakening/rework banner... With risk of getting only dupes. Papalymo is the usual black sheep, but can be used in Abyss.

    4- Porom ;porom ;palom ;yang

    Porom: Good. Really good supporter. It's hard not pulling for her, she has the unique ability to give an hp overflow to your party AND reduce hp damage taken.
    She offers good aura buff to party BUT she has a big drawback you must know before using her: just like Selphie she can't easily dump her brv (you lose more turns to deal damage) and can't shave. While this doesn't seem bad, if you get porom turn when boss recover from break, get ready for an hp attack... and her reduction may not be enough to save you.

    Parom: Average. Unlike his sister Parom has the ability to shave and his kit is meant to work for longer fights so you can try to take him in cosmos with a good supporter. He won't be your first choice as dps tho.

    Yang: Average. If you missed out on Squall and Lann&Reynn, Yang is a good character to carry you in some Abyss missions with his high splash damage on Kick+.
    Aside from this he has no utility.

    Banner Rating: Good. Only because of Porom unique abilities and auras. Parom can be a nice dps in come Abyss EX when you try to lock ;blackt1 or ;staff characters without using your best ones and Yang is a good carry for Abyss missions or fast run.

    5- Paine ;paine ;firion ;wakka

    Paine: Good. Damage, Debuff, Selfbuff, she is a good all around character with only drawbacks of a random target move (unreliable to break multiple targets) and st stack debuff, with multiple bosses you may lose time to debuff all of them if you can't focus on one at time.

    Firion: Average. Unfortunately he has no ex in the banner with 100% AoE damage but he can still fight well batterying party and recovering his health. Pairs well with Lenna for ibrv buffs.

    Wakka: Average. Blind is a great debuff and he can battery the whole party while getting some awesome self buffs.
    Unfortunately Wakka wants to add RNG to a RNG game. Blind is not a 100% miss like kefka's debuff or paralysis and his self buffs are random with great daring.

    Banner Rating: Average. Paine is good but unless you're planning to buy Firion's ex for husbando reason, her companions in this banner are not having a good time out there.
    If you already own Firion EX but didn't buy his other weapons, this banner get slighty better.

    6- Noctis ;noctis ;rem ;irvine

    Noctis: Awesome. It hurt to say terra is bad... Saying Noctis is awesome even more. With rework and clv70 he get an easier time reaching the max stack for high burst damage, launch on demand. High dps. You can skip him if you already own meta wol/vayne/serah but his damage is going to be awesome until chaos.
    yeah, I don't pull for him, he is Noctis

    Rem: Bad. Rem has no EX in this banner and her turn convert while being an awesome ability does take a turn in your count, this is bad for scores.

    Irvine: Bad. He can be used in Abyss if you really have to (like being locked by a ;yellowt1 ;gun user) otherwise you won't use him.

    Banner Rating: Good. Noctis is an awesome dps but Rem without EX won't help you much, Irvine is plain bad. If you don't own Vayne and other meta characters like wol this banner is a must pull.

    7- Cinque ;cinque ;caitsith ;snow

    Cinque: Good. Huge damage, another launcher EX and debuffer. She will hit hard your enemies but just like many dps she will fall off for a long time.

    Cait: Average. He's not the buffer he used to be, not suited for very long fights (some cosmos) and not much future proof. As a supporter he is still quite good for Abyss strata.

    Snow: Bad. The worst sentinel and not an hero (come on, there are so many cutscene in Zack's event and they used only Seifer, what about the char who spammed 'me hero' for all the game?). He recently got back from bench in jp so he's not future proof at the moment.

    Banner Rating: Average. Old characters out of meta and another huge dps who's going to be powercrept.
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  2. Leprechaun

    Leprechaun Worst RNG king GL Player Worst RNG King

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    8a- Awakening Returning EXs- ;terra ;ramza

    Terra: Good. Dps queen is back! If you pulled for Alisaie you may already have something, well, she's now good! Her EX will be used only for the self buff tho.

    Ramza: Awesome. One of the best support out there. If you didn't farm Serah, the best support out there with amazing buffs and no turn count hp+.
    Get ready for lot of + when we'll get his EX+(and ++... and +++)

    Banner Rating: Good. Ramza is best support and Terra is an awesome dps... for a few weeks (unless Ace get delayed).
    If you don't have Ramza EX but you already have his kit and not another choice, you can skip and buy his EX in shop.

    8b - New EX ;yuna

    Yuna: Good. Most of rating is because of an actual summon and a change on her kit after EX is used. She's good at damage, brv healing, hp healing... BUT will demand you pray for her best passives to come.
    Get ready to another Serah round if you pull for her.

    Banner Rating: Good. Yuna is good, indeed... But her passives will eat your sanity more than meeting Chtulu and lot of resources. I hope you're ready.

    No EX:

    - Zack: Average. Many of you have his weapons so it's just powerstones. Unfortunately there is no EX in this banner and Wol is out. He had his knighty time, now he can rest.
    If you don't have wol he is good but without EX he's missing a lot.

    - Seven: Average. One of the only 3 whip user in the game. If it's not Bad the reason is "Abyss may ask for her". Outside that reason... yeah, she's not worth. ST debuff and high damage on paper but with all the EX user dps out there you're not choosing her.

    - Faris: Average. Imho she is the best debuffer in game. Remove ALL debuff from enemies AND give lot of debuffs instead? Yes thanks.
    Unfortunately she hits low and has no hp after cannonfire (she will get reworked. no worries) but if you have no Dispel you need her in your bench. You may never know when she will come handy.

    9- Selphie ;selphie ;squall ;thancred

    - Selphie: Good. Unique framed buff "Aura" (name, not aura style) that hasten recharge time of party EX abilities for a few turn. This can actually change your strategies.
    Why she is not awesome? Because she still has the same issues as her debut, she can't shave and after wall and EX she has to lose a turn to dump brv. (This is lessened a bit by her 3/3 hp+ and EX abilty not using turn count)

    - Squall: Good. AoE shaver and dps even without EX. He can carry you in Abyss and fast clear trash waves, he finally works with supporters! Not so good against ST bosses tho.

    - Thancred: Average. ST dps focused on poison debuff. If enemy is immune to poison he loses most of his damage and there is no EX in the banner.
    Works well with Serah.

    Banner Rating: Good. Selphie has lot of utility with wall and her EX but you must be careful about bosses break recover (you can just use Vayne to reset it), Squall is still a good AoE dps.

    Aura gives regen on top of EX recharge time. I can't wait to try out ;lenna ;wol ;selphie for regen party :D
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