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Lep's Pot of Cents - Abyss pt1

Discussion in 'General' started by Leprechaun, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Leprechaun

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    Abyss is finally out, so I can write my 2 cents about this banner.
    Because this event is an heretics-like the section will be "in this event"

    Banner rate up:

    EX: Squall and Layle
    35cp: Squall, Layle, Yuri
    15cp: Squall, Layle, Yuri

    Green: Awesome! Meta changer, cheeser or powerhouse! Pull!
    Yellow: Good. PUll after you read about drawbacks.
    Red: Pull not recommended. His niche may be too small or someone may do the same job but better.

    Squall: A SeeD trained to kill the witch, here he got his rework and... became AoE king. His renzokuken+ deal 100% splash damage fighting twins in the only thing they were good at: 100% AoE damage. His brv/hp+ helps saving some uses.

    In this event: Squall is black and wields greatsword, his AoE renzokuken makes him great for trash waves carrying low level characters and he is a great addition for multi bosses levels in cosmos.

    Unfortunately black with greatsword has concorrence: Dark Cecil, Auron, Zack. All of them have an EX... and Zack is awesome, so if you have him I don't suggest pulling for Squall only because of Abyss.

    Outside his event: Just like in this event without synergy he is great when there are many bosses. Unfortunately when there is only one boss his power fell greatly as renzokuken+ and EX don't have overflow and solid barrel doesn't hit multiple enemies to build up high brave.

    Rating: Squall is awesome for multibosses and babysitting low level characters in silver nodes. Unfortunately his EX is quite old an you're likely going to use it for the framed buff and free damage (it still has higher multiplier than hp+ if you have low brv :D )

    Layle: well... He likes to fly enemies. All his abilities refer to chase and now he got an ex... that is awesome. His EX set a party aura with 40% Atk/Mbrv and +3CU to every ability used.
    Paired with his field debuff you will easily chase almost every turn.

    In this event: Layle is the only yellow thrown user so... you will be forced to take him with you in some strata nodes, pulling for his weapons means you won't take a liability.

    Outside this event: Chase meta is over, but this doesn't mean chases are bad, they still help increasing score and decreasing turn used, moreover Layle has a selfbuff with aura, this means it will help any ally.

    Rating: Layle is good and his framed buff will be a good addition for most allies, but chases must be thought beforehand, moreover if you think about using pandemonium to increase damage you'll lose on atk without ifrit or shiva, and it's only lv20 (slower charge time, less turns and mbrv).

    Yuri: a young boy who can't do anything without his sister. He loses brv, hp and without his sister behind him he is bad.

    In this event: white crystal with sword is a niche with only two characters: him and warrior of light... and the latter one is getting a rework next month to become a powerhouse, poor yuri...

    Outside his event: you barely have to use him in an event that actually tries to force you to do so. Why should you use him?

    Rating: every banner has a bad choice, here is him. If you need a bright side, he will get rework and ex in the future that will make him good.

    Banner Rating: Squall is the best AoE dps we have atm and layle with launches make this banner quite good. Unfortunatey Squall EX now is his weakest ability and is coming back in Ultimecia banner this December (and you will pull in this banner).
    Pull if you need an AoE now or need Layle weapons for Abyss and don't want to use ;pt
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