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Kefka's Best Quotes

Discussion in 'General' started by Drivebladesman, May 20, 2020.

  1. Drivebladesman

    Drivebladesman New Member

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    In this game we have:

    Terra: "What are you planning Kefka?!"

    Kefka: "I haven't decided yet."

    Terra: "Why are you so happy? I thought you wanted to use the Torsions to spread destruction."

    Kefka: "I do! And I want you to fight them with the last of your strength!"

    "No need to be so serious."

    "Hehehe! As your friend said, you best give this fight your all... Else you'll be toast -- quite literally!"

    "For power-hungrymunchkins such as youse, I have a very special sur...!" "Prize."

    "Hale losers, well schlepped. Waltz in like you own the place, why don't ya?"

    "Moving on, there's a big, fat Torsion somewhere in here."

    "Struggle and strife... The rising urge to break stuff with each and every fight..."

    "Fine, then. Make me!"

    "Aww, what a lousy monster. You're worthless. Worthlesser than worthless."

    "I do not recollect making palsy-walsy with Ms. Cloud of That's-What-You-Call Darkness. ...The world is mine for the breaking."

    "Where do all these yahoos get off doing as they please? They're just gonna die. At least I get to do the killing!"

    "You know, we don't have a reason to play nice with each other like your widdle warriors of wight."

    "Well, pthbbth! I'm through with you!"

    "Whoopsie-daisy. I'll leave it to you to relay the particulars. TTFN!

    "I just came to see you, ol' palsy-walsy! You wike pwaying fwiends, don't you?"

    "Heh heh heh. You caught me! I was just trying to have a little fun with my buddy!"

    "Alright, alright. See ya later, alligator!"

    "I can't believe a force of destruction like yourself was really summoned by that blockhead Materia."

    "I found yoo-hoo!"

    "Hasta la pasta!"

    "Blargh! Ptooey! Boooring!"

    "It seems like you just can't stay away from that porcupine head!"

    "Well, if it isn't Mister Maester!"

    "Nobody invited you, witch! Leave us alone! Can't you see we're busy?"

    "It's waaay better than that sorry, moogle-sucking excuse for a parasite!"

    "Have a ciger! A birth is a joyous occasion! And it's all thanks to those wonderful magitek mamas!"

    "What's this? Were you thinking to bully my bouncing baby Blackened Wilbur?"

    "Did you think Willy was going to wait around while you were busy hitting me?"

    "And now a little bug is about to snuggle under this continent's rug!"

    "And I took, thankyouverymucho!"


    "The one who's out of luck is YOUSE!"

    "Ooh, what a riveting speech. I'm shaking in my boots." <-- He says that sarcastically, with a normal, unenthusiastic tone.

    "You maroons are always, always, always, always, ALWAYS getting in my way... This world has no future, and yet you persist... How stupid can you get? Well, let me teach you pinheads a lesson: it all ends here!"

    "No no no no no, cut it out! STOP IT! Please, with a cherry on top."

    "Not long ago, you had the audacity of trouncing my Wilburinos!"

    And last but definitely not least: "Ruh-roh! The big bad good guys have come to stop your diabolical schemes. I trust... You know what must be done."

    There are other quotes I like, but it's gonna take quite a while to list them all, and I'm getting tired, so I'll leave it for now. XP
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2020
  2. Nvisible

    Nvisible New Member

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    "worthlesser than worthless"
    i chuckled over that for weeks, even used it at work...

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