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Just Started Up Opera Omnia Again

Discussion in 'General' started by FFGeek3, May 13, 2019.

  1. FFGeek3

    FFGeek3 New Member

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    So I had to stop playing Opera Omnia a little while ago because i had broken my phone and my back up didn't have enough space im really far behind and I missed Beatrix's Banner... She is my favorite character in Final Fantasy... If anyone might have an account with her that they dont want please let me know!!! I Love You dffoo community ❤️
  2. Daily

    Daily New Member GL + JP Player

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    Global- 551824422 Japanese- 162644418
    Not likely! You can always purchase her 15cp and 35cp with Weapon Tokens. She doesn't need her EX to be a bamf.
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  3. Strayfe

    Strayfe Member GL Player

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    Too bad, it's really fantastic when your favorite character is also... the best character of his/her era, wich is exactly what was Beatrix since 3 months ! Unfortunatly you'll have to wait for her lost chapter, not before several months but once she'll come back i'm sure that she'll be absolutely devastating with her lvl 70 and her EX+ probably. Enjoy anyway ;cbeatrix4
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