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June/July Calendar Preview

Discussion in 'General' started by Wolvie, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Wolvie

    Wolvie Just a royal weirdo VIP GL Player

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    I'd like to provide a preview of the Calendar for July alongside the remainder of the June Calendar - all info is from the most recent DFFOO Twitch Stream...

    Rewards from the stream are the usual (given later in the week):
    3,000 gems
    20 draw tickets
    10 armour tokens
    1 power stone

    New Character Enhancement Boards, post maintenance on Wednesday:
    1. Lenna
    2. Seifer
    3. Fujin
    4. Cyan
    5. Prompto
    6. Freya
    7. Prishe
    8. Alphinaud
    9. Yda

    More post maintenance stuff
    1. Lines (they're the treasure nodes) from the Character Enhancement Boards can be unlocked. There will be a 4th wing added in the future (LD)
    2. Cutscenes (something along the lines of autoplay or UI hide - tuned out this bit as I personally don't care for it much)

    24 or 25 June (depending on your time zone):
    Abyss Normalis Tiers 4-6, with 'require' being a key - permanent
    Act 2-9: Cloud of Darkness (who can solo varying content, including varying DE Entropy and Ultimate Alexander Chaos) which has Kefka's Rework, 2nd costume and EX+ variant - permanent

    July Calendar

    Rewards from the FF Portal App Collab (which is at least 10 Relics of All Knowledge, 10 Armour Tokens, 3 Weapon Tokens and 10 Draw Tickets (could be 20), could include the 100 T4 Shards in each colour and 50 T5 Shards in each colour), as this ends next week

    Varying Gem Sales & Misc.: 1 July-1 August
    1. Weapon Enhancement Chests (twice in July)
    2. Triple Effect Item sale
    3. Kupo Card Mini 1 and 2
    4. New and returning stickers
    5. Special Gems Sales that are tied to the Summer Fest
    6. Chances to encounter the Magic Pot in WoI: Carbuncle's Treasures

    CONFIRMED July Reworks (you'll see why I worded it this way later):
    1. Aphmau
    2. Garnet (EX Animation also gets an update)
    3. Sazh
    4. Raijin
    5. Rydia (EX Animation also gets an update)
    6. Quistis
    7. Kefka

    EX + Variant Newly Available for:
    1. Aphmau
    2. Lion
    3. Garnet
    4. Sazh
    5. Raijin
    6. Rydia
    7. Sherlotta
    8. Quistis
    9. Kefka

    Alternate Costumes:
    1. Kefka
    2. Garnet
    3. Tidus

    Free multi pull Banners (8 total):
    1. Eald'narche Event
    2. Summer Incursion Banner #1
    3. Summer Incursion Banner #2
    4. Summer Incursion Banner #3 (this WILL have Aranea in it, plus a rerun of her GL First event up to the Level 50 difficulty fight, nothing is reset)
    5. Ultimate Alexander Banner #1?
    6. Ultimate Alexander Banner #2?
    7. Sherlotta LC Banner?
    8. Trey Event Banner?

    Lost Chapters:
    1. Aphmau
    2. Sherlotta

    Character Events:
    1. Eald'narche
    2. Trey

    Dimension's End: Entropy Tier 13 - permanent. Tips given are to use ranged and/or magic damage dealers as part of the team composition. I'll also add that for July, there's a time limited aspect that depends on how many tiers one has perfected. The higher amount of tiers perfected, the bigger the rewards. Sadly, I'll be forced to miss out as with my line of work, I won't have time to take a stab at it (working more hours lately).

    Edit: Ultimate Alexander Special Synergy - this will have the limited time coop at Levels 70 and 100:
    1. Sazh
    2. Raijin
    3. Rosa
    4. Ashe
    5. Tidus
    6. Firion

    I left Cater's rework and EX+ out, but it's for a specific reason. Some on the stream mentioned she's the secret part of the Summer Incursion Banners. If that was the case, why didn't Josh confirm it then?

    The huge giveaway clue for anyone getting their rework is with the slide it's a part of (Rydia, Garnet and Quistis all had their reworks mentioned with the slide they were on). More specifically, the Incursion Banners 1 and/or 2 would have brought up something along the lines of 'Cater's rework, kupo'. Yet it didn't. It only brought up Aranea's event rerun for the final Incursion Banner.

    What also hurts Cater's case here is that the Summer Incursion Banners only last 9-10 days each. Anyone who's EX is new is roughly 2 weeks on a single banner. 9-10 days won't be enough for Cater unless she's part of all 3 Incursion Banners which is very unlikely.

    Edit #2: I was thinking about this bit over the last few days, and I recalled that with any seasonal event (i.e. Spring Fest, Summer Fest, etc.), an early rework is most likely tied to it. Last year, if memory serves me right here, gave Global Kain and Tidus' rework early (Lightning's rework came to Global early as well but wasn't part of last year's Summer Fest). Now that this one will have at least Double EX Banners with both being realisable, I won't be surprised if Kain's 2nd rework (when his EX is realised) comes to Global early, or if Alisaie's 2nd rework is early for Global (also realisable). With this bit from memory, it's even more unlikely that Cater's will pop up here due to this: the rework(s) from a seasonal event is tied to an EX Weapon already in the game.

    I do feel that Cater's rework will be at the end of July to start the August Calendar but time will only tell.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2020
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  2. Epsilon

    Epsilon Mogglesguard GL Player

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    England, UK
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    532342688 - GL
    Thanks for sharing this, I found it really useful! If the Dimension’s End event it going to be time limited, I’d better start working my way through them now! I’m only on the silver tiers so far.
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  3. Wolvie

    Wolvie Just a royal weirdo VIP GL Player

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    Dimension's End Entropy itself is permanent, but the challenge involving Red Books, nuggets for the red ingots and gems is time limited.

    I think another challenge to DEE will come to Global in the future and rumour has it that in game rank might also be involved. It shows up with the 20th and final tier but I do need to look into it further before confirming.
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