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Item Contemplations: Steiner - Rune Blade

Discussion in 'General' started by Berserkologist, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Berserkologist

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    Want a Rune Blade? Already have a Rune Blade? Don't know what a Rune Blade is? Well, whatever, let's talk about it!


    MAX STATS (LV 35)
    INT BRV183
    MAX BRV2,449
    MAX CP30


    Power Break (IX) BRV boost
    ATK Down duration+
    ATK Down hit rate+
    Rune Blade's kind of a funny weapon. It gives a winky-nudge to Steiner's strengths while sort of salting the wound of his weaknesses. Steiner has top-tier ATK inherently, and Rune Blade, has fantastic ATK on it. Steiner also has pitifully low INT BRV/MAX BRV, and Rune Blade, has pretty low INT BRV/MAX BRV (for a 5* weapon). I guess you could say it's appropriate...

    The Affinity Ability, Slaughter, gives a much needed boost to Power Break (IX). Without Slaughter, this ability is very underwhelming. I wouldn't expect your mind to be blown by the improvements that Slaughter gives to Power Break (IX), but it makes far more functional (the debuff) and the BRV damage goes up enough to compete with other channeling abilities (it even marginally outshines competing abilities when up against humanoids).​

    This one isn't quite as black-and-white as other weapons. There are few things you might want to think about before giving a concerted effort to getting a Rune Blade:

    1. Is Steiner needed for any content?
    No. Granted, his hefty damage boosts to humanoids makes him an attractive choice in a lot of scenarios, but I wouldn't say he's required.
    2. Do you like Steiner?
    Only you can answer that.
    3. Will this speed up runs in say World of Illusions or other daily dungeons?
    It can. Power Break (IX) is a channeling attack. If you strengthen its BRV output, it definitely will smooth out speedruns. As of my writing this, there isn't any speedrun-friendly content that features humanoids; but it could happen.
    4. Is Steiner viable without this weapon?
    More or less. Rune Blade definitely helps him enough that I'd say it should be strongly considered if you have future plans for him.
    5. Will there be better, more appropriate options for Steiner in the future?
    I guess... to the extent that a 35CP weapon usually is fancier than its 15CP predecessor. To be honest, if we get the same 35CP weapon that JP got for Steiner, I'd say that the Affinity Ability on Rune Blade is more attractive, or at least, just as attractive. I wouldn't let this detail deter you from pulling for a Rune Blade.

    AESTHETIC: 5 / 10
    UPGRADE IMPACT: 7 / 10
    NECESSITY: 7 / 10
    CURRENT VALUE: 6.5 / 10
    FUTURE PROOF: 6 / 10

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