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I feel really dumb...

Discussion in 'General' started by Serah Farron, May 13, 2019.

  1. Serah Farron

    Serah Farron New Member

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    So for awhile now ive been noticing how people actually saved their gems and its really starting to bother me how i didn't save my gems... I feel really stupid for not conserving gems better and now i feel like my account is garbage and its not at its full potential.... Does anyone else feels this way? And if so how do you deal with it?
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  2. Epsilon

    Epsilon Mogglesguard GL Player

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    532342688 - GL
    I went through this. Now I keep an eye out for what’s ahead and save for what I want. I rarely have the willpower to save much, but it’s nice to at least set occasional goals. I look at banners from the JP version to give me a loose idea of which characters are coming: https://altema.jp/dffoo/gachamemorialhall-2-7012
  3. Dragoni24

    Dragoni24 Active Member GL + JP Player

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    GL582455957 JP377935023
    Dont worry when summon board comming free gems / tix , Raid Boss = gems / tix started Jp March 2019 and have 30 ex all ex from tix or free pull I dont have luck witch gem pull , use gem pulls in Jp only for 15/35cp or power stone :D btw if You have luck in gem pull start saving for 2-3 EX banners ;)
  4. Daily

    Daily New Member GL + JP Player

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    Global- 551824422 Japanese- 162644418
    When I started playing I vowed to only pull on extremely ideal banners, and only until I had a decent team. Then, I would save until Selphie. Once she had released, I set myself another goal, never letting tickets drop below 200 or gems below 100k.

    I did the same in JP. Several months waiting for Selphie and her EX. Then set myself another goal. Same deal, only I try to keep my gems at 150k with the new pity system in place. I typically will spend about 10k on most banners, as the gems are easy to make up.

    However, if you're feeling like your account isn't what you'd like, you can always reroll. In fact, my advice to you would be to reroll on Rinoa event and get her EX. She will carry you through 90% of the story and LCs alone. Fast and easy, allowing you to save up and richen your coffers!

    Keep track of JPs meta so you know who to save for is the best advice I can give to you. This is easier to do if you play JP as well. In fact, most of my time now goes to my JP account, as it is just a better time for me.
  5. Strayfe

    Strayfe Member GL Player

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    Don't feel bad, the banners are becoming better and better if you start to pull smartly you'll end up with all what you need. Just don't pull for ALL the shinny things, pull for the meta team that can carry you for 2/3 months, then pull again etc etc and you'll end up having a deep roster with many good maxed and geared characters !
  6. Hollis

    Hollis Skipl0rd GL Player

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  7. Krauser

    Krauser New Member

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    This game is particulary generous with F2P people, I do save gems for my favourite heroes (or villians) and use tickets with everyone else that can be useful.

    Managed to get several ex,15 and 35 that way.
  8. GeeMy

    GeeMy New Member GL Player

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    You shouldnt.
    I was in the same spot, when Cloud/Shantotto banner came out. Everyone has their Ex, i was low on gems and tickets, so couldnt afford them. I waited like 3 months of full hoarding (while enjoying the meta as well). I miss all the EXs, i've done all of the possible missions, pull on the free banners and when the new year has come, i started using lots of tickets and only a predetermined amount of gems. I know it's also a matter of luck, but you must not feel guilty for not hoarding, on the contrary, trying is the only way of enjoying the game. There is no, right or wrong ways of playing this game, but sure you do must planning you future step according to your favourite character and ofc some parts of the meta. The game gives you a lot, and you are free to do whatever you want. If you feel that now you are in a disadvantage position, then try to hoard, but do not despair.
    Yeah, i do lost some of my fav character exs. Rem, Squall, Bartz and Agrias. But i do get an important number of EXs as well, also nothing is lost, we'll get another chance to get them in a more evolved part of the game.
    Don't get to stressed for the meta! We are all here to help each other as well as we can.

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