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Greetings everyone!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ArtoriasTheAbysswalker, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Hi guys the name is Artorias. Yeah that boss that gave you nightmares back in ds 1 xD Anyway, i'm newish to dffoo and i seek immediate help to progress(due to banners coming and leaving) in this game cause i find it quite complex and not similar with other gachas that i have played. Thanks in advance and best of luck everyone.
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    Hello :)

    Depending on what newish level you are, and if you want some reading:

    If youd like some tips:
    1. Most all characters have 3 gold weapons. A 15 cp, which affects their first skill. A 35 cp, which affects their second, unlockable skill at Crystal level 20. And a 70 cp(EX) that adds a third skill. A character 90% of the time needs all 3 skills unlocked. You need 4 copies of one weapon to fully limit break it and reach its max level. Once fully leveled and broken(MLB), you can sell it for 4 powerstones. You can also sell duplicate weapons for 1 powerstone. 4 powerstones equals 1 limit break. Once MLB, the weapons skill will unlock which you can equip, allowing you to have all skills at once.

    2. if you havent started doing summon boards, you have 2 days left before bonuses end for 2 months. You need to get a summon to level 20 to unlock its Ultimate stage. The easiest way to get a summon to 20 is farming its trials on the level 30 stage for low materials, and level 60 for high materials.

    3. Dont use gems to summon unless you have 75k. 75k gets you 300 G tokens, or a pity. You can get a ex.

    If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask ^_^

  3. I have:

    Woff Twins 15 1 lb,35 1 lb

    Yuri 15 35

    Sherlotta 15 1 lb 35

    Trey 15 70

    Cater 15 35 70

    Rem 15

    Aranea 15 2 lb

    Ignis 35 70

    Lightning 70

    Eald 15 2 lb 35

    Beatrix 15 70

    Garnet 15 35 70

    Quistis 15 70

    Squall 70

    I have currently 75k gems. So i would like to ask which would be the best banner to pull right now. I didn't start as some guides that i randomly found online as suggested/recommended with mlb stuff so i'm looking for the best options available and how should i progress towards the next era as a beginner player since it's more expensive and more difficult as well.

    I have never pulled anywhere apart from beginner pull i tried to collect gems around but i missed banners and now i feel out of the loop most of the stuff has come via tickets which i don't know if that move was good or not.

    I have completed up to chapter 3 on normal. A little start from chapter 4.

    LC Wise:

    Sherlotta all in normal some parts on hard Cater all in normal most parts on hard Garnet all in normal haven't touched hard

    Summon wise Ifrit 11 Alexander 21 all the rest nothing

    I focused on building Garnet 70/70 to help me with aoe attacks and Cater so far 70/70 as well.

    Apart from gacha pulling i would like if it isn't very hard to tell me other moves that i should focus on doing to try to catch up if possible. I plan to be real f2p in the game without knowing if it's doable or not. Thanks in advance.

    P.S I don't see many people around so are there enough people to help me or not here?

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