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Discussion in 'Rants & Accomplishments' started by Radical, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. David Squall

    David Squall Member

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    @Evil Crusader I see what you mean, but still, that could work even better with a more convenient money-gems balance. I mean, not only whales would buy gems, but also medium spenders. I'm afraid this game lacks of a hierarchical structure of spenders: that is, only whales can buy gems, and the other players are free to play. If it would be worth, I would definitely buy some gems, and other players likewise. But at present, I am discouraged. Nevertheless, I'm grateful I can play for free at a competitive level. This is the great thing about this game.

    @Radical I'm sorry about that. It definitely seems that you pulled for many bad banners. On my side, I did the same mistake at the beginning, but luckily I realized pretty soon that I should have spent my gems on specific, well-thought targets. Some people on this forum helped me a lot, as well as looking at Altema and Dissidia Database, that gave me a precise idea of what the future will bring us and of which are the units that will be strong for a long time.
  2. LuckyStar

    LuckyStar King of Reroll

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    JP 985 766 448
    Let me clarify my point here, because everyone is right, but no one to the point!

    I want to give Square Enix the money they deserve. They make a really cool game, and if they have some money, they make it better. I enjoy giving money for the time I spend well.

    There is nothing to buy that would be worth the money. Because buying 5k gems for so-much-money is no good, 5k gems is fucking nothing. It doesn't feel like a purchase, it feels like a donation. Which is alright, but it could've been done better.

    Let them keep the gem price the way it is, it was their initial business plan or something, everyone who can put themselves in SE shoes would probably understand that things can be very difficult to change. Just like politics.

    However, introduce some paid SKINS, GARBS, OUTFITS, or maybe 1 week long 2x exp boosts, or really whatever.

    Introduce some something parallel to the gem system.

    Just do something about it. Because as it stands now, the price of gems is rather unpleasable to look at, and it doesn't take a business genius to prove that.
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  3. Evil Crusader

    Evil Crusader Member

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    Let's just say that sadly, it's conventional industry knowledge at this point.

    The next round of Gem deals will have the Vaan skin affixed to the 30 €/$ pack.
  4. Chrisb160583

    Chrisb160583 New Member

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    So these last few days with the release of Yuffie's EX I've been grinding hard to get gems for draws, 50,000 to be exact. Every single draw I got at least one chocoblade and in all those draws I got one single weapon for Yuffie, and not a single EX. I've had quite a few EX drops to date but this one just seems to have pissed me off the most, partly because Yuffie is a favourite of mine, and partly because of the sheer amount of grinding I had to do to get those damn gems, I'm not rich, I can't just throw money at the game, and it genuinely frustrates and sometimes angers me.....

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