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G'day, whos up for a spot of tea?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Mupjup, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Mupjup

    Mupjup New Member GL Player

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    Why hello everyone, its nice to finally find my way into this forum thanks to Hiromura and nice to find this community since I started playing DFFOO just about 2 months ago xD.
    The names Mupjup, I come from the land of England.
    I play alot of RPG's and sometimes shooters, but I enjoy most Final Fantasies and also play Pokemon games such as Pokemon GO and delving into Masters.
    I am a part time streamer looking for work currently but hoping to make something of myself one day in streaming as I really enjoy it and hope others enjoy my content also ^^.
    If anyone is interested in what I do you can catch me at https://www.twitch.tv/mupjup
    I am abit of a grinder and have enjoyed streaming and playing DFFOO so far since the Golbez banner, I must say most of my pulls have been fairly lucky so far which has helped \o/.
    Thank you for letting me pop in and so I thought I best come and say hi ^^.
  2. belovedchaos1

    belovedchaos1 Just a lady who loves gaming GL Player

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    GL - 460265907
    Welcome to the forums! There is a ton of help on here if ever needed.
  3. RyuCloud1

    RyuCloud1 New Member

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    Hiro made me do it, months ago. But i finally decided to join after realizing that its the community that makes this game all worth while.

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