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For the love of God please somebody help me in this damned game!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by ArtoriasTheAbysswalker, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Hey guys i seriously need a lot of help in this game. Anyone around who is more experienced in the game to tell me what to do? It's so damn confusing and even i wrote on reddit but apparently people don't wanna help me or something. Their replies are quite inaccurate and don't make a lot of sense so in a few words:

    I'm stuck in a loophole cannot pass ex quests i have done up to chapter 3 on normal.

    Ifrit is 20,Alex is 22(i couldn't beat 50 i passed it with revive),Shiva is currently levelling up.

    Now i have:

    Squall 70 90(LD)

    Lightning 70

    Garnet 15 35 70

    Cater 15 35 70

    Quistis 15 70

    Trey 15 70

    Ignis 35 70 (if i remember correctly 35 has a dupe)

    Beatrix 15 70

    Tifa 35 70

    No mlb stuff i started the game without knowing about it and honestly the game is quite hard and confusing(i started in garnet banner). Unlike most games i have played you reroll on something right away and you start. In dffoo to properly reroll you must max a banner and then move to the next one but you must be fast as well cause time is pressuring you. I was really undecisive thinking how important that x unit is and i lost most banners(along with reddit confusion). I rerolled with Lightning,Squall,Cater(lc clear for 15) and Garnet(lc clear for 15). Ignis is with free pull,beatrix with 30 tix,Tifa+Squall LD with 35 tix(all that i had today),Quistis+Trey 35-40 tix (plus lc clear) and aranea 20 tix+5k gems. Any ideas if i can continue and i can be fixed or it is beyond repair? This era is definitely way more expensive have heard a few things on jp about mog system which doesn't seem that f2p friendly and i happen to be a real f2p so i don't know can i still play and progress or am i wasting my time?

    My current thoughts right now are: If it can be fixed to pull for ami(force pity) and if deuce is good/helpful not viable/struggle and needs carry for content but more like meta then to aim for there with an extremely small chance of squall bt(not sure if squall equipment is there as well) and from then we will see. No worries about anything be honest,blunt cause right now the situation couldn't be more desperate and i didn't know that this game isn't very beginner friendly neither that you need to play all the time(i happen to play other games as well so my time for dffoo is limited). Also serious question how really f2p friendly is it when it requires you to pull almost all the time? Thanks in advance.
  2. Callos

    Callos That guy that did that thing GL Player

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    Well #1 to beat EX and up stages, your characters need all their weapon passives(15, 35 and 70), need to be 70/70(level and Crystal Level) and need to be current on summoning boards. Start with the Mog quests if you havent done them already.

    I would toss any tickets you get at either Squall banner and pray to hit his 15 & 35 cp weapons(unless you have some weapon tokens). Really if nothing you have is MLB, any gold thats not a EX, LD or Burst or a weapon for your main 3 you could sell for powerstones. Your 3 best characters are Squall if you can get his other weapons, Garnet and Cater. Id skip Amidatelion and save for Noctis's Burst. Ami is great, but she's a little close and I dont know your resource situation. Noctis is a month+ away giving you time to get a serious pity amount together.

    The game is incredibly f2p friendly. I myself play a few games, nothing matches DFFOO. Its true starting out its daunting, but most gacha games are. But no game I know hands out roughly $500 worth of in game currency a month, consitently every month. True you need to be able to beat content, but its there if you can. I missed game launch by 4 months or so. Im f2p, have pitied banners 6 times(so 450k+) and have 66 EX+ between 0/3 and 3/3. But if your f2p, you have to pick and choose your targets, you cant always get everything in 20 tickets or 1 multi. This game is 90% luck driven, just like any other gacha.

    Best place to quickly level characters(and gold) - Golden Cacutar Sunday daily quest
    Best place for power orbs/guard orbs - any coop token shop

  3. I have done both mog gym. Characters that have 70/70 right now are Squall,Garnet and Cater. Tickets currently are ultra low something like 6 or 7. Nothing is mlb. Currently i have 83k gems. I don't honestly know how much f2p friendly it is i have played and still playing very f2p friendly games like dokkan but the main difference that i saw is in opera omnia you need to pull a ton almost every banner and expand your roster while in dokkan there are farmable units that you can use instead of gacha ones and they are quite good hence to not make it luck driven all the time. Here in dffoo a unit without weapon is like not having it basically plus starting without any resources to reroll makes it harder since you need to massively pull on one banner to basically start(the recommended way that people say). I didn't started recommended as you can see and this era is way strange and basically i'm on a loop.

    Looking forward to what should i do and what should i aim for based on my box. I don't care about likings a lot since most of the units that i like are considered really bad or pray for an ld to be out of the bench position so i won't bother with favorites and aim what i can do with meta wise characters or characters that can help me a lot. One more thing that i noticed in this game either they never bothered or they don't have it on their minds is that as you said beginner is daunting and that can be repelling instead of attracting players.

    So far imo some rewards are laughable for instance when i know i'm playing a game that doesn't have step ups or discounts in multis and i get 100 gems per day is super low. I don't see the 75k per month that people are talking about all my gems are through farming nothing was rewarded to me except 3k via stream which isn't even a multi. In a month 30x100=3000 gems via login in. I also think that some stuff like chocoboards should give slightly more stuff upon completion stuff like 5 tickets feels quite weird imo. Other things that i found weird is de rewards which people told me it counts as end game content and instead of putting it in the player tab to have it as an aim you put it time limited. Anyway, if there is a way to get out of the current situation i would like to hear about it. I have heard some good things prior coming to this game but right now i will be blunt i'm not seeing any of them i have the patience but i don't think i will be lucky in all upcoming banners to have it easy especially in an era that is way way harder and way more expensive. Not sure if i started at a wrong time either. Thanks in advance.
  4. Muffin

    Muffin Member GL Player

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    How much about the game do you know, about equipment, summons, etc.? And are there any questions regarding that? I think that's the best place to start.

    You said you worked up to about act 3 of the story. I highly recommend completing as much story as possible to stockpile a plethora of gems. There's also Lost Chapters and Summon Boards as well. As you progress through story, you'll unlock more summons and more characters as well, as every character is unlocked via an in-game event, their Lost Chapter, or tied to the story. You can also immediately unlock a character if you get any of their weapons.

    What I noticed also is you have a decent starting roster of characters. Decent DPS and some decent support characters. If you need help clearing some content, later on after you've expanded your roster and resources, we can help you sort that out.

    My biggest advice I can give to you is don't rush content you can't properly clear yet. It will more than likely kill your interest in the game. DFFOO is very time focused and you have to be willing to put in quite a bit of effort to clear some of the highest content in the game.
    If you have any questions you can contact me and I'd be more than willing to help.

  5. I know about weapons and mlb stuff i don't know greatly about ld+bt i think you max ld with ps and after you sell and you only keep ex+ and bt something like that but not 100% sure. Summons i know about summon levelling and boards and enchament boards(almost all including garnet i try to at least collect 5k even if it's extremely hard for me despite coop being weird sometimes) i did ifrit 20 level obviously my team isn't good for sb farming so i will continue to grind and open the rest of summons until i'm strong enough to grind sb. Yeah about story i can do but not sure how much to keep some gems for rainy day. I find the game immensly hard to pull almost all the time and do everything on time along with boosted characters and all that stuff. The current main problems are:

    1)As a real f2p how should i approach a gacha that needs you to pull almost all the time along with dupes? And how do i know if character good for my box or bad and i need to skip? I also heard that this era is more difficult and more expensive along with jp update that is coming which makes it even more p2p(i'm talking about the guaranteed orange ones) let alone the mog passes to make grind faster and get you bt weapons.

    2)As far as progressing goes do i need to only do story and summons? What else can i do? Crystal farming x2 went away and now crystals are way harder to gather unfortunately. From blue ones i can open up to 70 trey or aranea no idea which one to choose. From red ones i can do either ignis or beatrix from purple ones i did squall. From yellow i did cater and i need some more for someone else like lightning or quistis from green i have done garnet back when i started.

    3)I know that i started in a bad way/not recommended way with mlb stuff. I don't know if i started at a bad time which seems so due to the era being even more harder and more expensive so is there any hope or not at all and wasting my time?

    4)Time in this game pressures a lot i don't play dffoo only so it's not that easy so any recommedations that you can provide? I don't have op teams to run around with books and unlike the exp books that the game loves to give you(although i think most of them are useless xD) if i use a book for items and i'm not fast enough i practically waste it don't i?

    Thanks in advance also i won't bother with reddit they don't answer my questions neither help me basically it's because of them i'm in that confused/loophole position for misguiding me. Also i enter here regularly but the chat doesn't seem very alive neither the community unfortunately. I avoid discord cause it was too crowded and most of them was like talking with 14 years old and spamming emojis after each word they said let alone instead of helping they conflict with each other making your decisions more difficult lol.
  6. Nvisible

    Nvisible New Member

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    patience is key with this game. i bought a kupo card ($15usd) back when it was first introduced, but other than that, i've been f2p since. just grind and the game will reward you (over-abundantly if you're a hoarder).
    currently you are sitting on a gem mine by not having cleared the story mode. regularly check your "Missions" tabs to see what rewards you can acquire. every quest, check those missions and "Scores" tabs so you can "Complete" the quest instead of just "Cleared". some stages reward crystals along with upgrade mats and gems.
    use Dissidia Points to buy some Cycle Quest Keys to farm crystals, use support item Book of Treasure or Tome of Treasure to speed that up, they are not a waste, there will be more. use Dissidia Points to buy some of the higher ranked crystals you don't get from cycle quests.
    heavily rely on Friends in this game. check those friend list tabs often. make sure your support character is top notch and always updated anytime you upgrade them. when you use your friends in battle, it sends them Gil the next day they log in. you will receive Gil when friends use your support, so make sure your support is always appealing to use. request some friend id from some of the higher rank players, follow/favorite them for 5 turns of use, and they can carry you through tougher stages, no shame in that lol.
    any pressure you feel from this game comes solely from yourself. the events and banners are cycling fast cause of a schedule they're trying to meet. in time, you'll see many events come back around and those items will either remain available or come back around later. most banners will have a sort "bias" for you or not, test each one to find its its tendency, and then decide if you think "it" is gonna happen for you or not. if you absolutely need to be meta, then embrace the pressure and go all in. if you want to grind about 30min a day to relieve the rest of real life's pressures, then you will actually enjoy this game.

  7. Hoarder or not i must move on cause i will keep missing rewards and obviously the income will be much less and i don't know anyone unless they are masochist to always keep losing or observing content to pass over them all the time. I said book of treasure a waste because i'm not fast enough as a result the income will be much less that's what i meant. Support char don't expect top notch when i'm in a very strange position with a future not looking that good so i cannot put anything crazy and most of the time it will be ignored since other beginners start with the recommended way and have mlb stuff. It's not what i want it's that i need to be meta the current era is the worst from all in terms in difficulty and expensive and i think as a beginner i need to aim for not viable or benched but meta chars which will help me fav or viable can come later after i have a roster than can clear stuff that's what i think. Also if my comment above wasn't very clear to you i'm trying to make some progression.
  8. Muffin

    Muffin Member GL Player

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    Dupes are mainly an issue when you start up. Once you Max LMB an item, you can re-sell it to get 4 Power Stones back (weapons). Once you have a starting roster to help you push through most content, you won't need to worry or rely on pulling more than any 1 weapon at a time. Due to you being F2P, this is even more important. You will want to plan rather strategically on who you want to pull and who you want to max before even doing so.

    Under the Token Exchange, they added a Power Stone exchange that allows you to trade-in power stones for any previously released 15 or 35 CP weapons. This will be your best friend, and you should plan accordingly.

    To figure out the general strengths and weaknesses of certain characters, firstly I would ask around here. Many knowledgeable players that have been playing since release or shortly after.

    Secondly, you can refer to this site: Altema Tier List!

    Yes, the website is in Japanese, but you really only need to look at the "evaulation" score tab on the far right (you can translate with Google Chrome). This should give you a better understanding of how the Japanese meta is and what types of meta characters you can plan on pulling for.

    Thirdly, I recommend this site also: https://dissidiadb.com/
    You can get a breakdown of every character released, and it has both Global and Japanese tabs if you wanted to look at future characters. Great reference to use if you're not quite sure on how a character works or interacts.

    Lastly, I recommend these two resources: http://dissidiainfo.com/call-to-arms/c2a-list/
    c2a - Call to Arms - will help you clear content with detailed team layouts and strategies.
    https://www.tonberrytroupe.com/home - Tonberry troupe has been covering DFFOO for a long while and is basically a huge info dump you can use on multiple resources, with wonderful character breakdowns included!

    To start off, all of the characters you mentioned but Ignis are DPS, with Beatrix being a dps/support mix. I would try to focus on one or two supports to supplement your DPS until you can pool more resources later. If you can list me off some EX weapons you've pulled and some 15/35CP weapons, we can sort this out at some point.

    Due to this game being progression and knowledge based, eventually you will reach end-game content. I highly advise not trying to rush the content because there are many aspects of the game you still need to learn, farming to complete and progression to be made outside of just doing Cosmos and Chaos content. There is nothing wrong with testing out some of the harder content to see if you CAN clear it, but learning more about the game, useful team compositions and overall general knowledge will be needed in order to progress.

    To get the most out of your books, I recommend putting some investment into characters that can farm quickly. You said you pulled Squall and for now that is fine. Squall will be a perfectly fine farmer. Is he the quickest? No. Is he efficient at what he does? Absolutely.

    As I've stated, this game is all about time. Don't let time restraints and the overwhelming amount of content hold you down from playing DFFOO, and most importantly don't let it frustrate you. This game is fun even if it's only casually. It's not about clearing the hardest content on release, especially when you're still very new to the game. Enjoy the game, farm up, learn the mechanics and team compositions. Once you're that familiar, then you can begin the end-game content. At the end of the day just let it be for your enjoyment.

    If there's anything I missed, feel free to contact me here or via DM and I'll be more than happy to help.

  9. I'm honestly fed up with the game the progress is very minimal and all the time it requires tons of gacha luck let alone pulling in all banners and the upcoming ones are weird cause they feature 1-2 good and they other super bad let alone requiring you to pull even more to have ld and a tiny chance for bt lol. They told me to spend some tickets i spend 10 more and i got Steiner EX who i don't give a damn honestly(i don't know where squall weapons are) plus he is bad as well but anyway.

    The list of the current weapons i have are(i will list all including 15 and 35 although i doubt they matter but anyways):

    Woff twins 15 1 lb 35 1 lb
    Yuri 15 1 lb 35
    Sherlotta 15 1 lb 35
    Trey 15 1 lb 70
    Cater 15 35 70
    Rem 15 (tutorial)
    Aranea 15 2 lb 70
    Ignis 35 1 lb 70
    Lightning 70
    Fran 15
    Eald 15 2 lb 35
    Seymour 15
    Auron 15 1 lb 35
    Tidus 15
    Beatrix 15 70
    Garnet 15 35 70
    Steiner 15 70
    Raijin 15 1 lb
    Quistis 15 70 1 lb
    Squall 15 70 1 lb LD
    Cait Sith 15
    Tifa 35 70
    Cloud 15 2 lb

    PS Wise 15

    The main point is progress i don't care about liking and especially in such a hard era the characters that i like unfortunately are considered really bad in this game hence why i made this post to aim for meta and progress. From what i understand the game is really bad for beginners and especially those who begin in this new era or close like me let alone the fact that i started non recommended makes it almost impossible. While the game is not as old as others i think that it gets worse the later you start since it seems there aren't probably any qol for beginners ever being made(knowing se mobile game past i can say they are pretty bad on this part while in the console games they feel like a completely different company but anyways). The overwhelming advantage that day 1 players have seems impossible to reach under legal methods in this game and while you said time doesn't matter a lot it is slightly inaccurate due to the fact that you continue lose gem income. I read the gem income post on reddit the other day and i don't know if that guy gets the numbers randomly but i doubt i get that much in fact i get maybe 5-10k per month at max now which is hardly 1 multi. While i lost already 30k(don't count ingots) and will probably lose them again because i doubt i will be ready the next time it comes around. I don't see any idea how to progress where to pull and if i have any chance for the future or i'm really doomed and waste my time. But muffin if you please mind and have time get to the point what to do step by step cause right now no joke this is one of the worst gacha games i have ever played i feel no fun doing something without any impact. I definitely cannot enjoy a game where i lose almost all the time imo. I don't expect to reach end game content in a month but neither in 5 years. I don't think ex counts as end game content also noone told me(not here on reddit) that i needed to keep pulling had some good ticket luck and skipping actually didn't help me in fact it created many chars which cannot do anything and all that because when i asked about recommedations in gacha and planning i got no answer time was passing and since i had no knowledge i had to do something. My questions were simple without too much stuff so i could do it step by step but now i may be playing a dead account despite having resources around cause there are too many banners to choose from and i have too many half built chars some good some bad but half built is half built. Let alone i'm not playing dffoo only neither i'm a person without life or i do nothing. I was just trying to find a balance between all that stuff and understanding the game well. Hence i asked for their recommedations. But anyways time doesn't go back only in front so whatever happens happens if se wants to disappoint me again they would do it they have done it 4 times in the past already with Guardian Cross,Deadman Cross,Guardian Codex and Mobius so it won't change anything really.
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  10. Wolvie

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    The others who have commented here thus far has everything I would think of saying here covered. As much as I would want to add something else to this, anything I would have added here wouldn't be original. I apologise in advance for this.

  11. First of all it's a game no need to apologize. Secondly every opinion matters pretty sure your point of view will help regardless if original or not at the current position anything helps so if you don't mind throw it. I think everyone's opinion is important so go ahead if you have time. Also for my comment in your profile sorry if i interrupted you from something important. As i see the community around here doesn't seem very active so it's all good. Thanks for taking your time replying to me.
  12. Muffin

    Muffin Member GL Player

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    Apologies for not replying sooner.

    The best thing I can recommend to you is what was stated earlier, work on story content, work on Lost Chapter content, and level up your summons. Lost Chapters and Summon boards have Chaos quests you can clear for Fragments of Ruin's and Refuge's Mysteries, to make books for Realizing weapons and armors.

    When it comes to pulling on banners, you have plenty of resources you can use to determine if the characters on banner are worth pulling for with your limited gem pool. Save your tickets for something you really want. I highly recommend you ask around about banners here to see if anything fits with your current characters and if you need something in the future for Chaos clears. Seriously dig into the character roster you have and figure out what their abilities do and how they synergize with different teams and setups. If you have a question about a specific character, we're more than gladly to help here.

    Beatrix, Ignis or Cait Sith - Choose one of these to be your main support and you should be set to clear a good majority of content until you build up more resources and can realize equipment. If you're struggling on who to pick, I can make a comparison on each character and what they do.

    The last thing I'm going to say is, again, don't let the game overwhelm you. If you simply end up not liking the game, there's nothing wrong with that. But I'm more than happy to help until you make that decision.

    If you would like my Friend Code to help with clearing some content, let me know and I'll post it here.

  13. Hmm.... your recommedation is good but as i explained above i don't have mlb stuff which means i cannot tackle any content not even ex with my current units so right now only some story and summon board i have no idea if i can for the alexander one i couldn't do it back then and i needed to revive 3 times to pass the mission just for clearing the 50(not the complete one of course). In terms of coop which seems a bit weird it takes long to play it since i'm not strong enough to play the latest difficulty and i often find no members around unless it has only low difficulty.

    I don't think i have a lot of options honestly the later i build up the account the more resources i keep losing and the less progress i do i already lost 30k and almost going to lose another 30k as well(60 if they do an intented glitch like they did on japan for de rewards) and when lufenia comes that would be even more so it won't be a game to enjoy playing but rather a game you observe aka dead. Right now i seem to have started in a bad time and the era is quite difficult as well let alone more expensive and relies in even more luck since it requires you to pull almost everywhere chasing two banners instead of one along with getting the good one from the whole batch.

    Cait sith that you mentioned doesn't have 70 he is already out of question. Beatrix has and Ignis but they are different cause beatrix is magic attacker+situational tank and ignis is a main support. I should have summoned here a forced pity with those 3 i would be able to do some progress unlike here having nothing and risking my whole account future on ami which is really 1/3 since the rest of chars seem quite bad.

    It's not that i don't like or hate the game but from the 100 good things that i hear all the time 5 are true and i experience them. Noone talks about how hard for a beginner it is to start so it got me thinking that either players go illegal way(botting/macro or buy accounts online ready to avoid the whole beginner part after all i have seen some similar to mine have characters that have passed way before) or full whale. Right now it feels weird i see other new players having mlb stuff and doing things instead of nothing (maybe one of the big reasons i don't get many friends and ignored in coop). Everyone says how f2p friendly it is but noone speaks that you literally everytime you need to pray and go well in gacha since all your account future is based on those summons. It's a gacha game that you very rarely back off. A veteran can since they have 50+ purple chars but a beginner cannot no matter what since there is nothing behind. In terms of progressing i don't know if it's me and neither i can play 24/7 and some things take a ton to complete like i mentioned the example in coop which could take over an hour or two which btw i found the coop method quite outdated no way to dodge stallers you have to wait for some time since you cannot join rooms or anything it does it all automatically to avoid trolls e.t.c but it is sure minimal and i don't see a lot of things. I started at garnet banner and up until now apart from clearing a very few lc in normal and levelling some summons i haven't done anything and comparing the players around seems i don't do nothing. The game doesn't feature anything farmable like farm up chars and seem to rely a ton in pulling which i find it weird to call it very f2p friendly basically if you don't pull you cannot do anything cause you need to pull and farm to build the char unlike other games that i have played.

    As far as resource and stuff go i don't know if numbers are inflated or something but i don't see not even 1/10 of them.

    TLDR i have built an army of many incomplete chars without doing any progress at all and as a result i'm quite stuck. Again i will say it i have never found a game as anti beginner as this one ever before. Apparently the company doesn't seem to care about beginners or never thought of making qol about the whole starting.

    Some things like that definitely repel people from the game in my opinion. I keep hearing a lot of good things all the time but i don't see them so something is definitely fishy there.

    About the reddit i wanna put one more additional thing don't know if it's all dffoo playerbase thing or something but just because i'm a beginner or others are beginners it doesn't mean that veteran players should have revenge on them just because they may had a hard start which i don't see since the game was going along with them they didn't had to catch up anything but anyways. I don't see it as a cosmetic game so the want and favorite i don't think imo it matches especially as a beginner who searches around for chars to clear content and NOT viable or chars that struggle to clear content by requiring a roster which a beginner lacks.

    P.S About pulling which i forgot and i apologize for that i saw the banner forecast and it makes decisions even harder like here Ami good rest bad so chasing a very particular in a banner is quite hard even if pity.

    That's what i think.
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  14. EDIT:

    Don't bother with the thread anymore guys. I'm sorry for all the trouble i have caused i left the game for good prior uninstalling i made a 75k on ami got both deuce and layle but none of ami's main weapons(i mean neither ld neither ex) since i had 95k i went all in didn't matter anymore for me and still didn't saw any of them hahahaha. No worries guys and i wish you all the best!
  15. Nvisible

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    all those G-Tokens...
  16. Ryudo

    Ryudo Waifus VIP GL + JP Player

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    That happens.

    When Squall's BT came in JP I had to spend 200k gems to pity both his LD and BT. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't. :P

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