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Chase guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Leprechaun, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Leprechaun

    Leprechaun Worst RNG king GL Player Worst RNG King

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    Hello everyone!
    With Layle EX out I think it's time to write a full guide to Chase for whoever pulled it.

    If up to now you thought chases were random... Well, I'm sorry but that's not it. Chases are basic arithmetic, just addition and subtractions... And a division if you're using Layle.

    Why do we need to chase enemies?
    Chases charge faster your summons, have a bonus on your brv/hp damage and it's free hp damage! With one turn you can HP attack 3 times! Win faster with higher score!

    Yeah sounds beautiful. But cons?
    Cons: long animation, you're going to kill bad launchers when you pop a book... And you need to know maths.

    When you chase an enemy all the next characters in turn order will be able to deal an hp or brv attack!
    And if they have a brv+ ability available they will use that instead for higher brv gain! (They won't use HP+ tho :( )

    First of all: to chase an enemy you must reach a fixed CU value.
    These CU are different for every enemy with a range from 8 to 50.
    Check CU for enemies you have to fight.

    Now, every action you take during a turn that hit an enemy will set 3 CU (Selphie Wall i.e. don't set CU because there is no hit on enemy ) while at the end of every turn the counter loses 1CU.
    Launching an enemy will reset CU to 0.

    An example: I'm using Squall Selphie and Cloud against 2 iron giant.
    Iron giant needs 20CU to launch.

    Squall uses solid barrel+ hitting both enemies. Both now have 2CU (3 because they both are hit - 1 because a turn is gone)

    Selphie uses wall. Both giant now have 2CU (0Cu because I didn't hit an enemy, - 1 because a turn is gone)

    Cloud uses Cross Slash against Iron giant B. Now giant A has 1CU, while iron giant B has 4.

    As you see it can take a while to launch (it's possible to win without even launching an enemy!) expecially against bosses with high CU.

    The game helps with dedicated chasers like Zidane, Dark Knight Cecil, Cloud.
    Whenever you see "initiate a chase" it means that ability set 50CU on enemy. Easy, no math needed.

    And then... There is Layle
    and Relm with Pandemonium summon

    Layle has guaranteed chase on his EX, but his whole kit revolves around Chase mechanic.

    Field debuff: halves all current and max CU on enemy. This is the only division you have to make.

    Energy Gain: this skill (with 35cp passive) deal 18CU instead of usual 3!

    Gae Bolg EX ability: this ability gives Layle the framed buff Clavatian Heart that, along with atk/brv grants all abilities 3 more CU when used party aura!

    If you equip pandemonium summon ans have Relm, her sketch will set 12CU instead of 3.

    Here we go!

    Atlas i.e. Has 50 CU (the highest) with field debuff you halved those to 25, and a clavatian enhanced energy gain will set 21! Almost a whole launch! This means the next person will for sure launch the enemy! (21-1 = 20 CU, any ability that hit the enemy used on next turn will set 6 more, enough for a chase!)

    Pandemonium summon

    Pandemonium is a summon who is made for chases.
    While chasing it increase brv and hp damage by 15% more and when you summon it, all CU you set are doubled!

    That's all folks :) Now you know how to chase for high hp damage and score :D
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2019
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  2. Dragoni24

    Dragoni24 Active Member GL + JP Player

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    add Tifa , Fang to chasers ;)
  3. Leprechaun

    Leprechaun Worst RNG king GL Player Worst RNG King

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    I said like, didn't write a full list :D and they add chasers in future as well like Caius :D
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  4. Epsilon

    Epsilon Mogglesguard GL Player

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    England, UK
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    532342688 - GL
    This is an irrelevant tangent but omg I didn’t know about Caius being released! Hype!

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