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Cecil Ex

Discussion in 'General' started by Sorwen, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Sorwen

    Sorwen New Member

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    I started playing again a while back. Cecil is one of my favorite FF characters, so I started saving again in case his Ex came up. 50 tickets netted me a lot of his 15 cp weapon that I had already maxed and a few of the 30 also already maxed. The first 25k the same as well as multiple copies of Balthier's Ex weapon(enough to max it and then some) and pulled one of Setzers. Farmed and pulled every 5k until the last one would give me enough to pity pull it. And on that last 5K I pulled it. :|

    I hate you too RNG, I hate you too. It is very much mutual.
  2. Leprechaun

    Leprechaun Worst RNG king GL Player Worst RNG King

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    Congratulations for your Pecil EX!

    If you really want an ex, un the future, I suggest to start saving: this game has a pity system. This means that, after a set # of pulls you are allowed to buy the weapon you want of the highest rarity.

    After 15 pulls (75k ;g) you get 200;gt you can use to buy an EX (or a LD in a couple of months)

    With ticket, on average, you should get an ex every 200/250;t

    In a couple of months as well, after 25 multi (125k ;g) you get 500;gt you can use to buy a Burst

    It may seem a lot but this game is quite generous with currency.
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  3. Wolvie

    Wolvie Just a royal weirdo VIP GL Player

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    The thing with the upcoming LD/BT Era, the best rates are per multi pull (it's kind of hinted at already as the bigger rates are in the () when you get info on the rates) as opposed to tickets, which Global can legally get away with certain aspects of who gets what (lack of legislation on loot boxes and microtransactions in most countries but that can change as the UK is looking into changing their existing gambling laws, alongside Spain wanting regulation on this).

    What this means that even with the change in the pull rates coming to Global (which also will come with a new update to the EX Weapon Shop), it comes down to individual RNG and luck. Some would be able to get EX Weapons left and right but others won't.
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