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Beginner Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Leprechaun, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Leprechaun

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    Hello, everyone!

    There may be new people joining us so... Why not writing a guide on... whatever I can think of about the game?
    I'll try to explain everything, so... this may be quite long :(

    1- The Game

    What is Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia?

    Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia (aka DFFOO) is a mobile game from the notorious franchise "Final Fantasy". In this game you control a team of 3 characters from your favourite games (unlike RK and BE there is no new character from this game) to clear events and story mode.
    Enjoy a whole new story with interactions between characters from different worlds!

    Is this game really free? Or have I to pay to proceed with story?

    Yes, this game is free to play, there are microtransaction tho (you know, servers are not free and developers have to eat).
    Microtransactions are not bad like other games, you can keep play without spending as just by playing this game!

    But if I want to build a party of my favourites I have to pay, right?

    No, you don't! In this game you get your characters just by playing story chapters... or their own events! And if you lose that character event... don't worry! It'll come back in a permanent event!

    If you play the gl version you have a great gift: clairvoyance! You know what characters are going to get their weapons (yes, just like rk you pull for weapons) and when, so you can save for them!

    Wait... you said rk... This means I have to chase a weapon and not getting it? I don't like it.

    No. This game knows people doesn't like to gamble without a reward, so... If you saved for your favourite and didn't get his majestisc weapon... you can buy it! (read more in "Shop")

    I can buy weapons... without real money?


  2. Leprechaun

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    2 - Main Screen

    Once you clear the tutorial you'll get to the main screen (Home):


    This is what you see everytime you open the game, I set a number to explain the elements you see:

    1- Friend Tab: Here you can see your friends or add new friends.

    Followers: People who is asking you to become friends, only the right moogle is lit
    Following: People you are asking to become friend, only left moogle is lit
    Friends: You are follwing each other, both moogle are lit

    Search allows you to add a specific person to your following list. To do so you must input (or copy and paste from web) their ID number.

    2 - Your name. People will see this so be polite :)

    3 - Your Rank. This affect how many friends (max 300) and stamina (max 200) you can have. It increases by 1 for every 10 levels among your characters. When you increase your rank you refill your stamina and increase friend and stamina cap... and sometimes you complete a mission for ;g!

    4 - ;gil Gils. Just like in final fantasy games you earn gils by clearing missions, story quests, events. In this game you use these to pay some stuff, so be careful to not drain out! They caps at 9,999,999.

    5 - ;g Gems! The most important value! Save this as much as you can! It's used to pull weapons, buy stuff in the shop, refill stamina and bells and revive when you die! (the last one is not recommended but if you're an inch to clear a quest... why not? worth rewards)

    6- Bells. These are used to open coop rooms or getting rewards from coop (I'll explain later)

    7- Settings: Here you can change some settings on your game.

    User Data:

    Copy ID allows you to copy your id number to paste it in forums or messages and get more friends!

    Change name allows you to change your name. Easy. Again, please, be polite :)

    Change support is the most important. This allows you to set one of your characters to help other players in their journey. We'll see later how to build a character, but there is one thing you must remember: Whatever you change on your characters doesn't get reflected on your support! If you get new passives or new weapons you must change the support as well!

    Edit message: a fun message or greetings to other people, please don't insult or brag :)

    Info: total ;g and their source (purchased with real money or acquired from the game). As it's written, remember that acquired gems (hence free gems from the game) are used first.

    Character Guide: brief explanation of characters if you don't already know them :)

    Edit Stickers: You can edit 4 rows of stickers (so 28 Max) to take with you in coop and "talk" to other players!

    Settings: graphics, power, sound settings. Here you can shut off notifications.

    Records: play store trophies.

    User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Copyright: Rules to how your data are being used and your behaviour with the game.

    Game Guide: Brief guides about the game. Like this one. But forum is better. ;kefkaty

    Data Backup: Your memory card... maybe this is too old. Ok, remember to link you game to facebook, google play or ios. If you don't link you may lose data if you change phone or get issues.

    Inquiries: Square Enix support center if you have troubles.

    Final Fantasy Portal App: An Ad app about square enix. Sometimes there is a point campaign about Opera Omnia and if you check enough news and play triple triad you earn points. When lot people collect enough points we get lot stuff... I don't recommend downloading that app tho.

    Batch Download: You download everything for a smooth game experience. I sugget to go back here everytime the game has an update. You'll get less loading time. Highly suggested.

    Title Screen: ...go to ...title screen?

    8 - News: Here you can read news about ongoing and coming events. Read them. It count for "do you read a lot" in surveys. "Yes, everyday"

    9 - Present box: Here you collect presents from login or SE gifts. Accept them in 90 days or they're gone!

    10 - Dissidia Points Shop: You get them with login, daily quest or coop exchange. You can buy stuff. Stickers are one time only, while other stuff resets weekly. Weekly Power orb is important, buy it.
    Dissidia Points Caps at 2000.

    11 - Token Exchange Kupo! Here you can go to every token shop: coop use different tokens everytime (always silver and gold tho) while with ;pt you can buy 15cp and 35cp weapons for every released character in the Weapon Token Exchange. Rule: Buying a weapon for a character you don't have doesn't grants you the character.
    ;at are used instead in Armor Token Exchange where you can buy armor for every released character. To buy the 2nd armor you must have the first one master limit broken.

    12 - Act 2 portal. This portal will take you to Act 2 of story. It will appear only when you unlock Act 2.

    13 - Characters. Here you can see your characters appearing, if you tap on them it will redirect to their equipment screen.

    14 - Here you can see and activate your support items. These items double or triple the exp, coins, drops (or all of them) for a set number of time

    15 - shortcut to ongoing event or a notice.

    16 - Chocoboard

    This board (or boards) are active for a set number of time, every panel will give you a reward. Cleared reward lists what you get when you clear lines (3 panels in a row) and all the board.

    17 - Main menu. Tap the arrow and it will slide to the game main menu:

    Home: take you back to home (closes menu)

    Friends: just like number 1

    Missions: active missions. There are 3 types:
    Dailies: these quest reset every day
    Player: these quests are permanent
    Events: these quests are active for a set number of time

    Token Exchange: number 11

    Party: takes you party screen. Under that there is your current party.

    Quests: go to quest menu

    Enhancement: Redirect to enhancement menu

    Shop: Open the shop

    18 - Tapping mog you can see all active events, draws and sales!
    It will shout some lines to remind you of some active events or game tips.

    This is all for the Home!

    Remember, loading screens have tips, read them!
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  3. Leprechaun

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    3 - Party Screen


    This is party menu, here you can build up to 10 different parties. You can set the same character in more than one party, but you can't have different equipment/passives for the same character in different parties. If you need to change them, you must do it before to enter quest.

    to build a party you choose one of the 10 and you drag 3 characters in the slots, then you can drag one of your summons (tap apposite tab) in its slot under the characters.

    If you have trouble finding the characters you need, you can use the filter (the green rectangle) to change order or filters.

    For every character here you can change their equiment, if you tap on their icon, you'll get their equipment screen (the very samen you get if you tap them in home screen)


    1 - Name and final fantasy they come from, level, crystal colour and level. The yellow symbol says how many summon boards the character has completed.

    Level: increases your stats, some levels can grants you passives that further increase your stats

    Crystal colour: It shows what crystal the character need to increase crystal level. Some quests require you to take a specific colour character.

    Crystal Level: increases your stats like level and grants you useful Passives. Enhancing crystal level is required to increase level (i.e. You can't level a character past 50 if you don't have a crystal level at least 51)

    2 - Character Base Stats

    These stats are the one game checks when going in a quest.

    HP: How much hp the character has. When reaches 0 character dies.
    Int Brv: Initial Brave, this indicates how much brv the character has when it begins a quest. Abilities an buffs that checks int brv check this number.
    Max Brv: The highest amount of brv a character can have. Abilities and buffs that checks Mbrv check this number.
    Atk: How much atk the char has. To deal high brv damage a char must overcome enemy defense with atk. Abilities and buffs that checks atk check this number.
    Def: How much def the char has. Def reduces brv damage taken. Abilities and buffs that checks defense check this number.
    Max CP: passive abilities cost CP. The more CP a character has, the more passive abilities can equip. Weapons, armors and some crystal levels increase cp limit.

    If you tap the arrow you can see better the stats:


    Base: Vanilla naked character with crystal level passives.
    Gear: equipped Weapons and Armors
    Passive: Passive abilities equipped
    Affinity: If a character wear equipment made for him/her they get a bonus to the gear stats named affinity
    Passive: all passives equipped

    3 - Weapon and armor. You can tap them to change the equipped gear. 5* Armors can be equipped only by the character they have on, just like 35cp and EXs. 15cp weapons can be equipped by anyone (unless they show a character. This means that the weapon can be equipped only by that character)

    4 - Equipped abilities. If you tap here you can change order or unequip abilities. Don't.

    5 - Passive abilities


    Abilities require CP as written on the right. The rectangle on the bottom screen is where artifact passives are saved. You can have up to 5 artifact passive saved, but you can equip only 3 of them even if you had enough cp for all.

    Remember: if you change equipment or passive to the char you set as a support, you have to change the support character as well in User Data!
    You can't equip the same weapon to more than one character!
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  4. Leprechaun

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    3 - Quest


    This is the place you'll see for most of your time :D
    Once you tap on quest you see the story map. Tap on the chapter to play. Once you finish all tiles of a chapter you unlock hard mode of that chapter and you'll see above the chapter, in the map "Cleared" if you completed easy mode but not hard mode; "Complete" if you clear hard mode as well.

    On the bottom you have three menu: Events, Lost Chapters and World of Illusion.

    Events: has the time limited events with many rewards or the cycle quest you can farm for crystals.

    The red number shows how long the event lasts.

    Character events like, in this pic, Lann&Reynn rewards as completion the character, 2 copies of their first armor and a copy of their first weapon (15cp) the coop signal means the event has a coop quest in it.

    cycle quest are different: only one is active a day, the other ones are locked with chains. You can use the cycle key (you can buy it with dissidia points) to open one locked quest for 30mins.
    Gold cactuar cycle gives less crystals... But more gil and exp!

    In cycle quest there is a chance for last wave to spawn a Flower cactuar. If defetead it gives lot of ;gil, shards and exp! Unfortunately, it has a bit more health than other enemies in cycle quest (not by much) and has high evasion. It will likely dodge your attacks.
    Enjoy the soundtrack tho :D

    When you enter a quest you see this window:
    You can select your party by tapping the arrows.
    Every quest has three missions, each one with a reward (you can clear them in different run if one team can't handle all of them)


    And a score mission. Score is calculated by damage done to enemies, damage taken, how many times you get broken and how many turns it took you to clear quest (the last three the less the better score)

    The last tab shows enemies you'll find in that quest

    Tapping one enemy will show you their weaknesses and resistances


    Blue arrow pointing down: weak to thar element or attack, more brv damage taken.
    Red arrow pointing up: resistant to that element or attack. Less brv damage taken.
    Double red arrow pointing up: High resistance to that element or attack. Very low brv damage inflicted.
    Cross: absorbed element, brv increase.

    You can then see the resistance to status the boss has and their attack list.

    Under the window, to begin your quest you can select solo or coop (some quest are available only in one mode).
    Remember: to get rewards you must clear quest in solo or as a host!

    Solo mode: you can select a friend and then begin quest (more about this in combat)

    Both moogles lit = you will be able to use friends for 5 turns
    No moogles or only one moogle lit = only 3 turns :(
    When you see the "EX" tag, it means those people equipped EX weapon or passive to those chars! :)

    Coop mode: you can play coop as a host or a guest

    If you embark as a host you will have to choose what room to open:

    Co-op Goal: you can select "for fun" (every character is allowed) or "Wanted boosted characters" (only characters who are boosted in the event should enter)

    Then you can select some friends to send invite (select who to send invite then request) or open a public room (free recruit)

    If you open a room with invite [​IMG]
    You can send invite again if you tap "request again" or change it to a free recruit tapping the rectangle.

    If you embark as a guest servers will find an open room that suit your criteria (for fun or boosted)


    If you don't remember who is boosted (and you are too lazy to check news), boosted chars have bluish stats (increased by boosted) and a glow icon.
    When you are ready with your character just tap "ready". If you want bell rewards before ready tap the "use bell "

    Taking a boosted char is not only useful for the higher stats, but for increased drop as well!
    Moreover Booster Characters get double experience points as long as their event lasts! Even outside their event!

    The glowing tokens are extra drop thanks to two boosted characters.

    Lost Chapters: here you can get characters that had their events some months ago.
    Just like events, when you clear them you get one copy of 15cp and 2 copies of armor... If you don't have them.

    World of Illusion (WoI):

    Here you can find time limited event to farm artifacts for some characters and permanent events to farm artifacts, summon materials or summon board points.

    As you see from pic, WoI requires stamina. You can refill it by ranking up (take it to max lv) or by using a stamina potion (refill stamina and can get overflow if you already had stamina to use.

    Story, lost chapters and events have no stamina, you can play them as much as you want.
    Co-op requires bells. If you use all 5 you have to refill (100;g = 5;b) or just wait 2hr per bell.
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  5. Leprechaun

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    4- Enhancements


    You read people praising Rinoa, but you don't understand why yours deal so little damage and usually die in coop? Maybe you forgot to strengthen her!

    When you get something new, don't forget to come here to enhance it! Characters, Weapons, Armors, Summons. Everything has to power up to be good!

    1 - Crystal Strenght

    Here you can increase the crystal level (everyone calls it or clv so because of jp version. No one use crystal strenght. ) of your characters. On the left you see your shards: first three tiers can be farmed in cycle quest and take a char from 1 to 50, the fourth tier is given as rewards in missions, events and lost chapters or bought with tokens from co-op exchange and are needed alongside first three tiers to further enchance a character from clv 51 to clv 60.

    A fourth tier is coming soon in gl and is already out in jp: that one too is available only as reward and can't be farmed and will be needed alongside other three to take a character from clv61 to 70.

    Crystals caps at 9,999

    To use them you just need to tap a character to open their window

    Red border shows how much you can buy. Stats are always active once bought and don't require cp, while passive abilities have different cost, check them.
    Among them the most important are "extension" which enhance your characters abilities [​IMG](first extension at clv55 is for the first ability, at clv60 you get the extension for the second ability) and clv 54 and 58 that give two passives granting a huge buff to your character!

    These 4 abilities with time get enhanced to help characters stay relevant. Yes, if you pulled a favourite and with time you use it less because of powercreep, don't worry! It/She/He'll be able to shine again one day!
    Expeciallly if the name is Cloud

    Once you tap the last level you can buy, a window will open with a recap of levels and cost
    just tap "Yes" and it's done!

    2 - Summon Board

    So, here you can give even more stats and passives to your characters!
    You just have to tap a character of your choice and a list of unlocked summon boards will appear.


    It takes 6600 points to complete a board and you can get them in their WoI event called "Ultimate [summon]".
    Here you can farm a 50 stamina fight for 100 points. These points are coded as experience so they'll increase with x2 boosted experience (when active) and Experience Books (x2 or x3).

    When a new summon board is released there are some characters (highlighted in news) that are "Super Synergy" , this means that while on them is in your party everyone gets double summon points as if they had x2 (super synergy stacks with support items but doesn't stack with regular x2 exp)

    Summon Points cap at 9,999 and you can use them to change an already acquired summon passive if you don't like it or think it doesn't suit anymore.

    A summon board appears as many tiles connected and you can unlock one only if it's close to
    another tile already bought.


    If you tap batch on bottom left you can keep tapping more than one at time. Aside from those stats, tho (like crystal these are permanent as well) summon boards are farmed for treasures and passives.
    Passives list are different for each summon and you can choose up to 3 different ones for every character (they all cost 5 cp and 500 points to unlock) while treasures are the same for every summon: you'll see three chests in the board, when you open them you get one among 3;t 300;g or 5;at . You get all of them in the board it's not random, so if you collect chests with every character (more than 90) you get tons of those!


    3 - Level Up:


    Here you can level up your characters without having to grind gold cactuars or other quests.
    To level up a character you just have to tap on it and use feathers.
    Feathers are usually given as rewards in daily missions, missions, chocoboards.


    Feathers cap at 999

    You can use feathers to quickly give levels to your chars and rank up to refill stamina. Be careful, if you level up too much (i.e. 20 levels at once) you'll rank up twice but refill stamina only once :(

    4 - Weapon and Armor Enhance


    Here you can upgrade your equipment (actually, you have to. Lv1 weapons are no good).
    Weapons have different backgrounds:
    1-3*: brown background. Sell. ;gil no use
    4*: silver background: keep them for passive if you can
    5*: gold background
    5* get blue background when you mlb them.

    Weapons get a glowing effect (you can see it in Yda and Shadow's weapon) when are equipped to affinity characters.

    To equip a weapon you just tap it and confirm, you'll get the upgrade window (it's the same for armors)
    Here you can use orbs to increase its level or other weapons.
    When you use other weapons you can use 2-3* weapons to get experience (not recommended, we're not in hope dojo era anymore) or the same weapon.
    When you use the same weapon, it doesn't get only experience, but one dot as well (you can see the weapon has 3 empty dots above the name. When you lb a weapon, if it wasn't already locked (you have to press on weapon/armor and tap lock ) it's automatically locked!
    Every dot you unlock is called limit break, it increases the max level of weapon and max cp the weapon grants.
    When you unlock all dots and exp the level to its maximum level you get the max limit break or mlb. 4* and 5* weapons and armors mlb turn their passive in a passive your character can equip with cp.
    This way your character can i.e. equip a 35cp weapon while having the 15cp passive as well!

    EX weapons are peculiar because when you lb them they get new effects as well!

    If you don't have the same weapons (you know, it takes luck, unluck or stubborness) you can use power stones ;ps to increase your lb!
    Every 4 ;ps give 1 lb

    Armor can't use ;ps to lb and use different orbs for exp (blue)


    You can get ;ps with dissidia points and some missions/co-op tokens and by selling weapons.

    Artifacts use the same rules for enhancing (except you can't use orbs or ;ps), but have a different purpose: when you mlb an artifact you get 1 passive (with 3* and below) or a set of 2 passive (4* and 5*) for the character they're made for.
    These passives are generated random with white numbers having different values and cp cost while orange passives have fixed numbers but still random cp.

    Among artifacts you should fuse only eidojas (5* gold background) that you get from WoI or as bell rewards from co-op because they have higher chance at least one orange passive.
    3* and below are good only to exp eidojas if you have them or being sold for ;gil

    You can have up to 5 passives (or set) at the same time for each character, if you get a new one you must delete an old set if you want to equip it; among the 5 you can equip only 3 at once (even if you had enough cp for all 5 of them)


    Enhancing equipment and artifacts cost ;gil

    - View/Sell: Here you can sell weapons, armors and artifacts for ;gil
    If you sell a 5* weapon you get 1;ps +1 for each lb.
    It's a good rule to mlb weapons before selling to get the passive (you retain the passive from a mlb weapon/armor even if you sell the item). Because 15cp weapons can be equipped by everyone you should wait to sell them as you may need to equip them to characters you have nothing for in a quest that requires that char to be in the party.
    If you have an EX weapon you can safely sell a mlb 35cp because EX has higher stats and 35cp can't be equipped by others.

    If a weapon/armor is locked you have to press on it and unlock before selling.
    Only 5* weapons give ;ps when sold and 5* Armors don't give ;at


    6- Bind/Enhance Summon


    Here you can unlock summons and enhance their levels.
    Summons have 4 stats:

    Blessing: A passive that grants a bonus to your party or to your character in co-op
    Ability: Their ability when you summon and effect active while summon is going, Be careful at its element and attack type (i.e. Chocobo is melee non elemental and while summon active atk of your party/character increase by 10%). When you summon an elemental Esper, while summon is active it enchants with element, this means every brv attack of your party that has no already an element attached becomes -that element- based, while attacks already based on -that element- get stronger.

    Summon Speed: How much it takes to be ready to summon (you can summon only once per fight)

    Turns: How many turns the summon lasts

    An esper you can increase the level to is surrounded by a glowing aura. You just need to tap it and confirm to get the upgrade screen.
    Unfortunately you can increase it only by one level at time.


    Levelling summons requires ;gil
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    5- Draws/Shop


    Here comes the gacha game. Until now we got everything for free (actually... time is kinda a real value. But let's say "free") now it's time to chase weapons to clear content or just to see our waifu/husbando with their kit.
    ...Probably one day we'll really get a way to change weapon skin and fight with our favourite characters with their favourite weapons
    Because, let's be honest, Tidus must wield Brotherhood and Cloud Buster Sword.
    until that moment... We have to use what the game give us.

    So, once we enter shop we see the above screen.

    Draws: Banner shows you what characters are in rate up. This means you can get other permanent people (story and lc characters) 15cp but only rate up characters 35cp (and EX if showed).

    In this banner i.e. we can pull Freya's 15 and 35cp, Vivi's 15, 35cp and EX and Zidane's 15,35 and EX weapons. There is a chance to get, instead, other character's 15cp.

    To avoid people arguing about rates, the games shows them in percentage.
    You just have to tap "draw info" and voilà!
    Here there are rates of your pulls. Parenthesys are for the 11th weapon in 5000;g draw (called multi).

    You can pull in banners in multi with 5,000;g for 10 random 3-5* weapons (/armors up to 4*) + 1 guaranteed 5* wapon (with 90% chance of being one random weapon of random rate up character) or single draw with either 500;g or, if you have them, for free with ;t. These tickets are given in quite a large number but you have only single pulls (yes, if you have 800;t you must pull 800 times. No "spend 10 tickets draw 10 equip" ).

    While you have available ;t you won't be able to single pull with 500;g

    ;gt: Only with multi pull in banners that have EX weapons you will be given 20;gt these tokens adds up only for the banner you got them. You can then exchange them with stuff by tapping the moogle next to ;pt symbol


    With 100;gt you can buy 1;ps (5 multi - 25,000;g) while with 300;gt you can buy the EX if you couldn't pull it with your gems (15 multi - 75,000;g). This is called by players "Pity the EX".

    Sometimes there are special banners with discount first multi (or, rare, first multi free).


    You can recognize them by the red background on "multi". As you can see, there is no EX weapon in this banner, hence no ;gt are given.

    Shops: There are two shops: The red background "gem shop" is to buy ;g with real money. There are sometimes offers and pack with ;g + alternate outfit for characters.

    "Item shop" instead is used to buy support items or inventory increase (inventory increase is shared between artifacts and equipment, you don't have to pay twice). Support books and relic x2 are not a recommended use of ;g as they're given for free in WoI events, missions, login. Sometimes there are offers about x3 support items. Drop and Exp books are quite a good choice for farming artifacts and Summon points.

  7. Leprechaun

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    6- Combat

    You learnt about menu now we'll see the gameplay, because this game is not what we're used to "hit enemy, deal damage".


    Let's see the combat screen in details.

    1- Enemy Team: Here you'll see from 1 to 3 enemies at once. Every enemy something above them: the letter on the left is used as reference in turn order.
    The bar represent their health. When this bar is depleted enemy is ko.
    The white numbers is the amount of Brv enemy has collected. When this number is orangish it means enemy has reached its max brv, while if it is glowing... it means enemy can ko someone in your party!
    When brv reaches 0 enemy is broken and a "break" will appear instead of numbers.
    The icon on the right is their target for this turn. If target is "All" in a grey background, it means it will target the whole party, while if background is red the target will be whole enemy party!
    Above enemies appear icons for buffs and debuffs.
    You can tap an enemy to select is as a target for current turn or press on it to check its active buffs/debuffs and "details": their weaknesses and resistances.

    2- Your party: Here you will be able to see your characters and, above them, buffs and debuffs they got.
    The glowing aura differs in color matching the rarity of your equipment.

    For more information about buff and debuffs check here

    3- Turn Order: Here you can see the order of your and your enemies' turns.
    On top you see the number of turns your into, remember to check here if you're under mission requirement.
    From left to right you can see the order. When someone (character or enemy) get broken they get moved 1 turn to the right.

    I.E. after 2 turns:
    Here I broke enemy C with Lenna and then, with Quistis, enemy A. This resulted in both enemy delayed after Rinoa's turn, who may be able to kill one or more of them!

    If I had broken A and then C, they wouldn't have moved after Rinoa :(

    4- Party Brv/Hp: Here you can see your party numbers for turn order (In co-op quests your character has a blue number), then for each one you have their hp (when they reach 0 character is ko) and then actual brv and max brv.

    5- Break Bonus: When someone get broken, opponent party get this brv as prize. If more than one character/enemy bonus is equally divided.

    6- Active Character: this shows whom turn is. Important for co-op quests.

    7- Brv Attack: This command is used to deal damage to your enemy brv. It checks on user attack. If enemy is already broken, you will deal critical damage, dealing even more damage to enemy! Brv damage you deal get added to your character actual brv.

    8- Hp Attack: This command is used to deplete your brv and deal the same amount as hp damage to an enemy. If you're broken or have 0 brv you will deal 0 hp damage. After an hp attack your actual brv will become 0.

    9 & 10- Abilities: These 2 are the abilities of your character.
    Every ability has on leftop an indication if it will deal brv or hp damage. You can press them to check details as many hp damage abilities will before deal brv attacks as well or increase your actual brv somehow.
    On rightmost you see how many uses the ability has left. When it reaches 0 you can't use it anymore for the fight.
    The symbol you see indicates what brv damage deals, enemies may get reduced or greater damage from some abilities:
    - Sword = Melee damage
    - Gun = Ranged damage
    - Sphere = Magic damage

    When you equip the weapon or the passive the background turns red.

    11- EX ability: When you equip an ex weapon or its mlb passive, you will unlock a 3rd ability to use. This ability is different as it doesn't have a limit number of uses, but it will take some time to charge. Using abilities will hasten its recharge.
    Different EX abilities have different recharge times, it's written in weapon description.

    Some abilities or passives may change your hp and brv command into ehanced versions. When it happens, they will turn red and get new effects.


    12- Summon: Here you can see the summon you choose. Just like EX abilities, summons need some turns to get ready.

    Getting broken hasten summon gauge, so you can get broken to summon faster and get less turns!

    When summon is ready you can tap it and get free turns.

    Before summon

    After summon

    Be careful, if there are allies lined after you in turn order, they will be counted in summon free turns, granting less turns than what it should!

    13- Friend Support: Once per fight you can summon the support you chose. It wil take the place of the ally who summoned it and cannot be unsummoned until it finish all its turn or its hp. Be careful, hp lost from friend do count towards "hp loss" missions!

    5 turns (Friends)

    3 turns (Not mutual friends)

    14- Auto: You can tap it (there is an option before entering a quest to begin with auto as well) and have AI do the job for you.
    Be careful, AI will use only brv and hp, it won't use any ability.



    During fights you may see an arrow on an enemy. If you attack that enemy you will trigger a chase.
    All the following allies in your turn order (before an enemy) will be able to use a brv or an hp attack to that enemy (these actions are not registered in turn count but are registered for Summon charge).
    All brv and hp damage dealt will be increased by 20%!
    If a character has unlocked a brv+ command, that will be used in a chase (even if the game will show normal brv command), while no hp+ command wil be used.

    Some characters can trigger chases with their abilities, time them well to deal huge damage to the enemy!
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  8. Soulfire

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    The Galaxy and Beyond
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    I learned something goes to show even veteran players don’t know it all. Love the guide homie, you should do character guides to when they arrive or events that would be cool!
  9. Leprechaun

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    7- Clv70 and Bloom Stones

    Yay! Characters got a new level cap! Just like clv60 you need new high crystals to unlock the level cap (you can't farm them, be careful) and, after clv61 you can take them to lv70 to learn new passives and get get higher stats.


    When you reach clv65 you learn a new active ability. This ability has different effects for every character but they all share one common thing: they don't cost a turn (except summon and friend). Awesome.

    Unfortunately these abilities, while getting an improvement in clv70, have really few uses. Morevoer there is no weapon to pull, you just get during some events an item called bloom token. You exchange it in moogle shop for a new item, Bloom Stone that, when mlb, gives a new passive to your clv65 ability!
    To mlb a bloom stone you need bloom fragments (you get them as event rewards, you can't farm).

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    Hey thank you for the guide helped me a lot to have a good start in the game :)

    I have a question. I got the EX Weapon for Sherlotta and I got 2 pieces of her shoe armor. But where can I get more of her armor? When I make draws I only get silver armor or gold weapons and in the armor token exchange there is no armor for Sherlotta...
  11. Leprechaun

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    5* armors must be traded with ;at
    You already have 2 copies so you just need to buy 2 more to mlb it, then you can trade for the second armor

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