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Aero's Double Vid Special!

Discussion in 'Streams, Videos & Podcasts' started by Aarolei, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Aarolei

    Aarolei Well-Known Member

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    I've got some nice updates going on with my YouTube channel lately where I showcase how I obtain scores for a variety of content.

    First I want to showcase my Krile LC completion with Shantotto/Yuffie/Yuri. I'm pretty happy that our late 35CP gang are still pretty viable in LC content as of late. Yuffie is so many levels of fun, I really wish we had gotten her 35CP earlier than we have.

    Next up, I showcase how I obtained score requirements for this most recent Selphie EX (as of this writing obviously). I'm not sure how to feel about the super stringent turn reqs for EX and Heretics lately, kinda doesn't really excite me the way LC's and Chapter 11 fights have managed to accomplish.

    Maybe my biggest issue is you're basically beating on these poor bosses before they even get a chance to do much of anything to react...well maybe it doesn't appeal to me, but do you feel differently? If yes or not, why do you feel that way? Definitely feel free to share here on this topic with me!

    Anyway, as always, hope you enjoy, and if you really like what you see, go sub to my channel where I'll be posting vids on a weekly basis!
  2. Dragoni24

    Dragoni24 Active Member GL + JP Player

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    nice to see Yuffie and Yuri ;)

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