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Advice for EX Banners

Discussion in 'General' started by iCordy, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. iCordy

    iCordy New Member GL Player

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    Hi guys!

    I am writing because I don't know for wich banner (and EXs) should I use mi tickets and gems.
    I was tempted by the new char event, where there would be Ace's EX, but I realized that if the events follow the GL dates, after Kain we will have Kuja's Lost Chapter, and his EX.

    Right now I have 50 tickets and 11k gems.
    I was also planning on save for Lightning's EX

    The EX I have are: Terra (MLB), Barts (LMB), Rem (LMB), WoL, Firion and Beatrix.

    What do you suggest?
  2. Wolffe

    Wolffe Member GL Player

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    GL 303373596
    Chasing an EX requires a lot of luck, you should save ur gem and ticket for char you really need, I think it depends on how your team is right now.
    If you can't clear content and the latest ex mission you should save for meta char not good char. If you have cait or selphie, you dont have to pull for deuce. Rem fully geared is a great char.
    You should save for vayne or rinoa or other meta char, use ticket for banner u like but save ur gem. Good luck!
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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  3. Strayfe

    Strayfe Member GL Player

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    Hi Icordy ! Before the new era, you don't really need to chase EX Weapons as long as you have a meta team ( a 60/60 Mlb Layle + Cait, Selphie, Deuce, Ramza.. any very good support and of course Beatrix that you already have ) with such a team you'll be able to clear every hard content so i think that you need to be strategic and save for the mandatory ones, i can see that you already have WoL who's going to be a god after his rework so if you can pull for Cloud and Rinoa or Quistis you'll be in a very good position for the futur ! I love Lightning and her EX is awesome but unfortunatly it's not possible to pull on every interesting banner, so this one should be skipped, Kuja ( the begining of a new DPS era ) is coming very soon but if you have only 11K maybe you should save more to be sure to don't waste them without getting any EX. I'm saving for Rinoa and Quistis so even if it'll be very hard to skip them i'll skip Kuja, Lightning and Golbez... and even if Vayne is really worth it i can't skip Sephiroth's banner, i don't even have his 35cp yet, so i'll have to make a choice in June/July too. Conclusion there's a loooooooot of interesting stuff coming soon but if you're a F2P player you'll have to resist and pull only for what you saved for otherwise you can end up with nothing if you're unlucky :)
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  4. YatoGXY

    YatoGXY Yato Galaxy GL Player

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    Cloud, squall, Vincent and noct ex all op

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