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Active/Passive Buff and Debuff

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Leprechaun, Jun 24, 2019.

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    This guide is meant to explain how your and your opponent keep changing stats during fight: Buffs and Debuffs.

    Here is an example:


    Before going ahead, a basic explaination about icons:
    - Green: They're Buffs, good for you (or your enemies), they usually increase your/your enemy stats or give something like hp regen

    - Red: they're Debuffs, bad for you (or your enemies), they usually decrease your/your enemy stats or effect like poison that decrease hp/mp over time)

    - White number above the icon: number of actions before that buff/debuff expires. Be careful about fast characters like Lightning, because they'll burn actions fast and you'll have to givem the buff again.

    After this you would think "It's easy: I just have to give buffs to my chars and debuffs to enemy"

    Yes, while true, there are some rules about how those interact:

    1) You can only have up to 6 icons. Yes, icons, this means they're shared between buffs and debuffs.

    2) When you already have 6 icons, if you get a 7th one (be it either a buff or a debuff) the oldest icon will go away! (check from left to right)
    This means, if you can, you can give your chars enough buffs to throw away those nasty debuffs the enemy throwed you! Awesome!

    Yes, this also mean your enemy can throw away your buffs with his debuff... Or, just like you, remove the debuff you gave it by getting enough buffs! Not Awesome :(

    3) Frame: some buff or debuffs have a border. They're called framed buff/debuff.
    They are really special as... They can't be thrown away by the rule of the 7th icon! (when you check the leftmost, skip those).

    The only way to remove them from your enemy is by dispel (i.e. Vanille or Faris) or by stealing (i.e. Balthier)

    4) Law of the jungle: Stronger or longer buff eat weaker buff.

    I.e. Quistis has a self 20% atk buff with Laser Whip (weapon passive).
    If you have Eiko with clv55 passive and 15cp weapon passive, she gives 40% atk buff to everyone in your party. This means she "dispel" Quistis's buff and replace it with her stronger 40%.

    5) Same stat don't dispel. If you have an atk buff (like Eiko's from number 4) and enemy give you an atk debuff, they don't remove each other, even if the difference is 0 (you would have 2 slots taken for a 0% atk buff... Wow)

    6) Poison, sap, hp degen get the last word. This means that they activate after all your hp/brv regen.

    7) Some chars can have a special icon buff above their head (i.e. Thancred) that does not count for the limit of 6 buffs!

    If you have more than one buff that increase the same stat, like Eiko's atk +40% and Quistis instructor whip framed buff (atk/mbrv +40% from EX weapon 2lb) they sum up! So quistis will get a total +80% atk!

    These rules will help you for your icon bar management,but there is more...


    There is more than what you see during a fight.

    If you hold on your char you will open a window with all active and passives. You can scroll to read them, if they take all those slots.


    P: means passive
    S: means Summon blessing

    Passives can't be dispelled by enemy and have no limit to how many you can have at the same time, but they are usually tied to a condition. If the condition is lost, the passive disappear until condition is met again.

    Some of these passives are informally called "aura" because they give an invisible buff to the whole party.

    Some examples of passives and auras:

    - ifrit blessing (lv 21+): atk +25% condition:, while hp is above 80%

    if your hp drop under that threshold, you have to heal to get again the buff.

    - Lenna c.lv 58: all party atk/mbrv +40% (aura)
    Condition: while Lenna is buffed

    If an enemy dispel all Lenna's buffs, the aura disappear.

    - Quistis clv 58: all party atk/mbrv +40% (aura)

    Condition: while an enemy is debuffed.

    If enemies are immune to debuffs or they get rid of all debuffs (cleanse) the passive disappear

    Some passives can be enhanced by artifact passives (like Rosa's clv50).

    Now you know about passives as well.

    You're ready for the final rule:

    All buffs and debuffs always check the base stat! Yes, the one you see by tapping a char before entering a quest.

    That's all, folks! Have fun creating your party!

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