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About Cloud

Discussion in 'Unit Discussions' started by Finality, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Finality

    Finality New Member GL Player

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    Just a general Cloud thread to discuss his unit.

    I do have some questions about him and his future rework. First when can I pull for his EX again!! Huh!? ...ahem. Sorry about that.

    So if Cloud gets a rework and his cross slash is guaranteed paralysis, what happens to his passive that increase paralysis? Like should anyone bother MLB his Organyx if it's passive is pointless?

    Not counting his EX, Cloud has 6 weapons? If you MLB all of them, are you even able to equip all the passives?
  2. Meruem

    Meruem Active Member GL Player

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    I believe cloud’s ex will reappear in the summer banners. The guaranteed paralysis is only after you use a finishing touch. Apart from that cross slash has a non-guaranteed chance of inflicting paralysis

    For the last question I don’t know but I’d assume the answer is yes with 90 cp armor

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