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A Berserk Perspective: Vincent

Discussion in 'General' started by Berserkologist, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Berserkologist

    Berserkologist Retired and Permanently Inactive VIP

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    Initial Brave:646
    Max Brave:1500
    Deadly Beast Flare (5 USES)

    Ranged FIRE BRV attack
    Target: 4 turns INT BRV Down II, FIRE Resist Down
    Self: 4 turns FIRE Enchant
    Livewire Shot (3 USES)
    Ranged THUNDER BRV attack
    Target: 1 turn ATK Down II, THUNDER Resist Down
    Self: 4 turns MAX BRV UP I, THUNDER Enchant

    Vincent has some very "niched" debuffing but they're very useful under most circumstances. It'd be an exaggeration to say that he's an "attacker" although he does have the potential to do some very impressive BRV damage.

    Deadly Beast Flare does fire damage, enchants Vincent's BRV attacks with the fire element, debuffs fire resist, and INT BRV; it's a good package for a single ability. You may feel as though INT BRV isn't a worthwhile debuff, but remember that this slows down the rebounding of an enemy.

    Livewire Shot does thunder damage, debuffs thunder resist, significantly debuffs ATK, raises Vincent's MAX BRV a little, and enchants Vincent's BRV attacks with the thunder element. This is another loaded ability! By utilizing the thunder element, this gives Vincent a distinct edge against mechanical foes. The ATK debuff is VERY nice (even if it's only for 1 turn)--this debuff can turn a devastating, incoming attack into a gentle breeze.

    Aside from his INT BRV and HP, all of Vincent's stats are fantastic! His MAX BRV is top-tier, his ATK and DEF are just a notch below top-tier!

    I'd describe Vincent as a "too many cooks in the kitchen" hero. This mostly has to do with his elemental function. The thunder/fire enchants that Vincent can produce are shielded buffs and they stack. The trouble with this is that it's uncommon to run into an enemy that is vulnerable to both thunder and fire so there's an incompatibility there and it seems that having dual elements throttles the BRV damage he outputs if one of them is neutral/resisted. If you wanted to use Vincent as an efficacious BRV attacker, then you'd probably be better off avoiding using one of his abilities until the buff wore off. Unfortunately, since his debuffs are his most attractive feature, this means you'll probably settle for him underperforming as a BRV attacker (save for the rare instance you're up against something that is vulnerable to both fire and thunder).

    The ATK debuff's short duration on Livewire Shot could be considered a con as well... however, it's a good enough debuff that when used strategically its value is enduring (there's also Dark Shout which smooths this out).

    If you'd like to really make great use of Vincent's elemental debuffs, consider pairing him with Vivi, Steiner, or Prishe (for a fire team) or Zell and/or Edge (for a thunder team). I'd encourage pairing him with good HP attackers since that's not exactly his focus--Terra, Shadow, Squall, etc.



    I like Vincent about as much as I like Cloud (that's really not saying much). OK, in all fairness, I do like him slightly more than Cloud. My beef with Vincent is that he's a strange coin. On the one side he has a fascinating past... on the other side... he's like a middle schooler's doodle of what he fantasizes to be awesome (but in reality is very cringy). Spoiler time, open at your risk.

    You find Vincent in a coffin (why the serious fuck?) and he's all like Witcher 1 Geralt CG scenes 24/7 (mega cringy). He's kinda morose, very serious, haunted by his past (and present), and has a different sentiment about the world than pretty much anyone else in the FFVII universe.

    Now, his past as a Turk and how he becomes the mega morphing Power Vincent is interesting as all hell. I really dug the backstory, it's just that everything that follows the Turk phase is lame (middle school doodles).


    Yeah, I played that shit. It took the cringy Vincent, made him a lot more acrobatic, had a sort of Mission Impossible storyline that didn't do anything to fix the Vincent issue which is... Vincent.


    Yeah... yeah... really, do you want me to go there?

    The other thing I despise about Vincent is that he has this vague, amorphous guilt that he's constantly wrestling with and wants to "atone" for. Ever see the remake of Westworld? It's like Teddy in Westworld where he has a script and it's a guilt like that, that he comments on and allows to govern his inaction (spoiler, there was never a source of guilt, they gave him the line because it made him seem more mysterious--only they overtly mention this and the lack of development becomes a piece of a much larger development--it's bloody brilliant and awesome storytelling... Vincent is not like that though.

    Instead, Vincent talks rubbish about some atonement for sins this, sins that. Who cares. It's never clearly defined what these sins are, it's the Fisher Price version of a "macabre anti-hero." A cheap imitation that provides no sense of satisfaction or intrigue (unless you're satisfied with an endlessly open, floppy loop).

    Character Design①:4 / 10
    DOO Sprite:7.5 / 10
    Ideally Equipped:8.5 / 10
    BRV Attacker:9.5 / 10
    HP Attacker:5.5 / 10
    Status Affliction:1 / 10
    Buffs/Debuffs:10 / 10
    Long Battles:8 / 10
    Short Battles:8.8 / 10
    Personal Rating:8.2 / 10
    ①Character design refers to source material and the personality/vicissitudes of the hero's journey.

    Last edited: Apr 4, 2018
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  2. PikaJew

    PikaJew Poster of Screenshots

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    It's math time again! Let's see how Vincent's elemental buffs and debuffs work.
    (Keep in mind that this is all done with a level 44/42 Vincent with his Dark Shout at level 35 with MLB)

    TLDR: Elemental empowerment and weakness increases damage by about 62-63% when a target isn't already weak to an element, having 2 elements with your attack doesn't decrease the added damage from 1 weakness. Adding an elemental weakness to a target that already has it increases damage by about 8-9% beyond the initial extra 62-63% damage that they will take from the original elemental weakness.

    First we get our base amount of damage of 1694:

    After empowering himself with Lightning and lowering the enemy's Lightning resistance, he deals 2778 damage for a 63.99% increase! Very nice, and he technically doesn't even have an Attack stat buff yet.
    Lightning Weekness.png

    Buffing and debuffing 2 different elements will, as expected, get pretty much the same affect as having one buff and debuff (sorry about the weird angle of the screen shot).
    2 Weekenss, 2 elements.png

    Adding 2 elements to the attack and only decreasing the resistance of one element (Fire debuff, Fire and Lightning added to attack) deals 2756 damage which is the same as 1 element.
    1 weekness 2 elements.png

    What about when an enemy has an elemental weakness? First, let's get our base amount of damage of 1593
    Weak Base.png

    Adding Lightning damage to the attacks to an enemy who is naturally weak to Lightning deals 2388 damage for an increase of 49.91%.
    Weak Buff.png

    Adding Lightning damage to the attacks and decreasing the Lightning resistance to an enemy who is already weak to Lightning deals 2589 for an increase of 62.52% damage or 8.42% more than without the Lightning resistance debuff.
    Weak Buff Debuff.png

    Having 1 weakness (Lightning) and 2 elements (Lightning and Fire) deals 2374 damage which is the same as having 1 weakness and 1 element.
    Weak 2 Buffs.png

    There you have it! Hope this helps!
  3. PikaJew

    PikaJew Poster of Screenshots

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    Also on a side note, using multi-debuffers like Tidus with Brotherhood isn't good with Vincent because with the 5 buff/debuff cap, they tend to knock off Vincent's debuffs.

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