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A Berserk Perspective: Tidus

Discussion in 'General' started by Berserkologist, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Berserkologist

    Berserkologist Retired and Permanently Inactive VIP

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    New York
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    The main man from Final Fantasy 10 with the most obscene, ridiculous laugh (English translation) makes his grand appearance in Dissidia. Let's review Tidus!



    Initial Brave:785
    Max Brave:1437
    Quick Hit (7 USES)

    3-hit Melee BRV attack
    High turn rate
    Slash (5 USES)
    2-hit Melee BRV attack
    Target: Fair chance SPD Down I for 5 turns

    Aside from Tidus's low HP, most of his stats are pretty great; none of them are top-tier, but he's mostly above average. His speed is definitely a notch above most, but again, not top-tier.

    What really makes Tidus great is his ability use potential! Tidus gets an inherent 7 uses of Quick Hit and 5 uses of Slash! It's totally possible to go into a fight with 14 total abilities to use with Tidus. You don't have to be particularly conservative with him. This makes him especially useful in long fights.

    Quick Hit has a high turn rate; if compounded with his passives, his turn comes up very quickly (appropriate given then name). It's nothing fancy (unless you have an Astral Sword), but it hits decently, often, and sustainably.

    Slash has a chance to debuff a target's SPD for 5 turns. Personally, I value SPD debuffs more than most other effects since it means you can better position your team/utilize strategy more efficiently. Of course, if you're using his 35CP weapon, Brotherhood, this ability gets a fantastic facelift (more on that in the Brotherhood review).

    Most heroes in Dissidia are gear dependent; but Tidus is very gear dependent! His abilities have the advantage of acceptably performing and having a high usage count; but without his respective weapons, they're nothing special. In fact, his abilities without Astral Sword/Brotherhood barely compete with Bartz's Doublehand/Missile (which also features a high usage count).

    Of course, the fact that his base HP is almost bottom-tier, doesn't do him any favors when it comes to survivability. It's usually not an issue (as of my writing this), especially since under the better circumstances (an invested Tidus), he is fast enough to course correct a stressed situation.

    So... this kind of depends on what Tidus is wearing. If you're a fully decked out Tidus (MLB Astral Sword, passive equipped, using a Brotherhood, tons of CP in use, etc), then he's the whole package... good damage, self-buffing, debuffing, speed, etc. Who do you pair him with? Whoever the hell you feel like... But if that's not the case, who you pair him with will depend more on what equipment he has. Let's assume for a moment you don't have an Astral Sword or a Brotherhood... if that's the case, you'd pair him with debuffers/buffers, like most attackers... or just fellow attackers for the aggressive approach.




    I never played FFX. To be entirely honest... I didn't play FFX when it was released because I hated Tidus' concept art... The hero looks like an Pacific Sun model, surfer poser... ugh. Around the time FFX I was still pretty bitter about Chrono Cross; and while Tidus is different from Serge, the concept felt close enough that it deterred me from being open minded.

    I'm older now... a lot more forgiving/open minded about these sorts of things... hell, I'm even willing to reconsider my initial sting on Chrono Cross... and even more so on FFX (especially since a lot of people seem to hold it in high esteem).

    In short, I will write something more meaningful here after I actually play FFX.

    Oh, I will say this... For some reason, I actually like his DOO sprite quite a bit. Not sure why, but there's something about the "calculated" (or maybe accidental) asymmetry and his movements that I dig.

    Character Design①:N/A / 10
    DOO Sprite:9.5 / 10
    Ideally Equipped:10 / 10
    BRV Attacker:7 (9)* / 10
    HP Attacker:5 (8)* / 10
    Status Affliction:1 / 10
    Buffs/Debuffs:5 (8)* / 10
    Long Battles:8.5 / 10
    Short Battles:8.5 / 10
    Personal Rating:9 / 10
    ①Character design refers to source material and the personality/vicissitudes of the hero's journey.
    *The number in parentheses is meant to represent his potential when appropriately geared... yes, it makes that much of a difference for Tidus!

    Last edited: Mar 23, 2018
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  2. FFfan

    FFfan Active Member

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    As a Brv shaver, how’s Tidus Quick Hit compare with Zidane’s ?
  3. Vediad

    Vediad Seed

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    After 25k draw I've completely geared Tidus, that is also one of my favourite char, so I think I was almost lucky. Now I have a MLB Hope, MLB Tidus and I can MLB REM (but till now I'm waiting to farm some gil and materials since it's not necessary).

    Since I still have 25K, in which character you think I've to invest? a Damage Dealer (I've got Vaan 0/3, Cloud 0/3 and Terra 0/3) and use Tidus as a Breavery Shaver, or I have to invest in a BRV Shaver (Zidane 1/3) and use Tidus as a Damage Dealer?

    Great review as usually
  4. DanT

    DanT Coffeeologist Supreme! VIP

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    FFX does an amazing job at storytelling, especially in what regards narrator bias. Tidus isn't a particularly likeable character, but he acts as a first-person narrator for a good part of the story and it is very interesting to watch his bias during narration and how others in the party may or may not have perceived certain events differently. He also does get some character development and gets less unlikeable as the game progresses. Overall, Tidus isn't a character I love, but I've always considered him a very interesting case-study of narration bias in games. Now that's the part of me who minored in Literature speaking.

    P.S. Do try to play X if you can. It is the last FF game I can say I truly enjoyed.

    P.P.S. I like Chrono Cross. It's certainly nowhere as good as Trigger, but I think it's a solid game.
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  5. R0sers

    R0sers Lurker, Supporter, Ninja VIP

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    FF X was the last great Final Fantasy to be released imo. Had a good story to it. Most of the characters had a good storyline to them (Am I the only one that noticed the lack of lulu love in the game? ) Getting insta killed of Dark Yojimbo was fun. Dodging lightning was the only drawback to the game. The sphere grid development system was great.
    (Farming Malboros to "capture" them in the Calm Lands was easily one of my most less enjoyable moments with this game). But defo worth a playthrough if you never played the game before. It shows exactly what devs can do if they put their minds to something and not introduce dlc/micro trans bs.
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  6. SadPanda

    SadPanda Member

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    FFX is definitely worth playing if you haven't, it's probably my 3rd favorite FF (behind 4 and 9). The story and characters are great, and the battle mechanics and character development system keep the game more interesting than many FFs. Having said that, Tidus is definitely not without his flaws, not the least of which is his general whiny-ness. There are several times throughout the story where I just want to kick his ass, but once you finish the story, it really changes your perspective of him (or at least it did for me).

    Thanks for the review. I've been waiting to see what you think of Tidus before I pull. Will probably pass since the rest of the banner is so weak.
  7. Dmotron32

    Dmotron32 Active Member

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    Final Fantasy X, like what everyone else has said, is probably the last in the series that is good. Why they made X-2 like the way they did (story wise) is beyond my comprehension. I want to refuse that ever existed.

    Chrono Cross on the other hand...not a fan of it either.

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