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Comments on Profile Post by Epsilon

  1. Wolvie
    This is what I would like to know as well (I have Ace's EX but not Aerith's, plus I lack a single Best in Slot for Aerith).
    Oct 27, 2019
    Epsilon likes this.
  2. Meruem
    I think ace will last until ultimecia comes out as for aerith I don’t know
    Oct 28, 2019
    Epsilon and Afnan like this.
  3. ZeroDaHeroh
    Ace yea, Aerith is debatable.
    Oct 28, 2019
    Epsilon likes this.
  4. Epsilon
    Thanks for your input - I think in that case I’ll wait to mlb Ultimecia and Sherlotta if I get them and mlb those 2 if I have anything extra at some point
    Oct 29, 2019
  5. SirIgnis
    Aerith is niche - she’s not necessary but can be very good for certain circumstances. I’m not impressed by my max Ace, but I will say he has longevity - he can build stacks and keep them over a very long time period.
    Oct 30, 2019
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