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Image Title Text
:) :) :)
:)) :)) :))
:))) :))) :)))
;) ;) ;)
:p :p :p
;p ;p ;p
lol lol lol
;like ;like ;like
;love ;love ;love
;kiss ;kiss ;kiss
:( :( :(
;:(( ;:(( :((
:((( :((( :(((
;unhappy ;unhappy ;unhappy
;anger ;anger ;anger
;rage ;rage ;rage
;shock ;shock ;shock
;blown ;blown ;blown
;scared ;scared ;scared
;nerd ;nerd ;nerd
;cool ;cool ;cool
;party ;party ;party
;think ;think ;think
;shh ;shh ;shh
;quiet ;quiet ;quiet
;yawn ;yawn ;yawn
;drowsy ;drowsy ;drowsy
;sleep ;sleep ;sleep
;drunk ;drunk ;drunk
;dizzy ;dizzy ;dizzy
;vomit ;vomit ;vomit
;hot ;hot ;hot
;cold ;cold ;cold
;sneeze ;sneeze ;sneeze
;sick ;sick ;sick
;injured ;injured ;injured
hiro hiro ;hiro
hiro2 hiro2 ;hiro2
rc2 rc2 ;rc2
rc2a rc2a ;rc2a
rc3 rc3 ;rc3
rc4 rc4 ;rc4
rc5 rc5 ;rc5
rc6 rc6 ;rc6
rc7 rc7 ;rc7
rc8 rc8 ;rc8
rc9 rc9 ;rc9
rc10 rc10 ;rc10
rc11 rc11 ;rc11
rc12 rc12 ;rc12
rc13 rc13 ;rc13
rc14 rc14 ;rc14
rc15 rc15 ;rc15
rc16 rc16 ;rc16
rc17 rc17 rc17
rc18 rc18 ;rc18
rc20 rc20 ;rc20
rc21 rc21 ;rc21
rc22 rc22 ;rc22
rc23 rc23 ;rc23
rc24 rc24 ;rc24
rc25 rc25 ;rc25
rc26 rc26 ;rc26
rc27 rc27 rc27
rc28 rc28 ;rc28
rc29 rc29 ;rc29
rc30 rc30 ;rc30
rc31 rc31 ;rc31
rc31a rc31a ;rc31a
rc32 rc32 ;rc32
rc33 rc33 ;rc33
rc34 rc34 ;rc34
rc35 rc35 ;rc35
rc36 rc36 ;rc36
rc37 rc37 ;rc37
rc38 rc38 ;rc38
rc39 rc39 ;rc39
rc40 rc40 ;rc40
rc40a rc40a ;rc40a
rc40b rc40b ;rc40b
rc41 rc41 ;rc41
rc42 rc42 ;rc42
rc43 rc43 ;rc43
rc44 rc44 ;rc44
rc45 rc45 ;rc45
rc46 rc46 ;rc46
rc47 rc47 ;rc47
rc47a rc47a ;rc47a
rc48 rc48 ;rc48
rc48a rc48a ;rc48a
rc49 rc49 ;rc49
rc50 rc50 ;rc50
rc51 rc51 ;rc51
rc52 rc52 ;rc52
rc53 rc53 ;rc53
rc54 rc54 ;rc54
rc55 rc55 ;rc55
rc57 rc57 ;rc57
rc58 rc58 ;rc58
rc59 rc59 ;rc59
rc60 rc60 ;rc60
rc61 rc61 ;rc61
rc62 rc62 ;rc62
rc63 rc63 ;rc63
rc64 rc64 ;rc64
rc65 rc65 ;rc65
rc66 rc66 ;rc66
rc66a rc66a ;rc66a
rc67 rc67 ;rc67
rc67a rc67a ;rc67a
rc68 rc68 ;rc68
rc68a rc68a ;rc68a
rc69 rc69 ;rc69
rc70 rc70 ;rc70
rc71 rc71 ;rc71
rc73 rc73 ;rc73
rc73a rc73a ;rc73a
rc74 rc74 ;rc74
rc75 rc75 ;rc75
rc76 rc76 ;rc76
rc77 rc77 ;rc77
rc78 rc78 ;rc78
rc79 rc79 ;rc79
rc80 rc80 ;rc80
rc81 rc81 ;rc81
rc82 rc82 ;rc82
rc83 rc83 ;rc83
Ultros Ultros :ultros:
fat fat :fat
Cactuar Cactuar :cactuar:
Choco Hi Choco Hi :choco hi:
Moogle Moogle :moogle:
Shadow's Dog Shadow's Dog :shadows dog:
Felixer's doom Felixer's doom :Everyone's Grudge:
gem gem ;g ;gem ;gems
ticket ticket ;t ;tix ;tickers ;ticket
bell bell ;b ;bell ;bells
key key ;key
pot pot ;pot
gil gil ;gil
dissidiapoint dissidiapoint ;dp
armortoken armortoken ;at
powertoken powertoken ;pt
gtoken gtoken ;gt
bloomtoken bloomtoken ;bt
extoken extoken ;et ;ext
inventory inventory ;i ;inv
relicofallknowledge relicofallknowledge ;x2all
artifactofallknowledge artifactofallknowledge ;x3all
bookoftreasure bookoftreasure ;x2loot
tomeoftreasure tomeoftreasure ;x3loot
bookoftraining bookoftraining ;x2xp ;x2exp
tomeoftraining tomeoftraining ;x3xp ;x3exp
bookoffortune bookoffortune ;x2gil
tomeoffortune tomeoffortune ;x3gil
chocobodown chocobodown ;ct1
chocobofeather chocobofeather ;ct2
chocobotailfeathers chocobotailfeathers ;ct3
redt1 redt1 ;redt1
redt2 redt2 ;redt2
redt3 redt3 ;redt3
redt4 redt4 ;redt4
redt5 redt5 ;redt5
bluet1 bluet1 ;bluet1
bluet2 bluet2 ;bluet2
bluet3 bluet3 ;bluet3
bluet4 bluet4 ;bluet4
bluet5 bluet5 ;bluet5
greent1 greent1 ;greent1
greent2 greent2 ;greent2
greent3 greent3 ;greent3
greent4 greent4 ;greent4
greent5 greent5 ;greent5
yellowt1 yellowt1 ;yellowt1
yellowt2 yellowt2 ;yellowt2
yellowt3 yellowt3 ;yellowt3
yellowt4 yellowt4 ;yellowt4
yellowt5 yellowt5 ;yellowt5
blackt1 blackt1 ;blackt1
blackt2 blackt2 ;blackt2
blackt3 blackt3 ;blackt3
blackt4 blackt4 ;blackt4
blackt5 blackt5 ;blackt5
whitet1 whitet1 ;whitet1
whitet2 whitet2 ;whitet2
whitet3 whitet3 ;whitet3
whitet4 whitet4 ;whitet4
whitet5 whitet5 ;whitet5
powerorb powerorb ;pt1 ;pot1 ;wt1 ;wot1
highpowerorb highpowerorb ;pt2 ;pot2 ;wt2 ;wot2
higherpowerorb higherpowerorb ;pt3 ;pot3 ;wt3 ;wot3
expowerorb expowerorb ;pt4 ;pot4 ;wt4 ;wot4
guardorb guardorb ;gt1 ;got1 ;at1 ;aot1
highguardorb highguardorb ;gt2 ;got2 ;at2 ;aot2
higherguardorb higherguardorb ;gt3 ;got3 ;at3 ;aot3
exguardorb exguardorb ;gt4 ;got4 ;at4 ;aot4
powerstone powerstone ;ps
mysteriouspagebreak mysteriouspagebreak ;wp ;wpage
mysteriousbookbreak mysteriousbookbreak ;wb ;wbook
adamantitenuggetbreak adamantitenuggetbreak ;wn ;wnugget
adamantiteingotbreak adamantiteingotbreak ;wi ;wingot
mysteriouspageshield mysteriouspageshield ;ap ;apage
mysteriousbookshield mysteriousbookshield ;ab ;abook
adamantitenuggetshield adamantitenuggetshield ;an ;anugget
adamantiteingotshield adamantiteingotshield ;ai ;aingot
bloom bloom ;bloom
eido eido ;eido
eidora eidora ;eidora
eidoga eidoga ;eidoga
eidoja eidoja ;eidoja
aletter aletter ;aletter
bletter bletter ;bletter
cletter cletter ;cletter
dletter dletter ;dletter
eletter eletter ;eletter
amateria amateria ;amateria
bmateria bmateria ;bmateria
cmateria cmateria ;cmateria
dmateria dmateria ;dmateria
emateria emateria ;emateria
monsterclaw monsterclaw ;mclaw
monsterhorn monsterhorn ;mhorn
stickyfluid stickyfluid ;sfluid
viscousfluid viscousfluid ;vfluid
calignouscrystal calignouscrystal ;ccrystal
radiantcrystal radiantcrystal ;rcrystal
galeadamite galeadamite ;chocot1 ;sylpht1
galecore galecore ;chocot2 ;sylpht2
escapeanima escapeanima ;chocot4
tempestanima tempestanima ;sylpht4
heatraadamite heatraadamite ;ifritt1
heatracore heatracore ;ifritt2
heatramatter heatramatter ;ifritt3
heatraanima heatraanima ;ifritt4
heatraorigin heatraorigin ;ifritt5
icenadamite icenadamite ;shivat1
icencore icencore ;shivat2
icenmatter icenmatter ;shivat3
icenanima icenanima ;shivat4
icenorigin icenorigin ;shivat5
sparkadamite sparkadamite ;ramuht1
sparkcore sparkcore ;ramuht2
sparkmatter sparkmatter ;ramuht3
sparkanima sparkanima ;ramuht4
sparkorigin sparkorigin ;ramuht5
volatileadamite volatileadamite ;odint1
volatilecore volatilecore ;odint2
volatilematter volatilematter ;odint3
volatileanima volatileanima ;odint4
aquaadamite aquaadamite ;leviat1
aquacore aquacore ;leviat2
aquamatter aquamatter ;leviat3
aquaanima aquaanima ;leviat4
aquaorigin aquaorigin ;leviat5
holyadamite holyadamite ;alexat1
holycore holycore ;alexat2
holymatter holymatter ;alexat3
holyanima holyanima ;alexat4
drakenadamite drakenadamite ;bahamt1
drakencore drakencore ;bahamt2
drakenmatter drakenmatter ;bahamt3
drakenanima drakenanima ;bahamt4
affinityadamite affinityadamite ;brotht1
affinitycore affinitycore ;brotht2
affinitymatter affinitymatter ;brotht3
affinityanima affinityanima ;brotht4
affinityorigon affinityorigon ;brotht5
funneladamite funneladamite ;pandet1
funnelcore funnelcore ;pandet2
funnelmatter funnelmatter ;pandet3
funnelanima funnelanima ;pandet4
funnelorigin funnelorigin ;pandet5
diabloadamite diabloadamite ;diablt1
diablocore diablocore ;diablt2
diablomatter diablomatter ;diablt3
diabloanima diabloanima ;diablt4
diabloorigin diabloorigin ;diablt5
moogleanime moogleanime ;mooglt4
boardstat boardstat ;boardstat
boardloot boardloot ;boardloot
costume costume ;costume
cp cp ;cp
melee melee ;melee
range range ;range
magic magic ;magic
chase chase ;chase
dagger dagger ;dagger
sword sword ;sword
greatsword greatsword ;greatsword
staff staff ;staff
gun gun ;gun
fist fist ;fist
throw throw ;throw
spear spear ;spear
bow bow ;bow
whip whip /whip
special special ;special
armor armor ;armor
artifact artifact ;artifact
fire fire ;fire
ice ice ;ice
thunder thunder ;thunder
water water ;water
earth earth ;earth
wind wind ;wind
holy holy ;holy
dark dark ;dark
wol wol ;wol
vivi vivi ;vivi
rem rem ;rem
sazh sazh ;sazh
tifa tifa ;tifa
cloud cloud ;cloud
hope hope ;hope
yshtola yshtola ;yshtola
zidane zidane ;zidane
dkc dkc ;dkc
yda yda ;yda
vaan vaan ;vaan
yuffie yuffie ;yuffie
yuna yuna ;yuna
edge edge ;edge
king king ;king
bartz bartz ;bartz
penelo penelo ;penelo
terra terra ;terra
yang yang ;yang
ok ok ;ok
firion firion ;firion
laguna laguna ;laguna
steiner steiner ;steiner
shadow shadow ;shadow
squall squall ;squall
vanille vanille ;vanille
setzer setzer ;setzer
wakka wakka ;wakka
galuf galuf ;galuf
shantotto shantotto ;shantotto
balthier balthier ;balthier
eiko eiko ;eiko
tidus tidus ;tidus
zell zell ;zell
layle layle ;layle
vincent vincent ;vincent
prishe prishe ;prishe
faris faris ;faris
ramza ramza ;ramza
ace ace ;ace
seymour seymour ;seymour
sabin sabin ;sabin
krile krile ;krile
cyan cyan ;cyan
papalymo papalymo ;papalymo
lightning lightning ;lightning
thancred thancred ;thancred
snow snow ;snow
cater cater ;cater
ashe ashe ;ashe
aerith aerith ;aerith
lion lion ;lion
auron auron ;auron
serah serah ;serah
irvine irvine ;irvine
edgar edgar ;edgar
garnet garnet ;garnet
celes celes ;celes
kain kain ;kain
kuja kuja ;kuja
palom palom ;palom
maria maria ;maria
quistis quistis ;quistis
raijin raijin ;raijin
fujin fujin ;fujin
seifer seifer ;seifer
sephiroth sephiroth ;sephiroth
lenna lenna ;lenna
cid cid ;cid
rydia rydia ;rydia
kefka kefka ;kefka
zack zack ;zack
jecht jecht ;jecht
lilisette lilisette ;lilisette
yuri yuri ;yuri
noctis noctis ;noctis
alisaie alisaie ;alisaie
selphie selphie ;selphie
gilgamesh gilgamesh ;gilgamesh
relm relm ;relm
caitsith caitsith ;caitsith
beatrix beatrix ;beatrix
leon leon ;leon
fang fang ;fang
seven seven ;seven
deuce deuce ;deuce
agrias agrias ;agrias
locke locke ;locke
barret barret ;barret
pecil pecil ;pecil
rosa rosa ;rosa
golbez golbez ;golbez
rinoa rinoa ;rinoa
lulu lulu ;lulu
twins twins ;twins
freya freya ;freya
vayne vayne ;vayne
fran fran ;fran
porom porom ;porom
paine paine ;paine
cinque cinque ;cinque
prompto prompto ;prompto
alphinaud alphinaud ;alphinaud
noel noel ;noel
aphmau aphmau ;aphmau
sherlotta sherlotta ;sherlotta
garland garland ;garland
ultimecia ultimecia ;ultimecia
machina machina ;machina
lyse lyse ;lyse
basch basch ;basch
kimahri kimahri ;kimahri
emperor emperor ;emperor
eight eight ;eight
ignis ignis ;ignis
aranea aranea ;aranea
gau gau ;gau
kamlanaut kamlanaut ;kamlanaut
ciaran ciaran ;ciaran
leo leo ;leo
exdeath exdeath ;exdeath
caius caius ;caius
jack jack ;jack
arciela arciela ;arciela
keiss keiss ;keiss
cod cod ;cod
ealdnarche ealdnarche ;ealdnarche
trey trey ;trey
amidatelion amidatelion ;amidatelion
desch desch ;desch
gabranth gabranth ;gabranth
nine nine ;nine
ardyn ardyn ;ardyn
edward edward ;edward
strago strago ;strago
kurasame kurasame ;kurasame
gladiolus gladiolus ;gladiolus
reno reno ;reno
rude rude ;rude
xande xande ;xande
chocobo chocobo ;choco ;chocobo
slyph slyph ;sylph
ifirit ifirit ;ifrit
shiva shiva ;shiva
ramuh ramuh ;ramuh
odin odin ;odin
leviathan leviathan ;levia ;leviathan
alexander alexander ;alexa ;alexander
brothers brothers ;broth ;brothers
pandemonium pandemonium ;pande ;pandemonium
bahamut bahamut ;baham ;bahamut
diabolos diabolos ;diabo ;diabolos
moogle moogle ;moogl ;moogle
balthier10 balthier10 ;balthier10
bartz10 bartz10 ;bartz10
cloud10 cloud10 ;cloud10
dkc10 dkc10 ;dkc10
edge10 edge10 ;edge10
eiko10 eiko10 ;eiko10
faris10 faris10 ;faris10
firion10 firion10 ;firion10
galuf10 galuf10 ;galuf10
hope10 hope10 ;hope10
king10 king10 ;king10
laguna10 laguna10 ;laguna10
layle10 layle10 ;layle10
ok10 ok10 ;ok10
penelo10 penelo10 ;penelo10
prishe10 prishe10 ;prishe10
rem10 rem10 ;rem10
sazh10 sazh10 ;sazh10
setzer10 setzer10 ;setzer10
shadow10 shadow10 ;shadow10
shantotto10 shantotto10 ;shantotto10
squall10 squall10 ;squall10
steiner10 steiner10 ;steiner10
terra10 terra10 ;terra10
tidus10 tidus10 ;tidus10
tifa10 tifa10 ;tifa10
vaan10 vaan10 ;vaan10
vanille10 vanille10 ;vanille10
vincent10 vincent10 ;vincent10
vivi10 vivi10 ;vivi10
wol10 wol10 ;wol10
yang10 yang10 ;yang10
yda10 yda10 ;yda10
yshtola10 yshtola10 ;yshtola10
yuffie10 yuffie10 ;yuffie10
yuna10 yuna10 ;yuna10
zell10 zell10 ;zell10
zidane10 zidane10 ;zidane10
ace15 ace15 ;ace15
aerith15 aerith15 ;aerith15
agrias15 agrias15 ;agrias15
alisaie15 alisaie15 ;alisaie15
alphnaud15 alphnaud15 ;alphinaud15
amidatelion15 amidatelion15 :amidatelion15
aphmau15 aphmau15 ;aphmau15
aranea15 aranea15 :aranea15
arciela15 arciela15 ;arciela15
ardyn15 ardyn15 :ardyn15
ashe15 ashe15 ;ashe15
auron15 auron15 ;auron15
balthier15 balthier15 ;balthier15
barret15 barret15 ;barret15
bartz15 bartz15 ;bartz15
basch15 basch15 ;basch15
beatrix15 beatrix15 ;beatrix15
caitsith15 caitsith15 ;caitsith15
caius15 caius15 ;caius15
cater15 cater15 ;cater15
celes15 celes15 ;celes15
ciaran15 ciaran15 ;ciaran15
cid15 cid15 ;cid15
cinque15 cinque15 ;cinque15
cloud15 cloud15 ;cloud15
cod15 cod15 ;cod15
cyan15 cyan15 ;cyan15
desch15 desch15 ;desch15
deuce15 deuce15 ;deuce15
dkc15 dkc15 ;dkc15
ealdnarche15 ealdnarche15 ;ealdnarche15
edgar15 edgar15 ;edgar15
edge15 edge15 ;edge15
edward15 edward15 :edward15
eight15 eight15 ;eight15
eiko15 eiko15 ;eiko15
emperor15 emperor15 ;emperor15
exdeath15 exdeath15 ;exdeath15
fang15 fang15 ;fang15
faris15 faris15 ;faris15
firion15 firion15 ;firion15
fran15 fran15 ;fran15
freya15 freya15 ;freya15
fujin15 fujin15 ;fujin15
gabranth15 gabranth15 :gabranth15
galuf15 galuf15 ;galuf15
garland15 garland15 ;garland15
garnet15 garnet15 ;garnet15
gau15 gau15 ;gau15
gilgamesh15 gilgamesh15 ;gilgamesh15
gladiolus15 gladiolus15 :gladiolus15
golbez15 golbez15 ;golbez15
hope15 hope15 ;hope15
ignis15 ignis15 ;ignis15
irvine15 irvine15 ;irvine15
jack15 jack15 ;jack15
jecht15 jecht15 ;jecht15
kain15 kain15 ;kain15
kamlanaut15 kamlanaut15 ;kamlanaut15
kefka15 kefka15 ;kefka15
keiss15 keiss15 ;keiss15
kimahri15 kimahri15 ;kimahri15
king15 king15 ;king15
krile15 krile15 ;krile15
kuja15 kuja15 ;kuja15
kurasame15 kurasame15 :kurasame15
laguna15 laguna15 ;laguna15
layle15 layle15 ;layle15
lenna15 lenna15 ;lenna15
leo15 leo15 ;leo15
leon15 leon15 ;leon15
lightning15 lightning15 ;lightning15
lilisette15 lilisette15 ;lilisette15
lion15 lion15 ;lion15
locke15 locke15 ;locke15
lulu15 lulu15 ;lulu15
lyse15 lyse15 ;lyse15
machina15 machina15 ;machina15
maria15 maria15 ;maria15
nine15 nine15 :nine15
noctis15 noctis15 ;noctis15
noel15 noel15 ;noel15
ok15 ok15 ;ok15
paine15 paine15 ;paine15
palom15 palom15 ;palom15
papalymo15 papalymo15 ;papalymo15
pecil15 pecil15 ;pecil15
penelo15 penelo15 ;penelo15
porom15 porom15 ;porom15
prishe15 prishe15 ;prishe15
prompto15 prompto15 ;prompto15
quistis15 quistis15 ;quistis15
raijin15 raijin15 ;raijin15
ramza15 ramza15 ;ramza15
relm15 relm15 ;relm15
rem15 rem15 ;rem15
reno15 reno15 ;reno15
rinoa15 rinoa15 ;rinoa15
rosa15 rosa15 ;rosa15
rude15 rude15 ;rude15
rydia15 rydia15 ;rydia15
sabin15 sabin15 ;sabin15
sazh15 sazh15 ;sazh15
seifer15 seifer15 ;seifer15
selphie15 selphie15 ;selphie15
sephiroth15 sephiroth15 ;sephiroth15
serah15 serah15 ;serah15
setzer15 setzer15 ;setzer15
seven15 seven15 ;seven15
seymour15 seymour15 ;seymour15
shadow15 shadow15 ;shadow15
shantotto15 shantotto15 ;shantotto15
sherlotta15 sherlotta15 ;sherlotta15
snow15 snow15 ;snow15
squall15 squall15 ;squall15
steiner15 steiner15 ;steiner15
strago15 strago15 :strago15
terra15 terra15 ;terra15
thancred15 thancred15 ;thancred15
tidus15 tidus15 ;tidus15
tifa15 tifa15 ;tifa15
trey15 trey15 :trey15
twins15 twins15 ;twins15
ultimecia15 ultimecia15 ;ultimecia15
vaan15 vaan15 ;vaan15
vanille15 vanille15 ;vanille15
vayne15 vayne15 ;vayne15
vincent15 vincent15 ;vincent15
vivi15 vivi15 ;vivi15
wakka15 wakka15 ;wakka15
wol15 wol15 ;wol15
xande15 xande15 ;xande15
yang15 yang15 ;yang15
yda15 yda15 ;yda15
yshtola15 yshtola15 ;yshtola15
yuffie15 yuffie15 ;yuffie15
yuna15 yuna15 ;yuna15
yuri15 yuri15 ;yuri15
zack15 zack15 ;zack15
zell15 zell15 ;zell15
zidane15 zidane15 ;zidane15
bartz152 bartz152 ;bartz152
cloud152 cloud152 ;cloud152
edgar152 edgar152 ;edgar152
hope152 hope152 ;hope152
laguna152 laguna152 ;laguna152
rem152 rem152 ;rem152
squall152 squall152 ;squall152
vaan152 vaan152 ;vaan152
yuna152 yuna152 ;yuna152
zidane152 zidane152 ;zidane152
;cod35 ;cod35 ;cod35
ace35 ace35 ;ace35
aerith35 aerith35 ;aerith35
agrias35 agrias35 ;agrias35
alisaie35 alisaie35 ;alisaie35
alphinaud35 alphinaud35 ;alphinaud35
amidatelion35 amidatelion35 :amidatelion35
aphmau35 aphmau35 ;aphmau35
aranea35 aranea35 :aranea35
arciela35 arciela35 ;arciela35
ardyn35 ardyn35 :ardyn35
ashe35 ashe35 ;ashe35
auron35 auron35 ;auron35
balthier35 balthier35 ;balthier35
barret35 barret35 ;barret35
bartz35 bartz35 ;bartz35
basch35 basch35 ;basch35
beatrix35 beatrix35 ;beatrix35
caitsith35 caitsith35 ;caitsith35
caius35 caius35 ;caius35
cater35 cater35 ;cater35
celes35 celes35 ;celes35
ciaran35 ciaran35 ;ciaran35
cid35 cid35 ;cid35
cinque35 cinque35 ;cinque35
cloud35 cloud35 ;cloud35
cyan35 cyan35 ;cyan35
desch35 desch35 :desch35
deuce35 deuce35 ;deuce35
dkc35 dkc35 ;dkc35
ealdnarche35 ealdnarche35 ;ealdnarche35
edgar35 edgar35 ;edgar35
edge35 edge35 ;edge35
edward35 edward35 :edward35
eight35 eight35 ;eight35
eiko35 eiko35 ;eiko35
emperor35 emperor35 ;emperor35
exdeath35 exdeath35 ;exdeath35
fang35 fang35 ;fang35
faris35 faris35 ;faris35
firion35 firion35 ;firion35
fran35 fran35 ;fran35
freya35 freya35 ;freya35
fujin35 fujin35 ;fujin35
gabranth35 gabranth35 :gabranth35
galuf35 galuf35 ;galuf35
garland35 garland35 ;garland35
garnet35 garnet35 ;garnet35
gau35 gau35 ;gau35
gilgamesh35 gilgamesh35 ;gilgamesh35
gladiolus35 gladiolus35 :gladiolus35
golbez35 golbez35 ;golbez35
hope35 hope35 ;hope35
ignis35 ignis35 ;ignis35
irvine35 irvine35 ;irvine35
jack35 jack35 ;jack35
jecht35 jecht35 ;jecht35
kain35 kain35 ;kain35
kamlanaut35 kamlanaut35 ;kamlanaut35
kefka35 kefka35 ;kefka35
keiss35 keiss35 ;keiss35
keissex keissex ;keissex
kimahri35 kimahri35 ;kimahri35
king35 king35 ;king35
krile35 krile35 ;krile35
kuja35 kuja35 ;kuja35
kurasame35 kurasame35 :kurasame35
laguna35 laguna35 ;laguna35
layle35 layle35 ;layle35
lenna35 lenna35 ;lenna35
leo35 leo35 ;leo35
leon35 leon35 ;leon35
lightning35 lightning35 ;lightning35
lilisette35 lilisette35 ;lilisette35
lion35 lion35 ;lion35
locke35 locke35 ;locke35
lulu35 lulu35 ;lulu35
lyse35 lyse35 ;lyse35
machina35 machina35 ;machina35
maria35 maria35 ;maria35
nine35 nine35 :nine35
noctis35 noctis35 ;noctis35
noel35 noel35 ;noel35
ok35 ok35 ;ok35
paine35 paine35 ;paine35
palom35 palom35 ;palom35
papalymo35 papalymo35 ;papalymo35
pecil35 pecil35 ;pecil35
penelo35 penelo35 ;penelo35
porom35 porom35 ;porom35
prishe35 prishe35 ;prishe35
prompto35 prompto35 ;prompto35
quistis35 quistis35 ;quistis35
raijin35 raijin35 ;raijin35
ramza35 ramza35 ;ramza35
relm35 relm35 ;relm35
rem35 rem35 ;rem35
reno35 reno35 ;reno35
rinoa35 rinoa35 ;rinoa35
rosa35 rosa35 ;rosa35
rude35 rude35 ;rude35
rydia35 rydia35 ;rydia35
sabin35 sabin35 ;sabin35
sazh35 sazh35 ;sazh35
seifer35 seifer35 ;seifer35
selphie35 selphie35 ;selphie35
sephiroth35 sephiroth35 ;sephiroth35
serah35 serah35 ;serah35
setzer35 setzer35 ;setzer35
seven35 seven35 ;seven35
seymour35 seymour35 ;seymour35
shadow35 shadow35 ;shadow35
shantotto35 shantotto35 ;shantotto35
sherlotta35 sherlotta35 ;sherlotta35
snow35 snow35 ;snow35
squall35 squall35 ;squall35
steiner35 steiner35 ;steiner35
strago35 strago35 :strago35
terra35 terra35 ;terra35
thancred35 thancred35 ;thancred35
tidus35 tidus35 ;tidus35
tifa35 tifa35 ;tifa35
trey35 trey35 :trey35
twins35 twins35 ;twins35
ultimecia35 ultimecia35 ;ultimecia35
vaan35 vaan35 ;vaan35
vanille35 vanille35 ;vanille35
vayne35 vayne35 ;vayne35
vincent35 vincent35 ;vincent35
vivi35 vivi35 ;vivi35
wakka35 wakka35 ;wakka35
wol35 wol35 ;wol35
xande35 xande35 ;xande35
yang35 yang35 ;yang35
yda35 yda35 ;yda35
yshtola35 yshtola35 ;yshtola35
yuffie35 yuffie35 ;yuffie35
yuna35 yuna35 ;yuna35
yuri35 yuri35 ;yuri35
zack35 zack35 ;zack35
zell35 zell35 ;zell35
zidane35 zidane35 ;zidane35
cloud352 cloud352 ;cloud352
bartz150 bartz150 ;bartz150
cloud150 cloud150 ;cloud150
dkc150 dkc150 ;dkc150
firion150 firion150 ;firion150
lightning150 lightning150 ;lightning150
noctis150 noctis150 ;noctis150
ok150 ok150 ;ok150
pecil150 pecil150 ;pecil150
shantotto150 shantotto150 ;shantotto150
squall150 squall150 ;squall150
terra150 terra150 ;terra150
tidus150 tidus150 ;tidus150
vaan150 vaan150 ;vaan150
wol150 wol150 ;wol150
yshtola150 yshtola150 ;yshtola150
zidane150 zidane150 ;zidane150
aceex aceex ;aceex
aerithex aerithex ;aerithex
agriasex agriasex ;agriasex
alisaieex alisaieex ;alisaieex
alphinaudex alphinaudex ;alphinaudex
amidatelionex amidatelionex :amidatelionex
aphmauex aphmauex ;aphmauex
araneaex araneaex :araneaex
arcielaex arcielaex ;arcielaex
ardynex ardynex :ardynex
asheex asheex ;asheex
auronex auronex ;auronex
balthierex balthierex ;balthierex
barretex barretex ;barretex
bartzex bartzex ;bartzex
baschex baschex ;baschex
beatrixex beatrixex ;beatrixex
caitsithex caitsithex ;caitsithex
caiusex caiusex ;caiusex
caterex caterex ;caterex
celesex celesex ;celesex
ciaranex ciaranex ;ciaranex
cidex cidex ;cidex
cinqueex cinqueex ;cinqueex
cloudex cloudex ;cloudex
codex codex ;codex
cyanex cyanex ;cyanex
deschex deschex :deschex
deuceex deuceex ;deuceex
dkcex dkcex ;dkcex
ealdnarcheex ealdnarcheex ;ealdnarcheex
edgarex edgarex ;edgarex
edgeex edgeex ;edgeex
edwardex edwardex :edwardex
eightex eightex ;eightex
eikoex eikoex ;eikoex
emperorex emperorex ;emperorex
exdeathex exdeathex ;exdeathex
fangex fangex ;fangex
farisex farisex ;farisex
firionex firionex ;firionex
franex franex ;franex
freyaex freyaex ;freyaex
fujinex fujinex ;fujinex
gabranthex gabranthex :gabranthex
galufex galufex ;galufex
garlandex garlandex ;garlandex
garnetex garnetex ;garnetex
gauex gauex ;gauex
gilgameshex gilgameshex ;gilgameshex
gladiolusex gladiolusex :gladiolusex
golbezex golbezex ;golbezex
hopeex hopeex ;hopeex
ignisex ignisex ;ignisex
irvineex irvineex ;irvineex
jackex jackex ;jackex
jechtex jechtex ;jechtex
kainex kainex ;kainex
kamlanautex kamlanautex ;kamlanautex
kefkaex kefkaex ;kefkaex
kimahriex kimahriex ;kimahriex
kingex kingex ;kingex
krileex krileex ;krileex
kujaex kujaex ;kujaex
kurasameex kurasameex :kurasameex
lagunaex lagunaex ;lagunaex
layleex layleex ;layleex
lennaex lennaex ;lennaex
leoex leoex ;leoex
leonex leonex ;leonex
lightningex lightningex ;lightningex
lilisetteex lilisetteex ;lilisetteex
lionex lionex ;lionex
lockeex lockeex ;lockeex
luluex luluex ;luluex
lyseex lyseex ;lyseex
machinaex machinaex ;machinaex
mariaex mariaex ;mariaex
nineex nineex :nineex
noctisex noctisex ;noctisex
noelex noelex ;noelex
okex okex ;okex
paineex paineex ;paineex
palomex palomex ;palomex
papalymoex papalymoex ;papalymoex
pecilex pecilex ;pecilex
peneloex peneloex ;peneloex
poromex poromex ;poromex
prisheex prisheex ;prisheex
promptoex promptoex ;promptoex
quistisex quistisex ;quistisex
ramzaex ramzaex ;ramzaex
relmex relmex ;relmex
remex remex ;remex
renoex renoex ;renoex
rinoaex rinoaex ;rinoaex
rosaex rosaex ;rosaex
rudeex rudeex ;rudeex
rydiaex rydiaex ;rydiaex
sabinex sabinex ;sabinex
seiferex seiferex ;seiferex
selphieex selphieex ;selphieex
sephirothex sephirothex ;sephirothex
serahex serahex ;serahex
setzerex setzerex ;setzerex
sevenex sevenex ;sevenex
seymourex seymourex ;seymourex
shadowex shadowex ;shadowex
shantottoex shantottoex ;shantottoex
sherlottaex sherlottaex ;sherlottaex
snowex snowex ;snowex
squallex squallex ;squallex
steinerex steinerex ;steinerex
stragoex stragoex :stragoex
terraex terraex ;terraex
thancredex thancredex ;thancredex
tidusex tidusex ;tidusex
tifaex tifaex ;tifaex
treyex treyex :treyex
twinsex twinsex ;twinsex
ultimeciaex ultimeciaex ;ultimeciaex
vaanex vaanex ;vaanex
vanilleex vanilleex ;vanilleex
vayneex vayneex ;vayneex
vincentex vincentex ;vincentex
viviex viviex ;viviex
wakkaex wakkaex ;wakkaex
wolex wolex ;wolex
xandeex xandeex ;xandeex
yangex yangex ;yangex
ydaex ydaex ;ydaex
yshtolaex yshtolaex ;yshtolaex
yuffieex yuffieex ;yuffieex
yunaex yunaex ;yunaex
yuriex yuriex ;yuriex
zackex zackex ;zackex
zellex zellex ;zellex
zidaneex zidaneex ;zidaneex
amidatelionld amidatelionld :amidatelionld
ardynld ardynld :ardynld
baschld baschld :baschld
beatrixld beatrixld ;beatrixld
ciaranld ciaranld ;ciaranld
deschld deschld :deschld
dkcld dkcld ;dkcld
edwardld edwardld :edwardld
eightld eightld :eightld
emperrorld emperrorld :emperorld
exdeathld exdeathld ;exdeathld
firionld firionld ;firionld
garlandld garlandld :garlandld
gauld gauld :gauld
gladiolusld gladiolusld :gladiolusld
kamlanautld kamlanautld ;kamlanautld
kefkald kefkald :kefkald
kimahrild kimahrild :kimahrild
kujald kujald :kujald
kurasameld kurasameld :kurasameld
machinald machinald :machinald
nineld nineld :nineld
noctisld noctisld :noctisld
renold renold ;renold
rinoald rinoald :rinoald
rudeld rudeld ;rudeld
sephirothld sephirothld ;sephirothld
shantottold shantottold ;shantottold
squallld squallld ;squallld
stragold stragold ;stragold
ultimeciald ultimeciald ;ultimeciald
vaanld vaanld ;vaanld
wolld wolld ;wolld
xandeld xandeld ;xandeld
ardynbt ardynbt :ardynbt
firionbt firionbt ;firionbt
kefkabt kefkabt :kefkabt
kujabt kujabt :kujabt
noctisbt noctisbt :noctisbt
sephirothbt sephirothbt ;sephirothbt
shantottobt shantottobt ;shantottobt
squallbt squallbt ;squallbt
vaanbt vaanbt ;vaanbt
wolbt wolbt ;wolbt
acea0 acea0 ;acea0
balthiera0 balthiera0 ;balthiera0
bartza0 bartza0 ;bartza0
clouda0 clouda0 ;clouda0
cyana0 cyana0 ;cyana0
dkca0 dkca0 ;dkca0
edgara0 edgara0 edgara0
edgea0 edgea0 ;edgea0
eikoa0 eikoa0 ;eikoa0
farisa0 farisa0 ;farisa0
firiona0 firiona0 ;firiona0
fujina0 fujina0 ;fujina0
galufa0 galufa0 galufa0
hopea0 hopea0 ;hopea0
irvinea0 irvinea0 ;irvinea0
jechta0 jechta0 ;jechta0
kinga0 kinga0 ;kinga0
lagunaa0 lagunaa0 ;lagunaa0
laylea0 laylea0 ;laylea0
lightninga0 lightninga0 ;lightninga0
lilisettea0 lilisettea0 ;lilisettea0
oka0 oka0 ;oka0
papalymoa0 papalymoa0 ;papalymoa0
peneloa0 peneloa0 ;peneloa0
prishea0 prishea0 ;prishea0
raijina0 raijina0 ;raijina0
ramzaa0 ramzaa0 ;ramzaa0
rema0 rema0 ;rema0
sazha0 sazha0 ;sazha0
seifera0 seifera0 ;seifera0
seraha0 seraha0 ;seraha0
setzera0 setzera0 ;setzera0
seymoura0 seymoura0 ;seymoura0
shadowa0 shadowa0 ;shadowa0
shantottoa0 shantottoa0 ;shantottoa0
squalla0 squalla0 ;squalla0
steinera0 steinera0 ;steinera0
terraa0 terraa0 ;terraa0
tidusa0 tidusa0 ;tidusa0
tifaa0 tifaa0 ;tifaa0
vaana0 vaana0 ;vaana0
vanillea0 vanillea0 ;vanillea0
vincenta0 vincenta0 ;vincenta0
vivia0 vivia0 ;vivia0
wakkaa0 wakkaa0 ;wakkaa0
wola0 wola0 ;wola0
yanga0 yanga0 ;yanga0
ydaa0 ydaa0 ;ydaa0
yshtolaa0 yshtolaa0 ;yshtolaa0
yuffiea0 yuffiea0 ;yuffiea0
yunaa0 yunaa0 ;yunaa0
yuria0 yuria0 ;yuria0
zella0 zella0 ;zella0
zidanea0 zidanea0 ;zidanea0
acea1 acea1 ;acea1
aeritha1 aeritha1 ;aeritha1
agriasa1 agriasa1 ;agriasa1
alisaiea1 alisaiea1 ;alisaiea1
alphinauda1 alphinauda1 ;alphinauda1
amidateliona1 amidateliona1 :amidateliona1
aphmaua1 aphmaua1 ;aphmaua1
araneaa1 araneaa1 :araneaa1
arcielaa1 arcielaa1 ;arcielaa1
ardyna1 ardyna1 :ardyna1
ashea1 ashea1 ;ashea1
aurona1 aurona1 ;aurona1
balthiera1 balthiera1 ;balthiera1
barreta1 barreta1 ;barreta1
bartza1 bartza1 ;bartza1
bascha1 bascha1 ;bascha1
beatrixa1 beatrixa1 ;beatrixa1
caitsitha1 caitsitha1 ;caitsitha1
caiusa1 caiusa1 ;caiusa1
catera1 catera1 ;catera1
celesa1 celesa1 ;celesa1
ciarana1 ciarana1 ;ciarana1
cida1 cida1 ;cida1
cinquea1 cinquea1 ;cinquea1
clouda1 clouda1 ;clouda1
coda1 coda1 ;coda1
cyana1 cyana1 ;cyana1
descha1 descha1 :descha1
deucea1 deucea1 ;deucea1
dkca1 dkca1 ;dkca1
ealdnarchea1 ealdnarchea1 ;ealdnarchea1
edgara1 edgara1 ;edgara1
edgea1 edgea1 ;edgea1
edwarda1 edwarda1 :edwarda1
eighta1 eighta1 ;eighta1
eikoa1 eikoa1 eikoa1
emperora1 emperora1 ;emperora1
exdeatha1 exdeatha1 ;exdeatha1
fanga1 fanga1 ;fanga1
farisa1 farisa1 ;farisa1
firiona1 firiona1 ;firiona1
frana1 frana1 ;frana1
freyaa1 freyaa1 ;freya1
fujina1 fujina1 ;fujina1
gabrantha1 gabrantha1 :gabrantha1
galufa1 galufa1 ;galufa1
garlanda1 garlanda1 ;garlanda1
garneta1 garneta1 ;garneta1
gaua1 gaua1 ;gaua1
gilgamesha1 gilgamesha1 ;gilgamesha1
gladiolusa1 gladiolusa1 :gladiolusa1
golbeza1 golbeza1 ;golbeza1
hopea1 hopea1 ;hopea1
ignisa1 ignisa1 ;ignisa1
irvinea1 irvinea1 ;irvinea1
jacka1 jacka1 ;jacka1
jechta1 jechta1 ;jechta1
kaina1 kaina1 ;kaina1
kamlanauta1 kamlanauta1 ;kamlanauta1
kefkaa1 kefkaa1 ;kefkaa1
keissa1 keissa1 ;keissa1
kimahria1 kimahria1 ;kimahria1
kinga1 kinga1 ;kinga1
krilea1 krilea1 ;krilea1
kujaa1 kujaa1 ;kujaa1
kurasamea1 kurasamea1 :kurasamea1
lagunaa1 lagunaa1 ;lagunaa1
laylea1 laylea1 ;laylea1
lennaa1 lennaa1 ;lennaa1
leoa1 leoa1 ;leoa1
leona1 leona1 ;leona1
lightninga1 lightninga1 ;lightninga1
lilisettea1 lilisettea1 ;lilisettea1
liona1 liona1 ;liona1
lockea1 lockea1 ;lockea1
lulua1 lulua1 ;lulua1
lysea1 lysea1 ;lysea1
machinaa1 machinaa1 ;machinaa1
mariaa1 mariaa1 ;mariaa1
ninea1 ninea1 :ninea1
noctisa1 noctisa1 ;noctisa1
noela1 noela1 ;noela1
oka1 oka1 ;oka1
painea1 painea1 ;painea1
paloma1 paloma1 ;paloma1
papalymoa1 papalymoa1 ;papalymoaa1
pecila1 pecila1 ;pecila1
peneloa1 peneloa1 ;peneloa1
poroma1 poroma1 ;poroma1
prishea1 prishea1 ;prishea1
promptoa1 promptoa1 ;promptoa1
quistisa1 quistisa1 ;quistisa1
raijina1 raijina1 ;raijina1
ramzaa1 ramzaa1 ;ramzaa1
relma1 relma1 ;relma1
rema1 rema1 ;rema1
renoa1 renoa1 ;renoa1
rinoaa1 rinoaa1 ;rinoaa1
rosaa1 rosaa1 ;rosaa1
rudea1 rudea1 ;rudea1
rydiaa1 rydiaa1 ;rydiaa1
sabina1 sabina1 ;sabina1
sazha1 sazha1 ;sazha1
seifera1 seifera1 ;seifera1
selphiea1 selphiea1 ;selphiea1
sephirotha1 sephirotha1 ;sephirotha1
seraha1 seraha1 ;seraha1
setzera1 setzera1 ;setzera1
sevena1 sevena1 ;sevena1
seymoura1 seymoura1 ;seymoura1
shadowa1 shadowa1 ;shadowa1
shantottoa1 shantottoa1 ;shantottoa1
sherlottaa1 sherlottaa1 ;sherlottaa1
snowa1 snowa1 ;snowa1
squalla1 squalla1 ;squalla1
steinera1 steinera1 ;steinera1
stragoa1 stragoa1 :stragoa1
terraa1 terraa1 ;terraa1
thancreda1 thancreda1 ;thancreda1
tidusa1 tidusa1 ;tidusa1
tifaa1 tifaa1 ;tifaa1
treya1 treya1 :treya1
twinsa1 twinsa1 ;twinsa1
ultimeciaa1 ultimeciaa1 ;ultimeciaa1
vaana1 vaana1 ;vaana1
vanillea1 vanillea1 ;vanillea1
vaynea1 vaynea1 ;vaynea1
vincenta1 vincenta1 ;vincenta1
vivia1 vivia1 ;vivia1
wakkaa1 wakkaa1 ;wakkaa1
wola1 wola1 ;wola1
xandea1 xandea1 ;xandea1
yanga1 yanga1 ;yanga1
ydaa1 ydaa1 ;ydaa1
yshtolaa1 yshtolaa1 ;yshtolaa1
yuffiea1 yuffiea1 ;yuffiea1
yunaa1 yunaa1 ;yunaa1
yuria1 yuria1 ;yuria1
zacka1 zacka1 ;zacka1
zella1 zella1 ;zella1
zidanea1 zidanea1 ;zidanea1
acea2 acea2 ;acea2
aeritha2 aeritha2 ;aeritha2
agriasa2 agriasa2 ;agriasa2
alisaiea2 alisaiea2 ;alisaiea2
alphinauda2 alphinauda2 ;alphinauda2
amidateliona2 amidateliona2 :amidateliona2
aphmaua2 aphmaua2 ;aphmaua2
araneaa2 araneaa2 :araneaa2
arcielaa2 arcielaa2 ;arcielaa2
ardyna2 ardyna2 :ardyna2
ashea2 ashea2 ;ashea2
aurona2 aurona2 ;aurona2
balthiera2 balthiera2 ;balthiera2
barreta2 barreta2 ;barreta2
bartza2 bartza2 ;bartza2
bascha2 bascha2 ;bascha2
beatrixa2 beatrixa2 ;beatrixa2
caitsitha2 caitsitha2 ;caitsitha2
caiusa2 caiusa2 ;caiusa2
catera2 catera2 ;catera2
celesa2 celesa2 ;celesa2
ciarana2 ciarana2 ;ciarana2
cida2 cida2 ;cida2
cinquea2 cinquea2 ;cinquea2
clouda2 clouda2 ;clouda2
coda2 coda2 ;coda2
cyana2 cyana2 ;cyana2
descha2 descha2 :descha2
deucea2 deucea2 ;deucea2
dkca2 dkca2 ;dkca2
ealdnarchea2 ealdnarchea2 ;ealdnarchea2
edgara2 edgara2 ;edgara2
edgea2 edgea2 ;edgea2
edwarda2 edwarda2 :edwarda2
eighta2 eighta2 ;eighta2
eikoa2 eikoa2 ;eikoa2
emperora2 emperora2 ;emperora2
exdeatha2 exdeatha2 ;exdeatha2
fanga2 fanga2 ;fanga2
farisa2 farisa2 ;farisa2
firiona2 firiona2 ;firiona2
frana2 frana2 ;frana2
freyaa2 freyaa2 ;freyaa2
fujina2 fujina2 ;fujina2
gabrantha2 gabrantha2 :gabrantha2
galufa2 galufa2 ;galufa2
garlanda2 garlanda2 ;garlanda2
garneta2 garneta2 ;garneta2
gaua2 gaua2 ;gaua2
gilgamesha2 gilgamesha2 ;gilgamesha2
gladiolusa2 gladiolusa2 :gladiolusa2
golbeza2 golbeza2 ;golbeza2
hopea2 hopea2 ;hopea2
ignisa2 ignisa2 ;ignisa2
irvinea2 irvinea2 ;irvinea2
jacka2 jacka2 ;jacka2
jechta2 jechta2 ;jechta2
kaina2 kaina2 ;kaina2
kamlanauta2 kamlanauta2 ;kamlanauta2
kefkaa2 kefkaa2 ;kefkaa2
keissa2 keissa2 ;keissa2
kimahria2 kimahria2 ;kimahria2
kinga2 kinga2 ;kinga2
krilea2 krilea2 ;krilea2
kujaa2 kujaa2 ;kujaa2
kurasamea2 kurasamea2 :kurasamea2
lagunaa2 lagunaa2 ;lagunaa2
laylea2 laylea2 ;laylea2
lennaa2 lennaa2 ;lennaa2
leoa2 leoa2 ;leoa2
leona2 leona2 ;leona2
lightninga2 lightninga2 ;lightninga2
lilisettea2 lilisettea2 ;lilisettea2
liona2 liona2 ;liona2
lockea2 lockea2 ;lockea2
lulua2 lulua2 ;lulua2
lysea2 lysea2 ;lysea2
machinaa2 machinaa2 ;machinaa2
mariaa2 mariaa2 ;mariaa2
ninea2 ninea2 :ninea2
noctisa2 noctisa2 ;noctisa2
noela2 noela2 ;noela2
oka2 oka2 ;oka2
painea2 painea2 ;painea2
paloma2 paloma2 ;paloma2
papalymoa2 papalymoa2 ;papalymoa2
pecila2 pecila2 ;pecila2
peneloa2 peneloa2 ;peneloa2
poroma2 poroma2 ;poroma2
prishea2 prishea2 ;prishea2
promptoa2 promptoa2 ;promptoa2
quistisa2 quistisa2 ;quistisa2
raijina2 raijina2 ;raijina2
ramzaa2 ramzaa2 ;ramzaa2
relma2 relma2 ;relma2
rema2 rema2 ;rema2
renoa2 renoa2 ;renoa2
rinoaa2 rinoaa2 ;rinoaa2
rosaa2 rosaa2 ;rosaa2
rudea2 rudea2 ;rudea2
rydiaa2 rydiaa2 ;rydiaa2
sabina2 sabina2 ;sabina2
sazha2 sazha2 ;sazha2
seifera2 seifera2 ;seifera2
selphiea2 selphiea2 ;selphiea2
sephirotha2 sephirotha2 ;sephirotha2
seraha2 seraha2 ;seraha2
setzera2 setzera2 ;setzera2
sevena2 sevena2 ;sevena2
seymoura2 seymoura2 ;seymoura2
shadowa2 shadowa2 ;shadowa2
shantottoa2 shantottoa2 ;shantottoa2
sherlottaa2 sherlottaa2 ;sherlottaa2
snowa2 snowa2 ;snowa2
squalla2 squalla2 ;squalla2
steinera2 steinera2 ;steinera2
stragoa2 stragoa2 :stragoa2
terraa2 terraa2 ;terraa2
thancreda2 thancreda2 ;thancreda2
tidusa2 tidusa2 ;tidusa2
tifaa2 tifaa2 ;tifaa2
treya2 treya2 :treya2
twinsa2 twinsa2 ;twinsa2
ultimeciaa2 ultimeciaa2 ;ultimeciaa2
vaana2 vaana2 ;vaana2
vanillea2 vanillea2 ;vanillea2
vaynea2 vaynea2 ;vaynea2
vincenta2 vincenta2 ;vincenta2
vivia2 vivia2 ;vivia2
wakkaa2 wakkaa2 ;wakkaa2
wola2 wola2 ;wola2
xandea2 xandea2 ;xandea2
yanga2 yanga2 ;yanga2
ydaa2 ydaa2 ;ydaa2
yshtolaa2 yshtolaa2 ;yshtolaa2
yuffiea2 yuffiea2 ;yuffiea2
yunaa2 yunaa2 ;yunaa2
yuria2 yuria2 ;yuria2
zacka2 zacka2 ;zacka2
zella2 zella2 ;zella2
zidanea2 zidanea2 ;zidanea2
amidateliona3 amidateliona3 :amidateliona3
ardyna3 ardyna3 ;ardyna3
bascha3 bascha3 ;bascha3
beatrixa3 beatrixa3 ;beatrixa3
ciarana3 ciarana3 ciarana3
clouda3 clouda3 ;clouda3
descha3 descha3 ;descha3
dkca3 dkca3 ;dkca3
edwarda3 edwarda3 :edwarda3
emperora3 emperora3 :emperora3
exdeatha3 exdeatha3 ;exdeatha3
firiona3 firiona3 ;firiona3
gladiolusa3 gladiolusa3 :gladiolusa3
jacka3 jacka3 ;jacka3
kamlanauta3 kamlanauta3 kamlanauta3
kefkaa3 kefkaa3 :kefkaa3
kimahria3 kimahria3 :kimahria3
kurasamea3 kurasamea3 :kurasamea3
lightninga3 lightninga3 :lightninga3
ninea3 ninea3 ;ninea3
noctisa3 noctisa3 ;noctisa3
renoa3 renoa3 ;renoa3
rinoaa3 rinoaa3 :rinoaa3
rudea3 rudea3 ;rudea3
sephirotha3 sephirotha3 ;sephirotha3
shantottoa3 shantottoa3 ;shantottoa3
stragoa3 stragoa3 :stragoa3
ultimeciaa3 ultimeciaa3 ;ultimeciaa3
xandea3 xandea3 ;xandea3
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mogawesome mogawesome ;mogawesome
moggoodgame moggoodgame ;moggoodgame
mogadviceplease mogadviceplease ;mogadviceplease
moghpattack moghpattack ;moghpattack
mogbrvattack mogbrvattack ;mogbrvattack
mogsorry mogsorry ;mogsorry
mogthankyou mogthankyou ;mogthankyou
mogok mogok ;mogok
mognoworries mognoworries ;mognoworries
mogattack mogattack ;mogattack
mogdontgiveup mogdontgiveup ;mogdontgiveup
mogletsgo mogletsgo ;mogletsgo
mogsummon mogsummon ;mogsummon
mog!? mog!? ;mog!?
mogangry mogangry ;mogangry
mogmissionsahoy mogmissionsahoy ;mogmissionsahoy
mogivegotthis mogivegotthis ;mogivegotthis
moghelp moghelp ;moghelp
mogmybad mogmybad ;mogmybad
mogpleasewait mogpleasewait ;mogpleasewait
mogakeome mogakeome ;mogakeome
moghappyhunting moghappyhunting ;moghappyhunting
mogletschill mogletschill ;mogletschill
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moghalloween moghalloween ;moghalloween
moghappyholidays moghappyholidays ;moghappyholidays
moghappy2019 moghappy2019 ;moghappy2019
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moghappy2020 moghappy2020 ;moghappy2020
cactuarhi cactuarhi ;cactuarhi
jpcactuarhi jpcactuarhi ;jpcactuarhi
cactuarjollygame cactuarjollygame ;cactuarjollygame
cactuarbye cactuarbye ;cactuarbye
jpcactuarbye jpcactuarbye ;jpcactuarbye
wolhi wolhi ;wolhi
wolawesome wolawesome ;wolawesome
wolty wolty ;wolty
wolbye wolbye ;wolbye
wol1 wol1 ;wol1
wol2 wol2 ;wol2
garland1 garland1 ;garland1
garland2 garland2 ;garland2
emperor1 emperor1 ;emperor1
emperor2 emperor2 ;emperor2
firion1 firion1 ;firion1
firion2 firion2 ;firion2
cloudofdarkness1 cloudofdarkness1 ;cloudofdarkness1
cloudofdarkness2 cloudofdarkness2 ;cloudofdarkness2
ok1 ok1 ;ok1
ok2 ok2 ;ok2
cecil1 cecil1 ;cecil1
dkc1 dkc1 ;dkc1
golbez1 golbez1 ;golbez1
golbez2 golbez2 ;golbez2
golbez3 golbez3 ;golbez3
bartz1 bartz1 ;bartz1
bartz2 bartz2 ;bartz2
bartz3 bartz3 ;bartz3
bartz4 bartz4 ;bartz4
bartz5 bartz5 ;bartz5
bartz6 bartz6 ;bartz6
exdeath1 exdeath1 ;exdeath1
exdeath2 exdeath2 ;exdeath2
lockehi lockehi ;lockehi
lockeamazing lockeamazing ;lockeamazing
lockety lockety ;lockety
kefkahi kefkahi ;kefkahi
kefkaamazing kefkaamazing ;kefkaamazing
kefkaty kefkaty ;kefkaty
kefka1 kefka1 ;kefka1
kefka2 kefka2 ;kefka2
kefka3 kefka3 ;kefka3
terra1 terra1 ;terra1
setzerhi setzerhi ;setzerhi
setzeramazing setzeramazing ;setzeramazing
setzerty setzerty ;setzerty
setzerbye setzerbye ;setzerbye
cloudhi cloudhi ;cloudhi
cloudawesome cloudawesome ;cloudawesome
cloudty cloudty ;cloudty
cloudbye cloudbye ;cloudbye
cloud1 cloud1 ;cloud1
cloud2 cloud2 ;cloud2
tifahi tifahi ;tifahi
tifamazing tifamazing ;tifaamazing
tifaty tifaty ;tifaty
tifabye tifabye ;tifabye
sephiroth1 sephiroth1 ;sephiroth1
sephiroth2 sephiroth2 ;sephiroth2
sephiroth3 sephiroth3 ;sephiroth3
sephirothhi sephirothhi ;sephirothhi
sephirothamazing sephirothamazing ;sephirothamazing
sephirothty sephirothty ;sephirothty
sephirothbye sephirothbye ;sephirothbye
squallhi squallhi ;squallhi
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squallty squallty ;squallty
squallbye squallbye ;squallbye
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squall2 squall2 ;squall2
rinoahi rinoahi ;rinoahi
rinoaamazing rinoaamazing ;rinoaamazing
rinoaty rinoaty ;rinoaty
rinoabye rinoabye ;rinoabye
ultimecia1 ultimecia1 ;ultimecia1
ultimecia2 ultimecia2 ;ultimecia2
zidanehi zidanehi ;zidanehi
zidaneamazing zidaneamazing ;zidaneamazing
zidanety zidanety ;zidanety
zidanebye zidanebye ;zidanebye
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beatrixhi beatrixhi ;beatrixhi
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beatrixty beatrixty ;beatrixty
beatrixbye beatrixbye ;beatrixbye
kujahi kujahi ;kujahi
kujaamazing kujaamazing ;kujaamazing
kujaty kujaty ;kujaty
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kuja2 kuja2 ;kuja2
kuja3 kuja3 ;kuja3
vivihi vivihi ;vivihi
viviawesome viviawesome ;viviawesome
vivity vivity ;vivity
vivibye vivibye ;vivibye
steiner1 steiner1 ;steiner1
steiner2 steiner2 ;steiner2
steiner3 steiner3 ;steiner3
steiner4 steiner4 ;steiner4
seymourhi seymourhi ;seymourhi
seymourawesome seymourawesome ;seymourawesome
seymourty seymourty ;seymourty
jecht1 jecht1 ;jecht1
jecht2 jecht2 ;jecht2
tidus1 tidus1 ;tidus1
tidus2 tidus2 ;tidus2
shantotto1 shantotto1 ;shantotto1
shantotto2 shantotto2 ;shantotto2
vaan1 vaan1 ;vaan1
sazhhi sazhhi ;sazhhi
sazhamazing sazhamazing ;sazhamazing
sazhty sazhty ;sazhty
sazhbye sazhbye ;sazhbye
hopehi hopehi ;hopehi
hopeamazing hopeamazing ;hopeamazing
hopety hopety ;hopety
hopebye hopebye ;hopebye
vanillehi vanillehi ;vanillehi
vanilleamazing vanilleamazing ;vanilleamazing
vanillety vanillety ;vanillety
vanillebye vanillebye ;vanillebye
lightning1 lightning1 ;lightning1
lightning2 lightning2 ;lightning2
yshtolahi yshtolahi ;yshtolahi
yshtolaamazing yshtolaamazing ;yshtolaamazing
yshtolaty yshtolaty ;yshtolaty
yshtolabye yshtolabye ;yshtolabye
yshtola1 yshtola1 ;yshtola1
ydahi ydahi ;ydahi
ydaamazing ydaamazing ;ydaamazing
ydaty ydaty ;ydaty
ydabye ydabye ;ydabye
araneahi araneahi ;araneahi
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araneabye araneabye ;araneabye
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rembye rembye ;rembye
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garlandnt garlandnt ;garlandnt
firionnt firionnt ;firionnt
emperornt emperornt ;emperornt
oknt oknt ;oknt
cloudofdarknessnt cloudofdarknessnt ;cloudofdarknessnt
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kainnt kainnt ;kainnt
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bartznt bartznt ;bartznt
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squallnt squallnt ;squallnt
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ultimeciant ultimeciant ;ultimeciant
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tidusnt tidusnt ;tidusnt
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noctisnt noctisnt noctisnt
ramzant ramzant ;ramzant
acent acent ;acent
wol1 wol1 :wol1
wol2 wol2 :wol2
wol3 wol3 :wol3
wol4 wol4 :wol4
wol5 wol5 :wol5
wol6 wol6 :wol6
wol7 wol7 :wol7
wol8 wol8 :wol8
wol9 wol9 :wol9
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garland7 garland7 :garland7
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garland9 garland9 :garland9
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garland22 garland22 :garland22
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garland24 garland24 :garland24
garland25 garland25 :garland25
garland26 garland26 :garland26
garland27 garland27 :garland27
garland28 garland28 :garland28
garland29 garland29 :garland29
garland20 garland20 :garland20
firion1 firion1 :firion1
firion2 firion2 :firion2
firion3 firion3 :firon3
firion4 firion4 :firion4
firion5 firion5 :firion5
firion6 firion6 :firion6
firion7 firion7 :firion7
firion8 firion8 :firion8
firion9 firion9 :firion9
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firion22 firion22 :firion22
firion23 firion23 :firion23
firion24 firion24 :firion24
firion25 firion25 :firion25
firion26 firion26 :firion26
firion27 firion27 :firion27
firion28 firion28 :firion28
firion29 firion29 :firion29
firion20 firion20 :firion20
maria1 maria1 :maria1
maria2 maria2 :maria2
maria3 maria3 :maria3
maria4 maria4 :maria4
maria5 maria5 :maria5
maria6 maria6 :maria6
maria7 maria7 :maria7
maria8 maria8 :maria8
maria9 maria9 :maria9
maria0 maria0 :maria0
leon1 leon1 :leon1
leon2 leon2 :leon2
leon3 leon3 :leon3
leon4 leon4 :leon4
leon5 leon5 :leon5
leon6 leon6 :leon6
leon7 leon7 :leon7
leon8 leon8 :leon8
leon9 leon9 :leon9
leon0 leon0 :leon0
leon21 leon21 :leon21
leon22 leon22 :leon22
leon23 leon23 :leon23
leon24 leon24 :leon24
leon25 leon25 :leon25
leon26 leon26 :leon26
leon27 leon27 :leon27
leon28 leon28 :leon28
leon29 leon29 :leon29
leon20 leon20 :leon20
emperor1 emperor1 :emperor1
emperor2 emperor2 :emperor2
emperor3 emperor3 :emperor3
emperor4 emperor4 :emperor4
emperor5 emperor5 :emperor5
emperor6 emperor6 :emperor6
emperor7 emperor7 :emperor7
emperor8 emperor8 :emperor8
emperor9 emperor9 :emperor9
emperor0 emperor0 :emperor0
guy1 guy1 :guy1
guy2 guy2 :guy2
guy3 guy3 :guy3
guy4 guy4 :guy4
guy5 guy5 :guy5
guy6 guy6 :guy6
guy7 guy7 :guy7
guy8 guy8 :guy8
guy9 guy9 :guy9
guy10 guy10 :guy10
ok1 ok1 :ok1
ok2 ok2 :ok2
ok3 ok3 :ok3
ok4 ok4 :ok4
ok5 ok5 :ok5
ok6 ok6 :ok6
ok7 ok7 :ok7
ok8 ok8 :ok8
ok9 ok9 :ok9
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ok21 ok21 :ok21
ok22 ok22 :ok22
ok23 ok23 :ok23
ok24 ok24 :ok24
ok25 ok25 :ok25
ok26 ok26 :ok26
ok27 ok27 :ok27
ok29 ok29 :ok29
ok20 ok20 :ok20
cod1 cod1 :cod1
cod2 cod2 :cod2
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cod4 cod4 :cod4
cod5 cod5 :cod5
cod6 cod6 :cod6
cod7 cod7 :cod7
cod8 cod8 :cod8
cod9 cod9 :cod9
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cod21 cod21 :cod21
cod22 cod22 :cod22
cod23 cod23 :cod23
cod24 cod24 :cod24
cod25 cod25 :cod25
cod26 cod26 :cod26
cod27 cod27 :cod27
cod28 cod28 :cod28
cod29 cod29 :cod29
cod20 cod20 :cod20
desch1 desch1 :desch1
desch2 desch2 :desch2
desch3 desch3 :desch3
desch4 desch4 :desch4
desch5 desch5 :desch5
desch6 desch6 :desch6
desch7 desch7 :desch7
desch8 desch8 :desch8
desch9 desch9 :desch9
desch0 desch0 :desch0
xande1 xande1 :xande1
xande2 xande2 :xande2
xande3 xande3 :xande3
xande4 xande4 :xande4
xande5 xande5 :xande5
xande6 xande6 :xande6
xande7 xande7 :xande7
xande8 xande8 :xande8
xande9 xande9 :xande9
xande0 xande0 :xande0
cecil1 cecil1 :cecil1
cecil2 cecil2 :cecil2
cecil3 cecil3 :cecil3
cecil4 cecil4 :cecil4
cecil5 cecil5 :cecil5
cecil6 cecil6 :cecil6
cecil7 cecil7 :cecil7
cecil8 cecil8 :cecil8
cecil9 cecil9 :cecil9
cecil0 cecil0 :cecil0
pecil1 pecil1 :pecil1
pecil2 pecil2 :pecil2
pecil3 pecil3 :pecil3
pecil4 pecil4 :pecil4
pecil5 pecil5 :pecil5
pecil6 pecil6 :pecil6
pecil7 pecil7 :pecil7
pecil8 pecil8 :pecil8
pecil9 pecil9 :pecil9
pecil0 pecil0 :pecil0
pecil21 pecil21 :pecil21
pecil22 pecil22 :pecil22
pecil23 pecil23 :pecil23
pecil24 pecil24 :pecil24
pecil25 pecil25 :pecil25
pecil26 pecil26 :pecil26
pecil27 pecil27 :pecil27
pecil28 pecil28 :pecil28
pecil29 pecil29 :pecil29
pecil20 pecil20 :pecil20
edge1 edge1 :edge1
edge2 edge2 :edge2
edge3 edge3 :edge3
edge4 edge4 :edge4
edge5 edge5 :edge5
edge6 edge6 :edge6
edge7 edge7 :edge7
edge8 edge8 :edge8
edge9 edge9 :edge9
edge0 edge0 :edge0
yang1 yang1 :yang1
yang2 yang2 :yang2
yang3 yang3 :yang3
yang4 yang4 :yang4
yang5 yang5 :yang5
yang6 yang6 :yang6
yang7 yang7 :yang7
yang8 yang8 :yang8
yang9 yang9 :yang9
yang0 yang0 :yang0
kain1 kain1 :kain1
kain2 kain2 :kain2
kain3 kain3 :kain3
kain4 kain4 :kain4
kain5 kain5 :kain5
kain6 kain6 :kain6
kain7 kain7 :kain7
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kain21 kain21 :kain21
kain22 kain22 :kain22
kain23 kain23 :kain23
kain24 kain24 :kain24
kain25 kain25 :kain25
kain26 kain26 :kain26
kain27 kain27 :kain27
kain28 kain28 :kain28
kain29 kain29 :kain29
kain20 kain20 :kain20
rydia1 rydia1 :rydia1
rydia2 rydia2 :rydia2
rydia3 rydia3 :rydia3
rydia4 rydia4 :rydia4
rydia5 rydia5 :rydia5
rydia6 rydia6 :rydia6
rydia7 rydia7 :rydia7
rydia8 rydia8 :rydia8
rydia9 rydia9 :rydia9
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rydia22 rydia22 :rydia22
rydia23 rydia23 :rydia23
rydia24 rydia24 :rydia24
rydia25 rydia25 :rydia25
rydia26 rydia26 :rydia26
rydia27 rydia27 :rydia27
rydia28 rydia28 :rydia28
rydia29 rydia29 :rydia29
rydia20 rydia20 :rydia20
rosa1 rosa1 :rosa1
rosa2 rosa2 :rosa2
rosa3 rosa3 :rosa3
rosa4 rosa4 :rosa4
rosa5 rosa5 :rosa5
rosa6 rosa6 :rosa6
rosa7 rosa7 :rosa7
rosa8 rosa8 :rosa8
rosa9 rosa9 :rosa9
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rosa22 rosa22 :rosa22
rosa23 rosa23 :rosa23
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rosa25 rosa25 :rosa25
rosa26 rosa26 :rosa26
rosa27 rosa27 :rosa27
rosa28 rosa28 :rosa28
rosa29 rosa29 :rosa29
rosa20 rosa20 :rosa20
golbez1 golbez1 :golbez1
golbez2 golbez2 :golbez2
golbez3 golbez3 :golbez3
golbez4 golbez4 :golbez4
golbez5 golbez5 :golbez5
golbez6 golbez6 :golbez6
golbez7 golbez7 :golbez7
golbez8 golbez8 :golbez8
golbez9 golbez9 :golbez9
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golbez21 golbez21 :golbez21
golbez22 golbez22 :golbez22
golbez23 golbez23 :golbez23
golbez24 golbez24 :golbez24
golbez25 golbez25 :golbez25
golbez26 golbez26 :golbez26
golbez27 golbez27 :golbez27
golbez28 golbez28 :golbez28
golbez29 golbez29 :golbez29
golbez20 golbez20 :golbez20
4twins1 4twins1 :4twins1
4twins2 4twins2 :4twins2
4twins3 4twins3 :4twins3
4twins5 4twins5 :4twins5
4twins6 4twins6 :4twins6
4twins7 4twins7 :4twins7
4twins8 4twins8 :4twins8
4twins9 4twins9 :4twins9
4twins0 4twins0 :4twins0
edward1 edward1 :edward1
edward2 edward2 :edward2
edward3 edward3 :edward3
edward4 edward4 :edward4
edward5 edward5 :edward5
edward6 edward6 :edward6
edward7 edward7 :edward7
edward8 edward8 :edward8
edward9 edward9 :edward9
edward0 edward0 :edward0
tellah1 tellah1 :tellah1
tellah2 tellah2 :tellah2
tellah3 tellah3 :tellah3
tellah4 tellah4 :tellah4
tellah5 tellah5 :tellah5
tellah6 tellah6 :tellah6
tellah7 tellah7 :tellah7
tellah8 tellah8 :tellah8
tellah9 tellah9 :tellah9
tellah0 tellah0 :tellah0
bartz1 bartz1 :bartz1
bartz2 bartz2 :bartz2
bartz3 bartz3 :bartz3
bartz4 bartz4 :bartz4
bartz5 bartz5 :bartz5
bartz6 bartz6 :bartz6
bartz7 bartz7 :bartz7
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bartz9 bartz9 :bartz9
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bartz22 bartz22 :bartz22
bartz23 bartz23 :bartz23
bartz24 bartz24 :bartz24
bartz25 bartz25 :bartz25
bartz26 bartz26 :bartz26
bartz27 bartz27 :bartz27
bartz28 bartz28 :bartz28
bartz29 bartz29 :bartz29
bartz20 bartz20 :bartz20
galuf1 galuf1 :galuf1
galuf2 galuf2 :galuf2
galuf3 galuf3 :galuf3
galuf4 galuf4 :galuf4
galuf5 galuf5 :galuf5
galuf6 galuf6 :galuf6
galuf7 galuf7 :galuf7
galuf8 galuf8 :galuf8
galuf9 galuf9 :galuf9
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galuf21 galuf21 :galuf21
galuf22 galuf22 :galuf22
galuf23 galuf23 :galuf23
galuf24 galuf24 :galuf24
galuf25 galuf25 :galuf25
galuf26 galuf26 :galuf26
galuf27 galuf27 :galuf27
galuf28 galuf28 :galuf28
galuf29 galuf29 :galuf29
galuf20 galuf20 :galuf20
faris1 faris1 :faris1
faris2 faris2 :faris2
faris3 faris3 :faris3
faris4 faris4 :faris4
faris5 faris5 :faris5
faris6 faris6 :faris6
faris7 faris7 :faris7
faris8 faris8 :faris8
faris9 faris9 :faris9
faris0 faris0 :faris0
krile1 krile1 :krile1
krile2 krile2 :krile2
krile3 krile3 :krile3
krile4 krile4 :krile4
krile5 krile5 :krile5
krile6 krile6 :krile6
krile7 krile7 :krile7
krile8 krile8 :krile8
krile9 krile9 :krile9
krile0 krile0 :krile0
krile21 krile21 :krile21
krile22 krile22 :krile22
krile23 krile23 :krile23
krile24 krile24 :krile24
krile26 krile26 :krile26
krile27 krile27 :krile27
krile28 krile28 :krile28
krile29 krile29 :krile29
krile20 krile20 :krile20
lenna1 lenna1 :lenna1
lenna2 lenna2 :lenna2
lenna3 lenna3 :lenna3
lenna4 lenna4 :lenna4
lenna5 lenna5 :lenna5
lenna6 lenna6 :lenna6
lenna7 lenna7 :lenna7
lenna8 lenna8 :lenna8
lenna9 lenna9 :lenna9
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lenna22 lenna22 :lenna22
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lenna25 lenna25 :lenna25
lenna26 lenna26 :lenna26
lenna27 lenna27 :lenna27
lenna28 lenna28 :lenna28
lenna29 lenna29 :lenna29
lenna20 lenna20 :lenna20
gilgamesh1 gilgamesh1 :gilgamesh1
gilgamesh2 gilgamesh2 :gilgamesh2
gilgamesh3 gilgamesh3 :gilgamesh3
gilgamesh4 gilgamesh4 :gilgamesh4
gilgamesh5 gilgamesh5 :gilgamesh5
gilgamesh6 gilgamesh6 :gilgamesh6
gilgamesh7 gilgamesh7 :gilgamesh7
gilgamesh8 gilgamesh8 :gilgamesh8
gilgamesh9 gilgamesh9 :gilgamesh9
gilgamesh0 gilgamesh0 :gilgamesh0
exdeath1 exdeath1 :exdeath1
exdeath2 exdeath2 :exdeath2
exdeath3 exdeath3 :exdeath3
exdeath4 exdeath4 :exdeath4
exdeath5 exdeath5 :exdeath5
exdeath6 exdeath6 :exdeath6
exdeath7 exdeath7 :exdeath7
exdeath8 exdeath8 :exdeath8
exdeath9 exdeath9 :exdeath9
exdeath0 exdeath0 :exdeath0
exdeath21 exdeath21 :exdeath21
exdeath22 exdeath22 :exdeath22
exdeath23 exdeath23 :exdeath23
exdeath24 exdeath24 :exdeath24
exdeath25 exdeath25 :exdeath25
exdeath26 exdeath26 :exdeath26
exdeath27 exdeath27 :exdeath27
exdeath28 exdeath28 :exdeath28
exdeath29 exdeath29 :exdeath29
exdeath20 exdeath20 :exdeath20
terra1 terra1 :terra1
terra2 terra2 :terra2
terra3 terra3 :terra3
terra4 terra4 :terra4
terra5 terra5 :terra5
terra6 terra6 :terra6
terra7 terra7 :terra7
terra8 terra8 :terra8
terra9 terra9 :terra9
terra0 terra0 :terra0
terra21 terra21 :terra21
terra22 terra22 :terra22
terra23 terra23 :terra23
terra24 terra24 :terra24
terra25 terra25 :terra25
terra26 terra26 :terra26
terra27 terra27 :terra27
terra28 terra28 :terra28
terra29 terra29 :terra29
terra20 terra20 :terra20
terra31 terra31 :terra31
terra32 terra32 :terra32
terra33 terra33 :terra33
terra34 terra34 :terra34
terra35 terra35 :terra35
terra36 terra36 :terra36
terra37 terra37 :terra37
terra38 terra38 :terra38
terra39 terra39 :terra39
terra30 terra30 :terra30
terra41 terra41 :terra41
terra42 terra42 :terra42
terra43 terra43 :terra43
terra44 terra44 :terra44
terra45 terra45 :terra45
terra46 terra46 :terra46
terra47 terra47 :terra47
terra48 terra48 :terra48
terra49 terra49 :terra49
terra40 terra40 :terra40
shadow1 shadow1 :shadow1
shadow2 shadow2 :shadow2
shadow3 shadow3 :shadow3
shadow4 shadow4 :shadow4
shadow5 shadow5 :shadow5
shadow6 shadow6 :shadow6
shadow7 shadow7 :shadow7
shadow8 shadow8 :shadow8
shadow9 shadow9 :shadow9
shadow0 shadow0 :shadow0
shadow21 shadow21 :shadow21
shadow22 shadow22 :shadow22
shadow23 shadow23 :shadow23
shadow24 shadow24 :shadow24
shadow25 shadow25 :shadow25
shadow26 shadow26 :shadow26
shadow28 shadow28 :shadow28
shadow29 shadow29 :shadow29
shadow20 shadow20 :shadow20
setzer1 setzer1 :setzer1
setzer2 setzer2 :setzer2
setzer3 setzer3 :setzer3
setzer4 setzer4 :setzer4
setzer5 setzer5 :setzer5
setzer6 setzer6 :setzer6
setzer7 setzer7 :setzer7
setzer8 setzer8 :setzer8
setzer9 setzer9 :setzer9
setzer0 setzer0 :setzer0
sabin1 sabin1 :sabin1
sabin2 sabin2 :sabin2
sabin3 sabin3 :sabin3
sabin4 sabin4 :sabin4
sabin5 sabin5 :sabin5
sabin6 sabin6 :sabin6
sabin7 sabin7 :sabin7
sabin8 sabin8 :sabin8
sabin9 sabin9 :sabin9
sabin0 sabin0 :sabin0
sabin21 sabin21 :sabin21
sabin22 sabin22 :sabin22
sabin23 sabin23 :sabin23
sabin24 sabin24 :sabin24
sabin25 sabin25 :sabin25
sabin26 sabin26 :sabin26
sabin27 sabin27 :sabin27
sabin28 sabin28 :sabin28
sabin29 sabin29 :sabin29
sabin20 sabin20 :sabin20
cyan cyan :cyan1
cyan2 cyan2 :cyan2
cyan3 cyan3 :cyan3
cyan4 cyan4 :cyan4
cyan5 cyan5 :cyan5
cyan6 cyan6 :cyan6
cyan7 cyan7 :cyan7
cyan8 cyan8 :cyan8
cyan9 cyan9 :cyan9
cyan0 cyan0 :cyan0
edgar1 edgar1 :edgar1
edgar2 edgar2 :edgar2
edgar3 edgar3 :edgar3
edgar4 edgar4 :edgar4
edgar5 edgar5 :edgar5
edgar6 edgar6 :edgar6
edgar7 edgar7 :edgar7
edgar8 edgar8 :edgar8
edgar9 edgar9 :edgar9
edgar0 edgar0 :edgar0
edgar21 edgar21 :edgar21
edgar22 edgar22 :edgar22
edgar23 edgar23 :edgar23
edgar24 edgar24 :edgar24
edgar25 edgar25 :edgar25
edgar26 edgar26 :edgar26
edgar27 edgar27 :edgar27
edgar28 edgar28 :edgar28
edgar29 edgar29 :edgar29
edgar20 edgar20 :edgar20
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celes2 celes2 :celes2
celes3 celes3 :celes3
celes4 celes4 :celes4
celes5 celes5 :celes5
celes6 celes6 :celes6
celes7 celes7 :celes7
celes8 celes8 :celes8
celes9 celes9 :celes9
celes0 celes0 :celes0
kefka1 kefka1 :kefka1
kefka2 kefka2 :kefka2
kefka3 kefka3 :kefka3
kefka4 kefka4 :kefka4
kefka5 kefka5 :kefka5
kefka6 kefka6 :kefka6
kefka7 kefka7 :kefka7
kefka8 kefka8 :kefka8
kefka9 kefka9 :kefka9
kefka0 kefka0 :kefka0
kefka21 kefka21 :kefka21
kefka22 kefka22 :kefka22
kefka23 kefka23 :kefka23
kefka24 kefka24 :kefka24
kefka25 kefka25 :kefka25
kefka26 kefka26 :kefka26
kefka27 kefka27 :kefka27
kefka28 kefka28 :kefka28
kefka29 kefka29 :kefka29
kefka20 kefka20 :kefka20
locke1 locke1 :locke1
locke2 locke2 :locke2
locke3 locke3 :locke3
locke4 locke4 :locke4
locke5 locke5 :locke5
locke6 locke6 :locke6
locke7 locke7 :locke7
locke8 locke8 :locke8
locke9 locke9 :locke9
locke0 locke0 :locke0
locke21 locke21 :locke21
locke22 locke22 :locke22
locke23 locke23 :locke23
locke24 locke24 :locke24
locke25 locke25 :locke25
locke26 locke26 :locke26
locke27 locke27 :locke27
locke28 locke28 :locke28
locke29 locke29 :locke29
locke20 locke20 :locke20
gau1 gau1 :gau1
gau2 gau2 :gau2
gau3 gau3 :gau3
gau4 gau4 :gau4
gau5 gau5 :gau5
gau6 gau6 :gau6
gau7 gau7 :gau7
gau8 gau8 :gau8
gau9 gau9 :gau9
gau0 gau0 :gau0
leo1 leo1 :leo1
leo2 leo2 :leo2
leo3 leo3 :leo3
leo4 leo4 :leo4
leo5 leo5 :leo5
leo6 leo6 :leo6
leo7 leo7 :leo7
leo8 leo8 :leo8
leo9 leo9 :leo9
leo0 leo0 :leo0
tifa1 tifa1 :tifa1
tifa2 tifa2 :tifa2
tifa3 tifa3 :tifa3
tifa4 tifa4 :tifa4
tifa5 tifa5 :tifa5
tifa6 tifa6 :tifa6
tifa7 tifa7 :tifa7
tifa8 tifa8 :tifa8
tifa9 tifa9 :tifa9
tifa0 tifa0 :tifa0
tifa21 tifa21 :tifa21
tifa22 tifa22 :tifa22
tifa23 tifa23 :tifa23
tifa24 tifa24 :tifa24
tifa25 tifa25 :tifa25
tifa26 tifa26 :tifa26
tifa27 tifa27 :tifa27
tifa28 tifa28 :tifa28
tifa29 tifa29 :tifa29
tifa20 tifa20 :tifa20
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cloud3 cloud3 :cloud3
cloud4 cloud4 :cloud4
cloud5 cloud5 :cloud5
cloud6 cloud6 :cloud6
cloud7 cloud7 :cloud7
cloud8 cloud8 :cloud8
cloud9 cloud9 :cloud9
cloud0 cloud0 :cloud0
cloud21 cloud21 :cloud21
cloud22 cloud22 :cloud22
cloud23 cloud23 :cloud23
cloud24 cloud24 :cloud24
cloud25 cloud25 :cloud25
cloud26 cloud26 :cloud26
cloud27 cloud27 :cloud27
cloud28 cloud28 :cloud28
cloud29 cloud29 :cloud29
cloud20 cloud20 :cloud20
cloud31 cloud31 :cloud31
cloud32 cloud32 :cloud32
cloud33 cloud33 :cloud33
cloud34 cloud34 :cloud34
cloud35 cloud35 :cloud35
cloud36 cloud36 :cloud36
cloud37 cloud37 :cloud37
cloud38 cloud38 :cloud38
cloud39 cloud39 :cloud39
yuffie1 yuffie1 :yuffie1
yuffie2 yuffie2 :yuffie2
yuffie3 yuffie3 :yuffie3
yuffie4 yuffie4 :yuffie4
yuffie5 yuffie5 :yuffie5
yuffie6 yuffie6 :yuffie6
yuffie7 yuffie7 :yuffie7
yuffie8 yuffie8 :yuffie8
yuffie9 yuffie9 :yuffie9
yuffie0 yuffie0 :yuffie0
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vincent2 vincent2 :vincent2
vincent3 vincent3 :vincent3
vincent4 vincent4 :vincent4
vincent5 vincent5 :vincent5
vincent6 vincent6 :vincent6
vincent7 vincent7 :vincent7
vincent8 vincent8 :vincent8
vincent9 vincent9 :vincent9
vincent0 vincent0 :vincent0
aerith1 aerith1 :aerith1
aerith2 aerith2 :aerith2
aerith3 aerith3 :aerith3
aerith4 aerith4 :aerith4
aerith5 aerith5 :aerith5
aerith6 aerith6 :aerith6
aerith7 aerith7 :aerith7
aerith8 aerith8 :aerith8
aerith9 aerith9 :aerith9
aerith0 aerith0 :aerith0
sephiroth1 sephiroth1 :sephiroth1
sephiroth2 sephiroth2 :sephiroth2
sephiroth3 sephiroth3 :sephiroth3
sephiroth4 sephiroth4 :sephiroth4
sephiroth5 sephiroth5 :sephiroth5
sephiroth6 sephiroth6 :sephiroth6
sephiroth7 sephiroth7 :sephiroth7
sephiroth8 sephiroth8 :sephiroth8
sephiroth9 sephiroth9 :sephiroth9
sephiroth0 sephiroth0 :sephiroth0
zack1 zack1 :zack1
zack2 zack2 :zack2
zack3 zack3 :zack3
zack4 zack4 :zack4
zack5 zack5 :zack5
zack6 zack6 :zack6
zack7 zack7 :zack7
zack8 zack8 :zack8
zack9 zack9 :zack9
zack0 zack0 :zack0
caitsith1 caitsith1 :caitsith1
caitsith2 caitsith2 :caitsith2
caitsith3 caitsith3 :caitsith3
caitsith4 caitsith4 :caitsith4
caitsith5 caitsith5 :caitsith5
caitsith6 caitsith6 :caitsith6
caitsith7 caitsith7 :caitsith7
caitsith8 caitsith8 :caitsith8
caitsith9 caitsith9 :caitsith9
caitsith0 caitsith0 :caitsith0
barret1 barret1 :barret1
barret2 barret2 :barret2
barret3 barret3 :barret3
barret4 barret4 :barret4
barret5 barret5 :barret5
barret6 barret6 :barret6
barret7 barret7 :barret7
barret8 barret8 :barret8
barret9 barret9 :barret9
barret0 barret0 :barret0
squall1 squall1 :squall1
squall2 squall2 :squall2
squall3 squall3 :squall3
squall4 squall4 :squall4
squall5 squall5 :squall5
squall6 squall6 :squall6
squall7 squall7 :squall7
squall8 squall8 :squall8
squall9 squall9 :squall9
squall0 squall0 :squall0
squall21 squall21 :squall21
squall22 squall22 :squall22
squall23 squall23 :squall23
squall24 squall24 :squall24
squall25 squall25 :squall25
squall26 squall26 :squall26
squall27 squall27 :squall27
squall28 squall28 :squall28
squall29 squall29 :squall29
squall20 squall20 :squall20
squall31 squall31 :squall31
squall32 squall32 :squall32
squall33 squall33 :squall33
squall34 squall34 :squall34
squall35 squall35 :squall35
squall36 squall36 :squall36
squall37 squall37 :squall37
squall38 squall38 :squall38
squall39 squall39 :squall39
squall30 squall30 :squall30
zell1 zell1 :zell1
zell2 zell2 :zell2
zell3 zell3 :zell3
zell4 zell4 :zell4
zell5 zell5 :zell5
zell6 zell6 :zell6
zell7 zell7 :zell7
zell8 zell8 :zell8
zell9 zell9 :zell9
zell0 zell0 :zell0
rinoa1 rinoa1 :rinoa1
rinoa2 rinoa2 :rinoa2
rinoa3 rinoa3 :rinoa3
rinoa4 rinoa4 :rinoa4
rinoa5 rinoa5 :rinoa5
rinoa6 rinoa6 :rinoa6
rinoa7 rinoa7 :rinoa7
rinoa8 rinoa8 :rinoa8
rinoa9 rinoa9 :rinoa9
rinoa0 rinoa0 :rinoa0
irvine1 irvine1 :irvine1
irvine2 irvine2 :irvine2
irvine3 irvine3 :irvine3
irvine4 irvine4 :irvine4
irvine5 irvine5 :irvine5
irvine6 irvine6 :irvine6
irvine7 irvine7 :irvine7
irvine8 irvine8 :irvine8
irvine9 irvine9 :irvine9
irvine0 irvine0 :irvine0
quistis1 quistis1 :quistis1
quistis2 quistis2 :quistis2
quistis3 quistis3 :quistis3
quistis4 quistis4 :quistis4
quistis5 quistis5 :quistis5
quistis6 quistis6 :quistis6
quistis7 quistis7 :quistis7
quistis8 quistis8 :quistis8
quistis9 quistis9 :quistis9
quistis0 quistis0 :quistis0
raijinfujin1 raijinfujin1 :raijinfujin1
raijinfujin2 raijinfujin2 :raijinfujin2
raijinfujin3 raijinfujin3 :raijinfujin3
raijinfujin4 raijinfujin4 :raijinfujin4
raijinfujin5 raijinfujin5 :raijinfujin5
raijinfujin6 raijinfujin6 :raijinfujin6
raijinfujin7 raijinfujin7 :raijinfujin7
raijinfujin8 raijinfujin8 :raijinfujin8
raijinfujin9 raijinfujin9 :raijinfujin9
raijinfujin0 raijinfujin0 :raijinfujin0
seifer1 seifer1 :seifer1
seifer2 seifer2 :seifer2
seifer3 seifer3 :seifer3
seifer4 seifer4 :seifer4
seifer5 seifer5 :seifer5
seifer6 seifer6 :seifer6
seifer7 seifer7 :seifer7
seifer8 seifer8 :seifer8
seifer9 seifer9 :seifer9
seifer0 seifer0 :seifer0
selphie1 selphie1 :selphie1
selphie2 selphie2 :selphie2
selphie3 selphie3 :selphie3
selphie4 selphie4 :selphie4
selphie5 selphie5 :selphie5
selphie6 selphie6 :selphie6
selphie7 selphie7 :selphie7
selphie8 selphie8 :selphie8
selphie9 selphie9 :selphie9
selphie0 selphie0 :selphie0
vivi1 vivi1 :vivi1
vivi2 vivi2 :vivi2
vivi3 vivi3 :vivi3
vivi4 vivi4 :vivi4
vivi5 vivi5 :vivi5
vivi6 vivi6 :vivi6
vivi7 vivi7 :vivi7
vivi8 vivi8 :vivi8
vivi9 vivi9 :vivi9
vivi0 vivi0 :vivi0
vivi21 vivi21 :vivi21
vivi22 vivi22 :vivi22
vivi23 vivi23 :vivi23
vivi24 vivi24 :vivi24
vivi25 vivi25 :vivi25
vivi26 vivi26 :vivi26
vivi27 vivi27 :vivi27
vivi28 vivi28 :vivi28
vivi29 vivi29 :vivi29
vivi20 vivi20 :vivi20
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zidane2 zidane2 :zidane2
zidane3 zidane3 :zidane3
zidane4 zidane4 :zidane4
zidane5 zidane5 :zidane5
zidane6 zidane6 :zidane6
zidane7 zidane7 :zidane7
zidane8 zidane8 :zidane8
zidane9 zidane9 :zidane9
zidane0 zidane0 :zidane0
zidane21 zidane21 :zidane21
zidane22 zidane22 :zidane22
zidane23 zidane23 :zidane23
zidane24 zidane24 :zidane24
zidane25 zidane25 :zidane25
zidane26 zidane26 :zidane26
zidane27 zidane27 :zidane27
zidane28 zidane28 :zidane28
zidane29 zidane29 :zidane29
zidane20 zidane20 :zidane20
steiner1 steiner1 :steiner1
steiner2 steiner2 :steiner2
steiner3 steiner3 :steiner3
steiner4 steiner4 :steiner4
steiner5 steiner5 :steiner5
steiner6 steiner6 :steiner6
steiner7 steiner7 :steiner7
steiner8 steiner8 :steiner8
steiner9 steiner9 :steiner9
steiner0 steiner0 :steiner0
eiko1 eiko1 :eiko1
eiko2 eiko2 :eiko2
eiko3 eiko3 :eiko3
eiko4 eiko4 :eiko4
eiko5 eiko5 :eiko5
eiko6 eiko6 :eiko6
eiko7 eiko7 :eiko7
eiko8 eiko8 :eiko8
eiko9 eiko9 :eiko9
eiko0 eiko0 :eiko0
garnet1 garnet1 :garnet1
garnet2 garnet2 :garnet2
garnet3 garnet3 :garnet3
garnet4 garnet4 :garnet4
garnet5 garnet5 :garnet5
garnet6 garnet6 :garnet6
garnet7 garnet7 :garnet7
garnet8 garnet8 :garnet8
garnet9 garnet9 :garnet9
garnet0 garnet0 :garnet0
kuja1 kuja1 :kuja1
kuja2 kuja2 :kuja2
kuja3 kuja3 :kuja3
kuja4 kuja4 :kuja4
kuja5 kuja5 :kuja5
kuja6 kuja6 :kuja6
kuja7 kuja7 :kuja7
kuja8 kuja8 :kuja8
kuja9 kuja9 :kuja9
kuja0 kuja0 :kuja0
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beatrix2 beatrix2 :beatrix2
beatrix3 beatrix3 :beatrix3
beatrix4 beatrix4 :beatrix4
beatrix5 beatrix5 :beatrix5
beatrix6 beatrix6 :beatrix6
beatrix7 beatrix7 :beatrix7
beatrix8 beatrix8 :beatrix8
beatrix9 beatrix9 :beatrix9
beatrix0 beatrix0 :beatrix0
freya1 freya1 :freya1
freya2 freya2 :freya2
freya3 freya3 :freya3
freya4 freya4 :freya4
freya5 freya5 :freya5
freya6 freya6 :freya6
freya7 freya7 :freya7
freya8 freya8 :freya8
freya9 freya9 :freya9
freya0 freya0 :freya0
freya21 freya21 :freya21
freya22 freya22 :freya22
freya23 freya23 :freya23
freya24 freya24 :freya24
freya25 freya25 :freya25
freya26 freya26 :freya26
freya27 freya27 :freya27
freya28 freya28 :freya28
freya29 freya29 :freya29
freya20 freya20 :freya20
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yuna2 yuna2 :yuna2
yuna3 yuna3 :yuna3
yuna4 yuna4 :yuna4
yuna5 yuna5 :yuna5
yuna6 yuna6 :yuna6
yuna7 yuna7 :yuna7
yuna8 yuna8 :yuna8
yuna9 yuna9 :yuna9
yuna0 yuna0 :yuna0
yuna21 yuna21 :yuna21
yuna22 yuna22 :yuna22
yuna23 yuna23 :yuna23
yuna24 yuna24 :yuna24
yuna25 yuna25 :yuna25
yuna26 yuna26 :yuna26
yuna27 yuna27 :yuna27
yuna28 yuna28 :yuna28
yuna29 yuna29 :yuna29
yuna20 yuna20 :yuna20
yuna31 yuna31 :yuna31
yuna32 yuna32 :yuna32
yuna33 yuna33 :yuna33
yuna34 yuna34 :yuna34
yuna35 yuna35 :yuna35
yuna36 yuna36 :yuna36
yuna37 yuna37 :yuna37
yuna38 yuna38 :yuna38
yuna39 yuna39 :yuna39
yuna30 yuna30 :yuna30
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wakka2 wakka2 :wakka2
wakka3 wakka3 :wakka3
wakka4 wakka4 :wakka4
wakka5 wakka5 :wakka5
wakka6 wakka6 :wakka6
wakka7 wakka7 :wakka7
wakka8 wakka8 :wakka8
wakka9 wakka9 :wakka9
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tidus2 tidus2 :tidus2
tidus3 tidus3 :tidus3
tidus4 tidus4 :tidus4
tidus5 tidus5 :tidus5
tidus6 tidus6 :tidus6
tidus7 tidus7 :tidus7
tidus8 tidus8 :tidus8
tidus9 tidus9 :tidus9
tidus0 tidus0 :tidus0
tidus21 tidus21 :tidus21
tidus22 tidus22 :tidus22
tidus23 tidus23 :tidus23
tidus24 tidus24 :tidus24
tidus25 tidus25 :tidus25
tidus26 tidus26 :tidus26
tidus27 tidus27 :tidus27
tidus28 tidus28 :tidus28
tidus29 tidus29 :tidus29
tidus20 tidus20 :tidus20
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seymour2 seymour2 :seymour2
seymour3 seymour3 :seymour3
seymour4 seymour4 :seymour4
seymour5 seymour5 :seymour5
seymour6 seymour6 :seymour6
seymour7 seymour7 :seymour7
seymour8 seymour8 :seymour8
seymour9 seymour9 :seymour9
seymour0 seymour0 :seymour0
auron1 auron1 :auron1
auron2 auron2 :auron2
auron3 auron3 :auron3
auron4 auron4 :auron4
auron5 auron5 :auron5
auron6 auron6 :auron6
auron7 auron7 :auron7
auron8 auron8 :auron8
auron9 auron9 :auron9
auron0 auron0 :auron0
jecht1 jecht1 :jecht1
jecht2 jecht2 :jecht2
jecht3 jecht3 :jecht3
jecht4 jecht4 :jecht4
jecht5 jecht5 :jecht5
jecht6 jecht6 :jecht6
jecht7 jecht7 :jecht7
jecht8 jecht8 :jecht8
jecht9 jecht9 :jecht9
jecht0 jecht0 :jecht0
lulu1 lulu1 :lulu1
lulu2 lulu2 :lulu2
lulu3 lulu3 :lulu3
lulu4 lulu4 :lulu4
lulu5 lulu5 :lulu5
lulu6 lulu6 :lulu6
lulu7 lulu7 :lulu7
lulu8 lulu8 :lulu8
lulu9 lulu9 :lulu9
lulu0 lulu0 :lulu0
kimahri1 kimahri1 :kimahri1
kimahri2 kimahri2 :kimahri2
kimahri3 kimahri3 :kamahri3
kimahri4 kimahri4 :kimahri4
kimahri5 kimahri5 :kimahri5
kimahri6 kimahri6 :kimahri6
kimahri7 kimahri7 :kimahri7
kimahri8 kimahri8 :kimahri8
kimahri9 kimahri9 :kimahri9
kimahri0 kimahri0 :kimahri0
paine1 paine1 :paine1
paine2 paine2 :paine2
paine3 paine3 :paine3
paine4 paine4 :paine4
paine5 paine5 :paine5
paine6 paine6 :paine6
paine7 paine7 :paine7
paine8 paine8 :paine8
paine9 paine9 :paine9
paine0 paine0 :paine0
shantotto1 shantotto1 :shantotto1
shantotto2 shantotto2 :shantotto2
shantotto3 shantotto3 :shantotto3
shantotto4 shantotto4 :shantotto4
shantotto5 shantotto5 :shantotto5
shantotto6 shantotto6 :shantotto6
shantotto7 shantotto7 :shantotto7
shantotto8 shantotto8 :shantotto8
shantotto9 shantotto9 :shantotto9
shantotto0 shantotto0 :shantotto0
shantotto21 shantotto21 :shantotto21
shantotto22 shantotto22 :shantotto22
shantotto23 shantotto23 :shantotto23
shantotto24 shantotto24 :shantotto24
shantotto25 shantotto25 :shantotto25
shantotto26 shantotto26 :shantotto26
shantotto27 shantotto27 :shantotto27
shantotto28 shantotto28 :shantotto28
shantotto29 shantotto29 :shantotto29
shantotto20 shantotto20 :shantotto20
shantotto31 shantotto31 :shantotto31
shantotto32 shantotto32 :shantotto32
shantotto33 shantotto33 :shantotto33
shantotto34 shantotto34 :shantotto34
shantotto35 shantotto35 :shantotto35
shantotto36 shantotto36 :shantotto36
shantotto37 shantotto37 :shantotto37
shantotto38 shantotto38 :shantotto38
shantotto39 shantotto39 :shantotto39
shantotto30 shantotto30 :shantotto30
prishe1 prishe1 :prishe1
prishe2 prishe2 :prishe2
prishe3 prishe3 :prishe3
prishe4 prishe4 :prishe4
prishe5 prishe5 :prishe5
prishe6 prishe6 :prishe6
prishe7 prishe7 :prishe7
prishe8 prishe8 :prishe8
prishe9 prishe9 :prishe9
prishe0 prishe0 :prishe0
lilisette1 lilisette1 :lilisette1
lilisette2 lilisette2 :lilisette2
lilisette3 lilisette3 :lilisette3
lilisette4 lilisette4 :lilisette4
lilisette5 lilisette5 :lilisette5
lilisette6 lilisette6 :lilisette6
lilisette7 lilisette7 :lilisette7
lilisette8 lilisette8 :lilisette8
lilisette9 lilisette9 :lilisette9
lilisette0 lilisette0 :lilisette0
vaan1 vaan1 :vaan1
vaan2 vaan2 :vaan2
vaan3 vaan3 :vaan3
vaan4 vaan4 :vaan4
vaan5 vaan5 :vaan5
vaan6 vaan6 :vaan6
vaan7 vaan7 :vaan7
vaan8 vaan8 :vaan8
vaan9 vaan9 :vaan9
vaan0 vaan0 :vaan0
penelo1 penelo1 :penelo1
penelo2 penelo2 :penelo2
penelo3 penelo3 :penelo3
penelo4 penelo4 :penelo4
penelo5 penelo5 :penelo5
penelo6 penelo6 :penelo6
penelo7 penelo7 :penelo7
penelo8 penelo8 :penelo8
penelo9 penelo9 :penelo9
penelo0 penelo0 :penelo0
penelo21 penelo21 :penelo21
penelo22 penelo22 :penelo22
penelo23 penelo23 :penelo23
penelo24 penelo24 :penelo24
penelo25 penelo25 :penelo25
penelo26 penelo26 :penelo26
penelo27 penelo27 :penelo27
penelo28 penelo28 :penelo28
penelo29 penelo29 :penelo29
penelo20 penelo20 :penelo20
balthier1 balthier1 :balthier1
balthier2 balthier2 :balthier2
balthier3 balthier3 :balthier3
balthier4 balthier4 :balthier4
balthier5 balthier5 :balthier5
balthier6 balthier6 :balthier6
balthier7 balthier7 :balthier7
balthier8 balthier8 :balthier8
balthier9 balthier9 :balthier9
balthier0 balthier0 :balthier0
ashe1 ashe1 :ashe1
ashe2 ashe2 :ashe2
ashe3 ashe3 :ashe3
ashe4 ashe4 :ashe4
ashe5 ashe5 :ashe5
ashe6 ashe6 :ashe6
ashe7 ashe7 :ashe7
ashe8 ashe8 :ashe8
ashe9 ashe9 :ashe9
ashe0 ashe0 :ashe0
vayne1 vayne1 :vayne1
vayne2 vayne2 :vayne2
vayne3 vayne3 :vayne3
vayne4 vayne4 :vayne4
vayne5 vayne5 :vayne5
vayne6 vayne6 :vayne6
vayne7 vayne7 :vayne7
vayne8 vayne8 :vayne8
vayne9 vayne9 :vayne9
vayne0 vayne0 :vayne0
fran1 fran1 :fran1
fran2 fran2 :fran2
fran3 fran3 :fran3
fran4 fran4 :fran4
fran5 fran5 :fran5
fran6 fran6 :fran6
fran7 fran7 :fran7
fran8 fran8 :fran8
fran9 fran9 :fran9
fran0 fran0 :fran0
fran21 fran21 :fran21
fran22 fran22 :fran22
fran23 fran23 :fran23
fran24 fran24 :fran24
fran25 fran25 :fran25
fran26 fran26 :fran26
fran27 fran27 :fran27
fran28 fran28 :fran28
fran29 fran29 :fran29
fran20 fran20 :fran20
basch1 basch1 :basch1
basch2 basch2 :basch2
basch3 basch3 :basch3
basch4 basch4 :basch4
basch5 basch5 :basch5
basch6 basch6 :basch6
basch7 basch7 :basch7
basch8 basch8 :basch8
basch9 basch9 :basch9
basch0 basch0 :basch0
gabranth1 gabranth1 :gabranth1
gabranth2 gabranth2 :gabranth2
gabranth3 gabranth3 :gabranth3
gabranth4 gabranth4 :gabranth4
gabranth5 gabranth5 :gabranth5
gabranth6 gabranth6 :gabranth6
gabranth7 gabranth7 :gabranth7
gabranth8 gabranth8 :gabranth8
gabranth9 gabranth9 :gabranth9
gabranth0 gabranth0 :gabranth0
sazh1 sazh1 :sazh1
sazh2 sazh2 :sazh2
sazh3 sazh3 :sazh3
sazh4 sazh4 :sazh4
sazh5 sazh5 :sazh5
sazh6 sazh6 :sazh6
sazh7 sazh7 :sazh7
sazh8 sazh8 :sazh8
sazh9 sazh9 :sazh9
sazh0 sazh0 :sazh0
hope1 hope1 :hope1
hope2 hope2 :hope2
hope3 hope3 :hope3
hope4 hope4 :hope4
hope5 hope5 :hope5
hope6 hope6 :hope6
hope7 hope7 :hope7
hope8 hope8 :hope8
hope9 hope9 :hope9
hope0 hope0 :hope0
hope21 hope21 :hope21
hope22 hope22 :hope22
hope23 hope23 :hope23
hope24 hope24 :hope24
hope25 hope25 :hope25
hope26 hope26 :hope26
hope27 hope27 :hope27
hope28 hope28 :hope28
hope29 hope29 :hope29
hope20 hope20 :hope20
hope31 hope31 :hope31
hope32 hope32 :hope32
hope33 hope33 :hope33
hope34 hope34 :hope34
hope35 hope35 :hope35
hope36 hope36 :hope36
hope37 hope37 :hope37
hope38 hope38 :hope38
hope39 hope39 :hope39
hope30 hope30 :hope30
vanille1 vanille1 :vanille1
vanille2 vanille2 :vanille2
vanille3 vanille3 :vanille3
vanille4 vanille4 :vanille4
vanille5 vanille5 :vanille5
vanille6 vanille6 :vanille6
vanille7 vanille7 :vanille7
vanille8 vanille8 :vanille8
vanille9 vanille9 :vanille9
vanille0 vanille0 :vanille0
vanille21 vanille21 :vanille21
vanille22 vanille22 :vanille22
vanille23 vanille23 :vanille23
vanille24 vanille24 :vanille24
vanille25 vanille25 :vanille25
vanille26 vanille26 :vanille26
vanille27 vanille27 :vanille27
vanille28 vanille28 :vanille28
vanille29 vanille29 :vanille29
vanille20 vanille20 :vanille20
snow1 snow1 :snow1
snow2 snow2 :snow2
snow3 snow3 :snow3
snow4 snow4 :snow4
snow5 snow5 :snow5
snow6 snow6 :snow6
snow7 snow7 :snow7
snow8 snow8 :snow8
snow9 snow9 :snow9
snow0 snow0 :snow0
lightning1 lightning1 :lightning1
lightning2 lightning2 :lightning2
lightning3 lightning3 :lightning3
lightning4 lightning4 :lightning4
lightning5 lightning5 :lightning5
lightning6 lightning6 :lightning6
lightning7 lightning7 :lightning7
lightning8 lightning8 :lightning8
lightning9 lightning9 :lightning9
lightning0 lightning0 :lightning0
lightning21 lightning21 :lightning21
lightning22 lightning22 :lightning22
lightning23 lightning23 :lightning23
lightning24 lightning24 :lightning24
lightning25 lightning25 :lightning25
lightning26 lightning26 :lightning26
lightning27 lightning27 :lightning27
lightning28 lightning28 :lightning28
lightning29 lightning29 :lightning29
lightning20 lightning20 :lightning20
lightning31 lightning31 :lightning31
lightning32 lightning32 :lightning32
lightning33 lightning33 :lightning33
lightning34 lightning34 :lightning34
lightning35 lightning35 :lightning35
lightning36 lightning36 :lightning36
lightning37 lightning37 :lightning37
lightning38 lightning38 :lightning38
lightning39 lightning39 :lightning39
lightning30 lightning30 :lightning30
fang1 fang1 :fang1
fang2 fang2 :fang2
fang3 fang3 :fang3
fang4 fang4 :fang4
fang5 fang5 :fang5
fang6 fang6 :fang6
fang7 fang7 :fang7
fang8 fang8 :fang8
fang9 fang9 :fang9
fang0 fang0 :fang0
fang21 fang21 :fang21
fang22 fang22 :fang22
fang23 fang23 :fang23
fang24 fang24 :fang24
fang25 fang25 :fang25
fang26 fang26 :fang26
fang27 fang27 :fang27
fang28 fang28 :fang28
fang29 fang29 :fang29
fang20 fang20 :fang20
serah1 serah1 :serah1
serah2 serah2 :serah2
serah3 serah3 :serah3
serah4 serah4 :serah4
serah5 serah5 :serah5
serah6 serah6 :serah6
serah7 serah7 :serah7
serah8 serah8 :serah8
serah9 serah9 :serah9
serah0 serah0 :serah0
noel1 noel1 :noel1
noel2 noel2 :noel2
noel3 noel3 :noel3
noel4 noel4 :noel4
noel5 noel5 :noel5
noel6 noel6 :noel6
noel7 noel7 :noel7
noel8 noel8 :noel8
noel9 noel9 :noel9
noel0 noel0 :noel0
yda1 yda1 :yda1
yda2 yda2 :yda2
yda3 yda3 :yda3
yda4 yda4 :yda4
yda5 yda5 :yda5
yda6 yda6 :yda6
yda7 yda7 :yda7
yda8 yda8 :yda8
yda9 yda9 :yda9
yda0 yda0 :yda0
yshtola1 yshtola1 :yshtola1
yshtola2 yshtola2 :yshtola2
yshtola3 yshtola3 :yshtola3
yshtola4 yshtola4 :yshtola4
yshtola5 yshtola5 :yshtola5
yshtola6 yshtola6 :yshtola6
yshtola7 yshtola7 :yshtola7
yshtola8 yshtola8 :yshtola8
yshtola9 yshtola9 :yshtola9
yshtola0 yshtola0 :yshtola0
yshtola21 yshtola21 :yshtola21
yshtola22 yshtola22 :yshtola22
yshtola23 yshtola23 :yshtola23
yshtola24 yshtola24 :yshtola24
yshtola25 yshtola25 :yshtola25
yshtola26 yshtola26 :yshtola26
yshtola27 yshtola27 :yshtola27
yshtola28 yshtola28 :yshtola28
yshtola29 yshtola29 :yshtola29
yshtola20 yshtola20 :yshtola20
thancred1 thancred1 :thancred1
thancred2 thancred2 :thancred2
thancred3 thancred3 :thancred3
thancred4 thancred4 :thancred4
thancred5 thancred5 :thancred5
thancred6 thancred6 :thancred6
thancred7 thancred7 :thancred7
thancred8 thancred8 :thancred8
thancred9 thancred9 :thancred9
thancred0 thancred0 :thancred0
papalymo1 papalymo1 :papalymo1
papalymo2 papalymo2 :papalymo2
papalymo3 papalymo3 :papalymo3
papalymo4 papalymo4 :papalymo4
papalymo5 papalymo5 :papalymo5
papalymo6 papalymo6 :papalymo6
papalymo7 papalymo7 :papalymo7
papalymo8 papalymo8 :papalymo8
papalymo9 papalymo9 :papalymo9
papalymo0 papalymo0 :papalymo0
noctis1 noctis1 :noctis1
noctis2 noctis2 :noctis2
noctis3 noctis3 :noctis3
noctis4 noctis4 :noctis4
noctis5 noctis5 :noctis5
noctis6 noctis6 :noctis6
noctis7 noctis7 :noctis7
noctis8 noctis8 :noctis8
noctis9 noctis9 :noctis9
noctis0 noctis0 :noctis0
noctis21 noctis21 :noctis21
noctis22 noctis22 :noctis22
noctis23 noctis23 :noctis23
noctis24 noctis24 :noctis24
noctis25 noctis25 :noctis25
noctis26 noctis26 :noctis26
noctis27 noctis27 :noctis27
noctis28 noctis28 :noctis28
noctis29 noctis29 :noctis29
noctis20 noctis20 :noctis20
prompto1 prompto1 :prompto1
prompto2 prompto2 :prompto2
prompto3 prompto3 :prompto3
prompto4 prompto4 :prompto4
prompto5 prompto5 :prompto5
prompto6 prompto6 :prompto6
prompto7 prompto7 :prompto7
prompto8 prompto8 :prompto8
prompto9 prompto9 :prompto9
prompto0 prompto0 :prompto0
ignis1 ignis1 :ignis1
ignis2 ignis2 :ignis2
ignis3 ignis3 :ignis3
ignis4 ignis4 :ignis4
ignis5 ignis5 :ignis5
ignis6 ignis6 :ignis6
ignis7 ignis7 :ignis7
ignis8 ignis8 :ignis8
ignis9 ignis9 :ignis9
ignis0 ignis0 :ignis0
aranea1 aranea1 :aranea1
aranea2 aranea2 :aranea2
aranea3 aranea3 :aranea3
aranea4 aranea4 :aranea4
aranea5 aranea5 :aranea5
aranea6 aranea6 :aranea6
aranea7 aranea7 :aranea7
aranea8 aranea8 :aranea8
aranea9 aranea9 :aranea9
aranea0 aranea0 :aranea0
gladiolus1 gladiolus1 :gladiolus1
gladiolus2 gladiolus2 :gladiolus2
gladiolus3 gladiolus3 :gladiolus3
gladiolus4 gladiolus4 :gladiolus4
gladiolus5 gladiolus5 :gladiolus5
gladiolus6 gladiolus6 :gladiolus6
gladiolus7 gladiolus7 :gladiolus7
gladiolus8 gladiolus8 :gladiolus8
gladiolus9 gladiolus9 :gladiolus9
gladiolus0 gladiolus0 :gladiolus0
ardyn1 ardyn1 :ardyn1
ardyn2 ardyn2 :ardyn2
ardyn3 ardyn3 :ardyn3
ardyn4 ardyn4 :ardyn4
ardyn5 ardyn5 :ardyn5
ardyn6 ardyn6 :ardyn6
ardyn7 ardyn7 :ardyn7
ardyn8 ardyn8 :ardyn8
ardyn9 ardyn9 :ardyn9
ardyn0 ardyn0 :ardyn0
ramza1 ramza1 :ramza1
ramza2 ramza2 :ramza2
ramza3 ramza3 :ramza3
ramza4 ramza4 :ramza4
ramza5 ramza5 :ramza5
ramza6 ramza6 :ramza6
ramza7 ramza7 :ramza7
ramza8 ramza8 :ramza8
ramza9 ramza9 :ramza9
ramza0 ramza0 :ramza0
ramza21 ramza21 :ramza21
ramza22 ramza22 :ramza22
ramza23 ramza23 :ramza23
ramza24 ramza24 :ramza24
ramza25 ramza25 :ramza25
ramza26 ramza26 :ramza26
ramza27 ramza27 :ramza27
ramza28 ramza28 :ramza28
ramza29 ramza29 :ramza29
ramza20 ramza20 :ramza20
agrias1 agrias1 :agrias1
agrias2 agrias2 :agrias2
agrias3 agrias3 :agrias3
agrias4 agrias4 :agrias4
agrias5 agrias5 :agrias5
agrias6 agrias6 :agrias6
agrias7 agrias7 :agrias7
agrias8 agrias8 :agrias8
agrias9 agrias9 :agrias9
agrias0 agrias0 :agrias0
rem1 rem1 :rem1
rem2 rem2 :rem2
rem3 rem3 :rem3
rem4 rem4 :rem4
rem5 rem5 :rem5
rem6 rem6 :rem6
rem7 rem7 :rem7
rem8 rem8 :rem8
rem9 rem9 :rem9
rem0 rem0 :rem0
king1 king1 :king1
king2 king2 :king2:
king3 king3 :king3
king4 king4 :king4
king5 king5 :king5
king6 king6 :king6
king7 king7 :king7
king8 king8 :king8
king9 king9 :king9
king0 king0 :king0
ace1 ace1 :ace1
ace2 ace2 :ace2
ace3 ace3 :ace3
ace4 ace4 :ace4
ace5 ace5 :ace5
ace6 ace6 :ace6
ace7 ace7 :ace7
ace8 ace8 :ace8
ace9 ace9 :ace9
ace0 ace0 :ace0
cater1 cater1 :cater1
cater2 cater2 :cater2
cater3 cater3 :cater3
cater4 cater4 :cater4
cater5 cater5 :cater5
cater6 cater6 :cater6
cater7 cater7 :cater7
cater8 cater8 :cater8
cater9 cater9 :cater9
cater0 cater0 :cater0
seven1 seven1 :seven1
seven2 seven2 :seven2
seven3 seven3 :seven3
seven4 seven4 :seven4
seven5 seven5 :seven5
seven6 seven6 :seven6
seven7 seven7 :seven7
seven8 seven8 :seven8
seven9 seven9 :seven9
seven0 seven0 :seven0
deuce1 deuce1 :deuce1
deuce2 deuce2 :deuce2
deuce3 deuce3 :deuce3
deuce4 deuce4 :deuce4
deuce5 deuce5 :deuce5
deuce6 deuce6 :deuce6
deuce7 deuce7 :deuce7
deuce8 deuce8 :deuce8
deuce9 deuce9 :deuce9
deuce0 deuce0 :deuce0
cinque1 cinque1 :cinque1
cinque2 cinque2 :cinque2
cinque3 cinque3 :cinque3
cinque4 cinque4 :cinque4
cinque5 cinque5 :cinque5
cinque6 cinque6 :cinque6
cinque7 cinque7 :cinque7
cinque8 cinque8 :cinque8
cinque9 cinque9 :cinque9
cinque0 cinque0 :cinque0
machina1 machina1 :machina1
machina2 machina2 :machina2
machina3 machina3 :machina3
machina4 machina4 :machina4
machina5 machina5 :machina5
machina6 machina6 :machina6
machina7 machina7 :machina7
machina8 machina8 :machina8
machina9 machina9 :machina9
machina0 machina0 :machina0
eight1 eight1 :eight1
eight2 eight2 :eight2
eight3 eight3 :eight3
eight4 eight4 :eight4
eight5 eight5 :eight5
eight6 eight6 :eight6
eight7 eight7 :eight7
eight8 eight8 :eight8
eight9 eight9 :eight9
eight0 eight0 :eight0
twins1 twins1 :twins1
twins2 twins2 :twins2
twins3 twins3 :twins3
twins4 twins4 :twins4
twins5 twins5 :twins5
twins6 twins6 :twins6
twins7 twins7 :twins7
twins8 twins8 :twins8
twins9 twins9 :twins9
twins10 twins10 :twins10