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New Profile Posts

  1. MidoriXxXSetsuna
  2. Einzel
    ah dang.. i missed my anniversary on forum :(
  3. YatoGXY
    Finally got myself a 1060 GTX gaming laptop now I can play DFFOO JP on Nox : )
  4. SirIgnis
    Jk! I have no self control and just barely got P Cecil ex off 15k. No 35 yet though. C’mon tickets....
  5. Daily
    I have quite a few nice EX+ to 3/3 now. Feels good. Still think Kimahri needs to hit harder. Don't have a single 108 on him. :(
  6. SirIgnis
    I already know how this is gonna happen. Skipping P Cecil for Seph ex, will spend all gems, not get Seph ex, be empty for Kef and Golbez.
    1. Dragoni24
      Seph have better duo banner with Cloud EX ;) more chance to get his EX
      May 15, 2019 at 1:06 AM
  7. ZeroDaHeroh
    "Idle RPG Games" are the worst next thing to premium microtransactions.
  8. Daily
    So, uh, how do I unlock the trials in JP to earn the EX+ materials? I thought finishing the previous Tokens trial would do it, but nope!
    1. Dragoni24
      30 characters x 60 lvl/ 60 clvl
      May 14, 2019
      Daily likes this.
    2. Daily
      Yeah, managed to figure that out. I have a ton CLvl 60 but haven't actually leveled them up, lol. Thank you, though!
      May 14, 2019
  9. SirIgnis
    Saw a preview of king ex+ on jp and don’t know if I’ll be able to hang with late game on gl. Fools doing over 99k barely move boss life bar
    1. Dragoni24
      yesterday i pull it from tix but dont know if I spend on it 3 books
      Sooo many ex in JP and no power stone / Book :( Rinoa EX+ comming next week in JP i hope she will be OP
      May 14, 2019
    2. Daily
      The preview only showed his EX, not the EX+, which does a third HP Attack. But, yeah, Chaos difficulty is not a joke. It's also the most fun I've had with the game, personally.
      May 14, 2019
  10. Dragoni24
    201 tix one pull one shot kuja EX :D 75k 200 tix waiting for Rinoa/Vayne (All in) <3
  11. Wolffe
    200 tix is wasted on Kuja, only 8 power stones no EX, sad soooo sad:(
    1. YatoGXY likes this.
    2. YatoGXY
      Damn bro i feel ya, I use like 100 ticks got nothing : (
      May 10, 2019
      Wolffe likes this.
    3. Epsilon
      Sucks :( I used about 70 and gave up. You win some you lose some I guess
      May 11, 2019
      Wolffe likes this.
    4. Daily
      I'm sorry to hear that, brother. We've got some folks around here who spent upwards of 200k gems to get particular EXs back in the day.
      May 14, 2019
      Wolffe likes this.
  12. Zack
    It's been a while and I've been really trying to keep up with the game, but I'm soooo excited for FF7:R! Trailer looks amazing!
    1. Epsilon, YatoGXY and SirIgnis like this.
  13. impulzive
  14. Mugicha
    (⁎˃ᆺ˂) /'') ▬▬ι═══════ﺤ
    1. Meruem likes this.
  15. SirIgnis
    Literally just wanted my kuja playable and got 3 Yuna 35s. Yay Esuna I guess, but bummed kuja can’t even handle a cactuar run.
    1. vinmos likes this.
  16. impulzive
    Been back playing casually for a while now, have new alt account 474675253. Would appreciate some Layle supports :)
  17. Ithual
    Kain, Tifa, Kuja and Lightning all hate me. Here's hoping Golbez and Rinoa show a little love
    1. Strayfe and SirIgnis like this.
    2. Dragoni24
      same here :( I did not draw for kuja because I knew how it would end ...
      May 9, 2019
      Ithual likes this.
    3. SirIgnis
      Dude! 15k gems and 11 tickets and I still don’t have a single kuja weapon. I tried for him on release too. Now I have nothing for Cecil. Took the risk and lost.
      May 9, 2019
  18. Soul13
    Claire,Locke, and Kuja Ex.. as for now.. next Quisty and Rinoa.. I hope I got extra for Rosa. F2P
  19. belovedchaos1
    So two white haired guys and a summoner walk into a bar... (That’s what this LC feels like lol)
    1. Afnan likes this.
    2. Afnan
      May 8, 2019
      belovedchaos1 likes this.
  20. Soebandrijo
    Kuja is ready. 60/60, will pull until EX, minimum of 25k. Gonna be 1 multi 10 tickets set until EX, then all multi if EX is before 20k.