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New Profile Posts

  1. Christian Gustafsson
    Christian Gustafsson NeoCHI
    If you need help making this community grow, just ask!
  2. Christian Gustafsson
    Christian Gustafsson
    Ranked at top (currently), on 1307!!
  3. Starburst
    Msg me if you are here and want to chat about dffoo on our discord
  4. Christian Gustafsson
    Christian Gustafsson
    Proudly Ranked (*1283). Been playing since August of 2021.
  5. Epsilon
  6. Hyperette
    Final Fantasy 7
  7. The real Zidane
    The real Zidane Hiromura
    Hi Hiromura, are you still playing dffoo ?
  8. Epsilon
    Don’t think I’ve ever had a good free pull- they’re cursed xD
  9. Wolvie
    I am moving house over the course of both tomorrow and Tuesday.
  10. Goddess Juliana
    Goddess Juliana
    Jote - Sister to Fran and Mjrn and Leader of the Eruyt Village.
  11. ArtoriasTheAbysswalker
    ArtoriasTheAbysswalker Wolvie
    Hi Wolvie how are you doing? I hope you are doing good. You seem to have good knowledge around the game so if you don't mind can you join the thread i made for help to tell me what you personally recommend? Thanks a lot!
    1. Wolvie likes this.
  12. Wolvie
    Will be moving house, no later than October, for reasons beyond my control. May make a post with more info, don't know just yet.
  13. Epsilon
    10/12 Entropy missions down so far. Just need 2 more before the current event ends!
    1. Meruem likes this.
    2. Callos
      Actually 3, because 13 is the big 20k gem prize.
      Jul 6, 2020
    3. Epsilon
      Ah good to know, I’d better read up on it in case I need to free up any characters
      Jul 6, 2020
    4. Meruem
      You can do it!
      Jul 6, 2020
      Epsilon likes this.
  14. Wolvie
    Pitied 3 EX Weapons in a few week span: Alphinaud, Cloud of Darkness and Aphmau. Next banner will be Trey.
    1. Callos likes this.
    2. Wolvie
      Will be doing the free multi pulls for the other banners but that's it. Need to rebuild the resources.
      Jun 29, 2020
    3. Callos
      I pitied Arciela. Swapping Cater off killed my desire to chase Penelo. I want Trey too. Then wait for Amidatelion.
      Jul 6, 2020
  15. R0sers
  16. Dragoni24
    17 x FEOD done yesterday :D in JP
    1. Epsilon likes this.
  17. Wolvie
    2 more days until I get to fully register a drone I got yesterday. Some life stuff I want to share.
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  18. Epsilon
    So turns out Ancient Relic of Prosperity Chaos levels are much easier with Galuf and a dispeller.
    1. Wolvie likes this.
    2. Wolvie
      Good stuff! If it weren't for my job I'd take a crack at it.
      Jun 17, 2020
  19. Wolvie
    I may be forced to take a break from DFFOO to sort out stuff due to recent events in 2 parts of the US which could affect family of mine.
    1. Wolvie
      I have siblings and 5 nieces & nephews in Minnesota. My oldest niece lives near Atlanta. With the wake of recent events, I am keeping a VERY close eye in both areas.
      May 30, 2020
  20. Epsilon
    I only just realised that boosted summon board event characters give boosted points on OTHER summon boards too. (X.X)